Best WordPress Content editor Tips And Tricks To Master

WordPress Content Editor works in addition like a word processor because it lets the customers create content in addition to format and editing them. Users can successfully make use of this tool to illustrate their creativity in terms of developing content. Following are a few beneficial recommendations that will allow the customers to make the maximum from this tool like a professional. Check out WordPress templates by VWTHEMES.

let's look at some tricks for mastering WordPress content editor

Understanding The Essential Blocks And Their Uses

  • Blocks are the important additives in the content material editor and subsequently, it's also known as a block editor.
  • In WordPress, there are various blocks every like-minded with paragraphs, lists, galleries, images.

As a normal WordPress user, you spend a huge part of your time editing your content material. So WordPress appears sure to make you enjoy simpler and better every day.

However, to unleash all the secrets and techniques of it, you want to keep your curious mind mode on. Apparently, you could discover new features every time you begin to publish new content material in Gutenberg.

Here on this blog, we can show you a number of the great pointers of the content material editor for WordPress which can turn your content material publishing adventure suave and powerful.

Long long gone is the time of classic editors. Time changes everything. Hence, all of us are pretty satisfied with the brand new Gutenberg editor on our WordPress site. Moreover, now you could use buttons, change the post background, use pictures with more enhancement alternatives than before. You can also even design a web page with no web page builder.

If you upgraded to Gutenberg block editor or lately started the usage of WordPress, there is a great chance you've got some struggles with the WordPress content material editor. Like a whole lot, because the platform has been made as easy as possible, there are sure features so one can confuse you.

In this post, we will be taking a brief look at the great suggestions you could use to master the content material editor. This is essential because most of the time you may use the content material editor to create pages and write posts. Check out Branding Elements For WordPress Site by VWTHEMES.

How The WordPress Blocks Work

  • The WordPress block editor or Gutenberg changed into made with the concept of presenting the convenience of use; this is standard of a number of the maximum famous web page builders.
  • It combines the capabilities of each editor and a web page builder and clearly is one of the finest improvements in WordPress. It permits customers to manage content material more without difficulty and create pages with extra flexibility and manage editing and posting.
  • The idea of Gutenberg is primarily based totally on blocks. It consists of a huge collection of blocks like Gallery, Columns, File, Code, and similar which you truly add to a web page and customize as in line with your needs.
  • Blocks are categorized so you can effortlessly locate the kind of block which you need to add. In addition to the default blocks, there are plenty of Gutenberg block plugins that help make the capability bigger both as single blocks or as collections. To help you to get exceptional out of it, we collected recommendations and tricks to make your Gutenberg experience smoother.

Let's examine all of the lesser-known secrets and techniques to master the brand new WordPress content material editor. Yes, let's do it one via way of means of one.

Understanding The Fundamental Blocks And Their Uses

Blocks are the key additives in the content material editor and therefore it's also known as a block editor. In WordPress, there are various blocks very well suited with paragraphs, lists, galleries, images, and plenty of more. Therefore, the customers need to gain knowledge of those blocks and make use of them to use them efficiently on their web page or post content material.

Learning Shortcuts On Keyboards

Using a mouse for formatting content on WordPress may be time-consuming. As an alternative, customers can make use of the various keyboard shortcuts to be had at the  WordPress content editor to layout their contents easily and that too in much less time.

Edit Display

The WordPress Content Editor shows a toolbar at the top of the block the consumer is working on. By clicking at the three-dot menu that looks in the top proper corner of the display screen, the customers can move the toolbar if they wish. It also lets the user show at the ‘Spotlight mode’, in which the block that the customers are running on may be made greater prominent by dimming the remaining content. Users also can transfer to ‘full-screen mode’ in which they'll get a clean canvas with a toolbar at the top.

Line Spacing Within The Content

To create a paragraph withinside the WordPress content editor, customers are required to press the ‘Enter’ key at the keyboard on the way to help in including a brand new paragraph with double line spacing in the content material. If they prefer single line spacing, they're required to press the ‘Shift+ Enter’ keys together.

Changing The Size Of The Font

Users can use exceptional font sizes for exceptional sections in their content material to seize the eye of their audience. For this purpose, they want to choose the block in which they need the extra and they can view the font size alternative appearing under the block settings. They could make adjustments accordingly.

Change The Color Of The Paragraphs

While many customers choose a single color of the textual content at some point of the post, a few choose to include color to selective elements in the content material to convey their viewer’s attention. The customers will locate the color choice at the proper column in the editor from which they can pick out a color in keeping with their preference. It is advised to pick an aggregate of heritage and textual content color that could be easy to read.

Tables In The Post

WordPress Content Editor additionally includes a block that allows users to create tables inside their posts or pages. They are required to add the table block and choose the number of rows and columns they desire to add. This will create a table wherein the customers can add contents and additionally format the cells accordingly. They also are allowed to add rows and columns in the future if required.

Columns In The Posts

Owing to the unique purposes of a site, customers may also prefer to provide their posts and look much like magazines. For this purpose, they could add columns to their posts and add the contents in the columns. To do so, the customers can select the column blocks, followed by the number of columns they need for their post from the block settings. Columns usually comprise paragraph blocks and one also can add additional blocks for images, blockquotes, and so on in every column.

Cover Images Of A Content

Cover images in content material now no longer best catches the eye of the visitors however additionally enable in enhancing the quality of the content material making them seem greater engaging. Users can add a cover photo block in the WordPress content material Editor and upload the photo they select as a cover photo. It is recommended to select a large file as a good way to seem awesome in a wide format.

Images Within The Text

Apart from cover images, customers also can add distinctive images next to text with the assistance of the Media and Text block. Users also can modify the space and width of the two blocks. They also can use numerous formatting options for the textual content block.

Title Of The Article

Headings or the title of the article now no longer handiest allows in enhancing clarity however search engines additionally do not forget them to be of significance in terms of SEO. The customers can select the heading block after which choose the size and textual content alignment for the equal as a result from the block settings.

Embed Videos In WordPress

Owing to numerous purposes, customers frequently choose to add videos to their WordPress site. However, it's recommended to embed videos from different movement web websites together with YouTube and plenty of others to their web websites instead of uploading them. They can both paste the URL of the video they want to add in the YouTube block or paste it inside a paragraph or a textual content block for the same.

Action Buttons To The Page

 WordPress content editor consists of a basic button block that facilitates customers to add buttons to their content. They are usually to be had in three styles: round, rectangular, and border. Users can also format the buttons by changing the background or text color and choosing alignment as consistent with their preference.

Widgets In The Post

Users will find the ‘Widgets’ section under the ‘upload blocks’ button from which they could add widgets of their post as consistent with their requirements.

Customized HTML In The Post

​​Users can consist of the HTML code of their post if required. For this purpose, they're required to add the ‘Custom HTML’ block to their post and paste the HTML they need to add in the editor.

Get Statistics For Post

While composing a lengthy post, customers would possibly need facts such as overall word count, number of paragraphs, and so forth of their post handy. The first button at the toolbar of the editor presents information associated with the total number of words, blocks, paragraphs, and so forth. The next button is a block navigation button that lets the customers view all of the blocks they have used in their article to pass to that block directly if required.

All the above-noted suggestions will assist the customers in converting the complete presentation in their content material to draw extra viewers.

Add Custom HTML In WordPress Content Editor:

In WordPress content material editor you may upload HTML code to add greater features. In brief, easy manner to include the Custom HTML block in your article or blog to publish simply and simply paste the HTML, you need to add.

The WordPress content Editor is a publishing experience. You can use it to create media-wealthy pages and posts and to control their layout with ease. Instead of stressing approximately the alignment and company of text, quotes, and images, each detail on a submit or web page has its personal block — and you may be aware of creating.

Move, edit, and customize every block, and the editor will show visual elements in the manner they’ll appear for your real site. You can affirm that through the Preview button earlier than you hit “Publish”.So what’s the wait experience for a WordPress content editor. Also, have a look at top WordPress themes for cool WordPress themes by VWTHEMES.


The first experience you've got with the brand new block editor after years of usage of the classic WordPress content editor won't be what you have been expecting. But it’s normal, adjustments are difficult.

In the beginning, you may not be capable of finding certain things, or suppose the editor is slower to use… And it’s true: the block editor nevertheless wishes development in pretty some aspects. But in case you learn how to master it, grade by grade you'll see its benefits and you may see that there are things which you couldn’t without difficulty do earlier than that you could now do.

You hope now you understand the way to use WordPress content material editor in your blog or article post. By the use of our well-proven sixteen tips & hints to grasp in WordPress content material editor.


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