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For the newbies, understanding a Product Page might get difficult. It is basically a template that is used again for each product to be sold online through a website. The website owners, who are selling different products online, need product page template to make the product page appealing and attractive to customers. A website can sell number of different products and hence, businesses and designers can make use of unique templates according to categories of products. The woocommerce edit product page template vary significantly in popularity and style, colors, and the integrated effects. Today, as online businesses are growing rapidly, the product page templates are also launched with stunning styles and effects to attract more number of customers. Our WordPress theme bundle is the best option for you if you want to purchase more than one theme.

Simultaneously, the vendor-supplied product images and product data are mostly unique with respect to quality and price. In addition to this, depending on the product page, users decide to buy the product or not. Owing to the same, it has been observed that all types of UX problems seen on the website’s product page execution, very often cause the website’s rejection.

Irrespective of the fact that you are a Newbie or a Professional, you must essentially have answers to the following 3 questions:

  • What are Product Page Templates?
  • What are the Key Features? And
  • Which are 7 Major Expert Tips for Successful Product Pages?

If you are here to set up your Website’s Product Page successfully, you are on the right page. So you are well aware of the growing competition of industries, especially through online sources. Firstly, let me congratulate you for choosing to sell your products and services online. With woocommerce edit product page template, you are actually going digital and using the most recent technologies and innovative services to offer to your customers. The recent and constant modernizations in digital marketing will assist you grow with understanding and implementing them as well as your online business will gain higher popularity in less time. Let your quality products reach the audience from all parts of the globe and your business will be recommended by them all. If you are imagining the success, you can easily change your imagination to real success by simply following the key steps or adding up essential ingredients to make it an attractive and a well-designed product page. If not, your superior products will fail to grow, which would otherwise gain much higher popularity among end-users. Along with this also have a look at WooCommerce Product Add-Ons By VW Themes.

Why Are Product Pages Crucial?

On an average, just 3% online stores visits, make leads and enormous amount - 69% shopping carts will be left untouched or will not be purchased. To overcome these unexpected and disheartening statistics, businesses need to offer the best possible services to buyers and visitors so that, their visit will not go waste and conversion of visits into customers will rise considerably. Hence, there are constant changes made to WordPress and WooCommerce, which are understood and rightly adopted by users or designers to gain higher profits. For better woocommerce edit product page template, these fight backs ultimately gain striking statistics to provide your customers with optimal selection and purchase journey along with the best overall user-experience.

Steps That Help You Make Your Product Page Successful

  1. Make use of Superior Quality Images
  2. Ensure clear Display of Prices
  3. Make Attractive Calls-to-Action
  4. Offer Useful Product Descriptions
  5. Make best use of Social Proof
  6. Offer correct Recommendation of Products and Maintain Consistency

Doesn’t matter if you are using WooCommerce for the first-time or you have expertise into this, you would always want to boost your online business’ sales and increase clientele. Hence, there are some really useful and effective tips to create a completely impactful Product Page. While walking through the key design elements, all you require for successful woocommerce edit product page template is proper following of procedures for how you can puzzle pieces on the Website Product Page.

You can also leverage the design templates that will correctly guide you through the best methods to display your product page using practical examples of every design. Before starting, you must consider the Key Points below:

  • Knowing your target customers
  • Knowing your business’s identity
  • Knowing your color scheme

Understanding all of these in detail will help you design your product page in a much easier manner and make them effective to a great extent. Let me throw light on some of the crucial areas and how they will help to create impactful product pages.

Make Use Of Superior Quality Images:

Apart from text or the content on the webpage, graphics like images, short videos, statistics, tables, and more attract your webpage visitors. Hence, thinking this is of utmost use to your website and for other good reasons as well. For any product page, images or pictures are as essential as your business is to you.

They are the foundation of your website and of course your product page design. Customers would definitely want to know what exactly they are purchasing just like the experience they get on visiting the stores. For every product, businesses must offer images of the product from all angles, making it easier for buyers to save time, select the product, and move straight to checkout page and payment page.

Ensure Clear Display Of Prices:

To make your website perfect from all aspects, woocommerce edit product page template must essentially include proper price that should be easily seen by buyers. Thought of any such thing that might let your customers move back and increase your bounce back rate should not come in mind. Even if the product you are selling is expensive, display it on the website product page. This will help your business to represent all the true details and increase your goodwill. Also, add ‘Add to Cart’ button nearby to help buyers see the button and move towards payment.

Other methods to let the product’s price stand out include use of larger font size, use of contrast colors, highlighting of discounts and saving (that buyers would be saving on buying the product).

Make Attractive Calls-To-Action:

Calls-to-action are an essential element of the customer’s tour of buying the product starting from browsing to getting the product in hand within days. Without this element, customers will not be able to add their required product or products to cart and ultimately will not be able to purchase products. This option must be placed on the product page and be easily visible.

The key tips to make this option visible include placing the option high on the page, highlight it by making use of contrast colors, making the button larger to be clicked, and the language as well.

Offer Useful Product Description:

With the product, the product description should also be correct. In short ‘what you see is what you get’ should be always in mind. This will increase customers’ trust and your business’s image also. The information of the product should be correctly mentioned so that on delivery, customer should not be dissatisfied or buy from other sources.

Make Best Use Of Social Proof:

Social media proof is another important element of woocommerce product page template. This means that the products purchased by customers should have access to provide feedback. Either on Google reviews or on the website’s product review, businesses must make sure they offer this crucial element since based on the reviews, visitors purchase products and keep recommending it further. Social media carries huge importance in today’s digital world and will always have, and therefore explore all the platforms and gain advantage.

Offer Correct Recommendation Of Products:

If a customer is viewing outfits on a website for long, he or she will get similar product recommendations few hours later. After few days as well the online business will show similar product recommendations that will allure customers to buy more and more. Also maintaining consistency is important element on the woocommerce product page template. Websites should offer proper suggestions for products to customers.

Editing Of Product Page Template In Woocommerce

Procedure To Edit Product Page In Woocommerce:

Editing files in upgrade-safe manner with the help of override can be easily done.

All you have to do is copy the template in directory in your theme that is named ‘/woocommerce’ keeping the file structure same.

But here, you will have to remove the ‘/templates/’ named subdirectory. The copied file will override WooCommerce default template now.

Note: Never edit these files in the core plugin itself since they are overwritten while upgrade procedure and any changes could be lost without intimation.

Procedure For Custom Templates:

If you are using theme of custom templates or you are a developer of theme, you should declare WooCommerce theme support with the help of ‘add_theme_support’ operation.

And if your theme holds a php. file, such as ‘woocommerce.php’ you will not be able to override  your ‘woocommerce/archive-product.php’ custom template in the current theme, since ‘woocommerce.php’ holds higher priority other files. This is mainly done to avoid the display problems.

Driving Towards Conclusion

WooCommerce has much more of offer than this, and has emerged significantly over the years. With continuous innovations it has captured attention of almost all business owners to sell their products offline as well as online. Easy to use feature of WordPress WooCommerce has helped business owners to create their own woocommerce product page template and keep a track of growth on a daily basis. Get the help of VWthemes and let your business grow in the easiest manner. With multiple elements and amazing charming effects, allow your business to stand out and rank on the top among other market players. All our WordPress themes in the bundle are clean, beautiful and retina-ready.

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