Woocommerce Custom Product Addons For Product Pages

Who doesn’t want their product page to look exceptional? We all know that the default product pages that we get are very well designed by keeping the needs of eCommerce in mind. However, when you see the ever-growing competition in the eCommerce sector and see your competitors bringing unique products and fencing innovative ways to represent them online, you would want your product page to look exceptional in order to get noticed and to last long in the competition. For this, Woocommerce custom product add-ons will be a great help.

With Woocommerce custom product add-ons, you are able to design custom product pages that will help you attract the target audience as well as provide a unique shopping experience to your customers. This is really great for you as you can make your product page look distinct from hundreds of other product pages that are selling similar products. Alongside this also have a look at our Popular WordPress Themes.

How do Woocommerce Custom Product Addons work?

Woocommerce custom product addons work by transforming your default product page into a Gutenberg editor. This is something that allows you to edit the elements of the existing product and add new elements to it with a simple drag-and-drop technique. Upon installing and activating the add-ons, you can build your own customized pages for showcasing your products.

What Is So Special About the Gutenberg Editor?

Gutenberg is nothing but the name of a new block-based editor available in WordPress. Now, block-based editing implies the use of ready-made blocks for page creation. The old-school technique of creating pages has been replaced by this block-based editor as it enables users to customize and add different styles to your product pages through blocks. WordPress users prefer to go with Gutenberg as it facilitates visual editing, built-in blocks, reusable blocks, full-width alignment, is easy to use for non-coders, and has plenty of styling options available. These are some of the features that make it a popular choice.

What’s There In The Woocommerce Custom Product Addons?

Generally, Woocommerce product addons allow users to add various options (free or paid) to the products (on the product page) by using several available types of fields like drop-down fields, checkboxes, custom text inputs, and more. Woocommerce product addons are very popular as far as the digital market is concerned as it facilitates an easier way of creating e-commerce stores that are visually appealing, and beautiful and showcase your products in a more interesting manner which leads to a successful eCommerce website.

Our Woocommerce custom product add-ons include:

- Gutenberg Premium Templates For Woocommerce Product Page

You can pick any of the available premium designs for WooCommerce pages with this plugin.

- Woocommerce Product Template

You can get 5 awesome page templates with various product options such as Reviews, FAQs, Trust Badges, etc.

- Product Rating

You can create custom rating options for your product pages

- Add To Cart

With this Add to Cart block, it becomes easy to insert an Add to Cart button to the template you are using and to the product page by drag and drop.

- Product Image

- With the Product Image block, you can show Woocommerce products on your product page. This block also provides you settings for zoom in and zoom out while hovering over the product image.

- Product Price

The regular price and the discounted price for the same product can be displayed with this Product Price block. It provides you with settings for colors, borders, texts, etc.

- Product Review

To display the ratings that customers give, you can use the Product Review block as it itself calculates the average star rating based upon the reviews and displays on your site.

- Switch Editor

With Switch Editor, you will be able to switch editors with ease. This block allows you to switch to the Gutenberg editor from the classic editor.


The default product pages can be made interesting with the help of Woocommerce custom product add-ons. In order to make your product page look exceptional, here are these Woocommerce custom product add-ons that give you multiple blocks using which you can further enhance the look of the page and helps you highlight the products well. These add-ons are extremely helpful for your eCommerce websites.

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