15 Best Website Security Checker for Malware



Security is the biggest concern if you have a website. A secured website gets easily ranked with boosted traffic. And you must be eager to know about your site too, right? To know about your site and any issues or threats, you must scan your site well.

Scanning your site for security threats and breaches is the best practice you must apply. You get an entire report on which sources are affecting your site or which sections are getting affected. Ensuring website security against malware threats remains a priority, even with premium WordPress themes, requiring regular updates, robust security plugins, and vigilant monitoring to fortify the site's defense mechanisms. That is only possible when you scan your site with trusted security scanning tools. Luckily, you don’t need to find them on the web, as we have got your back. This blog will help you find the best security checkers to help your site perform well.

15 Best Website Security Checker for Malware

Securing your website against malware is paramount in safeguarding its integrity. With the abundance of online threats, employing reliable security checkers and WordPress malware scanner plugins becomes essential to proactively detect and mitigate potential risks, ensuring a safer online environment for your site visitors.

Let's delve deeper into various website security scanner to protect your website -

1. Sucuri

Get your eyes on this most popular security scanner that helps you find malware and other threats on your site. It is Sucuri that professionally helps you find malicious content and red list it too. The tool is completely free of charge and is even the best result for finding complex threats. It has been the preferred choice for millions of website owners to get their threats resolved. It has a user-friendly interface that users with no coding skills can use. You simply need to enter your site’s URL, and within seconds, you will see a full report. Along with scanning, it provides website monitoring, malware protection, and firewall services.

Key features

  • Detect website security issues.
  • Detect outdated software and plugins.
  • User-friendly
  • Website monitoring and firewall services

2. Upguard

Introducing Upguard, a popular tool to manage your entire website for risk and attacks by third parties. It works for detecting malware and phishing mechanisms too. This premium tool is a complete solution to manage and secure your sensitive data easily. This meticulously designed interface is made with cybersecurity in mind, suiting developers and cyber professionals. Its main focus is on preventing third-party data breaches, vendor monitoring, and attack surfaces. Its interface is fast and gives instant results on how your site is getting attacked. Although it is a premium tool, it provides free one-time site checking for first-time visitors.

Key features

  • Third-party risk management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Attack surface management
  • Phishing and malware

3. Quttera

And here comes the most powerful and globally recognized website security checker for your site. It is the Quttera that helps your site protect itself from cyberattacks and malware. It mainly works on four factors: scan, detect, fix, and protect. This free tool helps your site detect threats and gives recommendable suggestions on how to protect it well from threats. Scanning your site is free, but to protect and fix issues, you need to go for pricing plans. Its subscription not only fixes your site issues but also helps protect it from malicious visitors and content. Additionally, it offers DDoS detection, uptime monitoring, domain blocklist checking, and more.

Key features

  • Web application firewall
  • Free malware scanning
  • Blocks malicious requests
  • Website DDoS protection

4. Site Guarding

Site guarding is another feature-rich tool to boost your site's security and scan for malware. Honestly, it gives a complete solution to all your site security issues and services. You get everything, from daily site scanning to site security packages, at affordable prices. The interesting part is that you get a free consultation on how you can protect your site from security breaches. It not only ensures quick malware fixes but also appoints 24/7 customer and engineer support to fix issues. You can even opt for security alerts, antivirus, firewalls, and much more. Also, its website monitoring tools are compatible with various CMS and come in various packages.

Key features

  • Daily site checking
  • 24/7 live support
  • Search engine redlist monitoring
  • Allows you to set security alerts.

5. Site Lock

One of the most trusted website security checker is on its way, and it is Site Lock. This tool is designed to provide the ultimate security measures, keeping clients and data safe. This is a fast-working tool that keeps your website safe from malware and other vulnerabilities that cause damage. Scanning your site is done in no time, and it gives automated protection to your site. The tool integrates with a lot of CMS and holds award-winning security services. Also, it holds a separate dashboard that is customizable, and you can set security alerts too.

Key features

  • Fast and automated site protection
  • Automated vulnerability patching
  • Allows automated updates
  • Integrates with various CMS

6. Virus Total

Virus Total is another tool that excels at scanning your site for malware and other security breaches. Simply put in your site URL, and the next page will show all the results regarding your site. It almost works like the Google security services, giving overall reports on your site's security. This free tool is a must-have, as it scans for redirects and infected codes on your site. It even allows you to add a desktop profile so that you can easily scan without uploading any files. Plus, this is a completely user-friendly tool to get your site scanned, even by beginners.

Key features

  • Easy setup and installation
  • A desktop shortcut can be added.
  • Fast-working interface
  • Integration with 40 anti-virus applications

7. Detectify

Detectify is a robust security scanning tool that ensures great prevention methods for your site. It is a cybersecurity company that provides a complete solution to your site's security issues. Well supported by ethical hackers that, at a time, can detect up to 150 issues on your site. It even allows automated security measures to be applied to your site. Apart from malware, it offers surface monitoring, application scanning, and instant fixes to site issues. Also, it has great control over SQL injections, SSL issues, and more.

Key features

  • Entire website scanning properties
  • Gives full coverage of security breaches.
  • Surface monitoring
  • Application Scanning

8. Malcare

Now comes another most widely used malware scanning tool, Medicare. This aesthetic tool not only scans your entire website but ensures prevention too. It comes as a WordPress malware scanner plugin also that protects your site from attackers using firewall services. As said, the plugins scan the entire site, including themes, plugins, and core. It scans your site’s database section and alerts you to fix it as soon as possible. You can even automate scanning and bug-detecting features using this plugin. When a bug or issue is found, it will immediately alert you by sending mail to your device. It is always suggested to use WordPress themes that are compatible with WordPress themes. Our WP Theme bundle provides an exclusive collection of premium themes that can easily integrate security plugins.

Key features

  • Automated malware scanner
  • Application firewall
  • Regular malware scanning
  • Scans the entire website.

9. Astra Security

Trusting Astra Security is the most commendable decision you can make for your brand's security. This professional tool comes with a free and paid version for scanning malicious content on your site. It scans your site’s source code and gives all the necessary information about red listing, malicious content, and more. And the best part is that it works as a multipurpose scanner to perform multiple services. It can relatively perform security audits, SEO spam checks, and even red list checks. The premium version, on the other hand, helps you check the internal files too.

Key features

  • A one-click solution for malware removal
  • Multipurpose scanner
  • Automated scanning
  • Vulnerability management

10. Qualys

Malware risks can be easily eliminated from your site using this top-tier Qualys security tool. This free tool is not only a website security checker but also helps you manage cyber risks. It comes with a complete layer of security measures to help your site be safe and protected. It professionally measures how much risk your website is currently holding. And it helps you eliminate the risks using Six Sigma accuracy measures. This is a modern way of removing bugs and threats from your site. Not only this, but this tool works as per your website upgrades. The best part is that you don’t need to visit various pages to know the results; a single page is enough.

Key features

  • Web app security
  • Infrastructure security
  • 20+ powerful apps for cybersecurity
  • Six Sigma accuracy measures

11. WP Scan

WP Scan is the most trusted tool to test your WordPress site for vulnerabilities and malware. This tool easily lets you know the issues affecting your themes, plugins, and other site sections. This is a WordPress product, so it continuously works with the latest WordPress updates and policies. Similarly, it works harder to tighten up the security on your site. The WordPress professional team continuously looks after your site to solve threats when you purchase its plan.

Key features

  • Free of charge
  • Scans the WordPress site from the core
  • Multiple ways to use

12. Indusface WAS

Indusface WAS is another popular website security checker for vulnerabilities and malware. It mainly works on mobile, web, and API applications. It sets up a complete solution to scan your site for malware, defacement, and broken links. This premium tool is penetration testing for scheduling automated scans along with DAST scanning. Plus, it offers complete customer support 24/7. Overall, it provides a complete solution to web application scanning and provides actionable measures.

Key features

  • 24/7 customer support
  • DAST scanning for APIs
  • Entire website scan
  • Web applications and API protection

13. IsITWP Security Scanner

IsITWP is the most trusted WordPress tool for scanning for malware and hacks on your site. This professional tool is powered by Sucuri, giving you the best firewall security measures for your site. Not only this, but this amazing tool checks your site’s domain status with search engines. WordPress, being the most popular place, is highly affected by hackers too. In this case, IsITWP brings you the best firewall practices with powerful protection policies to undergo. The interface is simple to use, you just need to enter your site URL, and there you go. The entire report is ready for you with a single click. In case of any bugs, it helps you fix them using the DNS-level WordPress firewall and the application-level firewall.

If malware is detected on your WordPress site, promptly take action by isolating the infected files or content, conducting a comprehensive scan with a reputable WordPress malware removal plugin, and following recommended security protocols to restore your hacked WordPress site to its secure state.

Key features

  • Free of charge
  • User-friendly interface
  • DNS-level firewall
  • Application-level firewall

14. Google Malware Checker

The simplest tool to get your website scanned for malware and threats is the Google Malware Scanner. This is the simplest tool, as you just need to put down your site URL, and the entire report is with you. It is based on intelligent malware recognition software for detecting malware on your site. Not only this, it comes with built-in DDoS protection, WordPress login page hardening, and more. Not only a single page, but this free tool scans your entire website for malware.

Key features

  • Free of charge
  • User-friendly interface
  • Built-in DDoS protection
  • WordPress login page hardening support.

15. Wordfence

Wordfence is one of the most trusted tools for WordPress security. The focus is on checking for malware and other security breaches affecting your site. This is a server-based WordPress security checkers that scans your entire website for threats. This means it sets up a complete solution to find security breaches on your site. Scanning is fast, and results are displayed on a single page, giving actionable steps to take. There is a customer support team ready to solve your queries, ensuring good security. If any threat or issue is found, the tool immediately alerts you by sending emails. You can even set up automated scanning and bug-fixing features easily.

Key features

  • Regular malware definition updates
  • Automated malware scanning
  • Email alerting
  • Professional support team


In conclusion, ensuring the security of your website against malware is an ongoing necessity in the digital landscape. The variety and complexity of cyber threats demand proactive measures to safeguard sensitive data, maintain user trust, and uphold your online presence. The exploration of these fifteen top-tier website security checker for malware detection underscores the importance of utilizing robust tools and technologies to fortify your website's defenses.

Each of these security checkers offers unique features, scanning capabilities, and methodologies to identify and mitigate potential threats. From comprehensive malware scans to real-time monitoring and threat intelligence, these tools empower website owners and administrators to proactively detect, analyze, and address security vulnerabilities efficiently.

Furthermore, the integration of WordPress malware scanner plugins provides a tailored solution for users of this popular content management system. The ability to regularly scan, detect, and remove malware specifically within the WordPress environment is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your website. These WordPress security plugins often offer additional functionalities such as firewall protection, file integrity checks, and malware removal, enhancing the security posture of your WordPress site.

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