Web Development And Everything To Need To Know About It

There is hardly anyone who is unfamiliar with the term ‘Web Development’. At least people have an idea that this has something to do with the online presence and the internet. Let us try to know what web development actually is.

What Exactly Is Web Development?

You can understand web development as anything that is involved in the development of a website for the internet. There is a wide range of it which covers the development of a simple single page to a more complex structure by using different internet applications in order to be able to use it for eCommerce purposes for your business or simply for getting in touch with the audience through social networking.

When we talk about web development in technical terms or from the point of view of professional developers, it includes coding and markup which is related to the non-designing branches of development. It can also be referred to as CMS and they are the acting bridges that join the user and database. The best thing about CMS is, it does not want you to have the technical knowledge or coding skills for editing your site.

The Role Of A Web Developer:

A programmer or a Web Developer takes a web design that is already created by either a design team or a client and transforms it into a website as per the demands of a client. There are different web development companies such as VWThemes that provide some top-quality web development solutions. Basically, a web developer has its work divided into three different categories.

Database, Server-side scripting, and Client-side scripting.

  1. Database - to make sure that your website runs smoothly, database technology has a major role to play.

2. Server-side scripting - it is a technique used in web development and it involves employing the scripts on a server in order to produce a response that is customized according to the request of each user or client request to the website.

3. Client-side scripting: these are the codes existing inside the client’s HTML page. It is executed in a web browser. These codes decide which content your visitors will be able to see when they open up your web page.

A web developer needs to have the above skills as he/she needs to build a website from ground zero. This is a big advantage as you have full control over your site and there is always a chance to create something out of the box. Along with this, you are free to implement your as well as your client’s ideas to meet their demands in a much better way. A developer can work according to the client's requirements right from the beginning especially when you are creating a website from scratch.

With the things discussed above, you might have got an idea regarding a web developer’s work. As now you know the skills that a developer needs to possess, So while hiring a developer for your website project, you will now be conveniently searching for a developer having expertise according to the three categories discussed above.

Different Database Technologies:

There is a requirement of a database to store the files, codes, images, and other data for any website you design. That is why it becomes important that a good web developer must have a sound knowledge of database technologies. There are a few relations database management systems that are popular among the web-based applications for managing your database. These are:

MySQL, Apache, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBMDB2, MongoDB.

Server-Side Programming

Using a server-side scripting language is almost like a backbone while building your website. The end-user who is going to view your site must have a computer with enough storage space in order to ensure the proper functioning of the web browser. This is because of the fact that a website carries different images as well as files in the database created on a web server.

Now the server-side scripting language has a major role to play here. With server-side scripting, you can generate a structure for your database in order to establish a communication link between the user’s computer and the web browser. When a person is using your website, the server shows a particular piece of information and images to the user as per the user’s request. For this, a web developer has to come up with a server-side script. The user of your site has no access to any of the source code that is why your server-side code remains safe.

An experienced web developer is expected to have knowledge about some of the popular server-side languages if not all. Here is a list of the most popular Server-side languages:

PHP, Java, C, Python, ASP.NET, Ruby.

Client-Side Programming

You can say that client-side programming on a greater part deals with the user-interface using which the user is interacting on the web. Mostly, it is a browser in the user’s computer, that is running the code. Client-side programming or client-side scripting is all about the development of applications present in the browser of a user’s computer. It has to deal with the storage of user’s data that may be in the form of cookies, flash games, or any type of social web application. It makes use of the languages for creating the overall look and layout of your site. Client-side programming languages include:

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, Flash, Microsoft Silverlight.

As there are different web languages used, similarly, there are different web development firms giving distinguished web development services according to the client’s demands. There are web development agencies that focus on custom web application development, some focus on providing e-commerce capabilities, web designing, database development, and integration. Today, there are many good web development firms that focus on providing complete packages to the clients including all the above services.

Wrapping Up:

So far, we have discussed web development, the role a developer has to play, database technologies, different languages used for server-side and client-side programming as well as what your approach should be while you hire a developer. Hope this article gives you everything that you need to know about web development. We are web developers and we develop best themes in the market. Our themes can be used by all - businesses, blogs or services. Get clean WordPress themes at amazing discounts on our website.

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