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To make new contents is a never ending task. But sometimes, you don’t have anything to post in your WordPress site. Without new content, the traffic to your website will be like an empty glass of water. So, what can you do in this case? We know that old is gold. The old Content you have is like a hidden treasure below your home. So, you can utilise your Old WordPress posts to increase Traffic to your website.  But How? Here is an article to guide you on how to utilise your old WP posts to increase the traffic.

Sharing On Social Media – A Secret Weapon

Social media is the best promoting platform you can trust on.  You have to Consistently post your old content on your social media. This is one of the best method to utilise your old WordPress posts you can rely on. There are tools like “Revive Old Posts” and “Evergreen Post Tweeter” when you use WordPress, but it can empty your pockets. This plugin automatically shares old posts on Twitter and other social media platforms as long as you have the plugin installed and activated. To install them, just go to your WordPress admin > Plugins > Add new and installed the plugin. The post will be shared on a random basis, making your life easier and saving you time.

Optimizing The Posts In SERPS

To Display your Post on the SERPs i.e. Search Engine Results Pages in Google can make a big difference. To Increase Traffic, you have to optimize you posts in SERPs. You have to take care of the two things i.e. The title and The Description. You have to use most appropriate title for your post. Be clear on your meta description, because it will lead people to click on the post if they find something interesting in the meta description. In this way you can utilise your old WordPress posts to increase the traffic.

Updating The Meta Description Of Your Post

You have to check continuously that your meta-description still up-to-date. Sometimes it becomes necessary to refresh the meta description, maybe it can be written a little bit better. While a meta-description itself doesn’t help in ranking, it sure does help in click through rate to your content. So, in this way you can again repost it and utilise your old WordPress posts .

Improve The Existing Content

There are lot of improvement needed in old content you already posted. You can add videos, images and other media to beautify your content. After reposting it you can increase traffic to your site. This can be the other method to utilise your old wp posts.

Updating The Content With Up To Date Information, Facts And Phrases

The day when you posted your content was with the information and facts of that time. So, it is of utmost important that you update with the recent information, facts and phrases to your content. There are no viewers for the outdated content but with updated content viewers will automatically increase. So, by this you can utilise your old WordPress posts .

When you publish the post, you may have also published other posts that are related in topic. But now you can now add internal links to the more other posts that have been published recently and can be relevant to link in your post. Your main idea is to keep viewers on your website, reading other articles. Whatever other content a reader of that post might find helpful on your site, link it here. In this way also you can utilise your old wp posts .

Review The SEO

We are already aware about Google Analytics, now let’s have a look and find out what keywords this page tends to rank for. On the sidebar menu of Google Analytics, navigate to Behaviour > Site Content > Landing Pages. The results will be automatically ranked by number of sessions. Now go ahead and click the first page. Now, right above the page, click the small blue link that says “Keyword.” Now the keywords that page ranks for will be listed below. You can use these keywords to see if you’re missing any specific content in your post that your audience is searching for. This will help to optimize your Content. Another cool thing to utilise your old WordPress posts to increase Traffic to your Site.

Conclusion: -

To get more traffic to your Blog or Website from old blog posts auditing, optimizing and updating is really a great way for doing it. It will keep your blog fresh and will make you look more professional to your audience. It is actually a time-consuming task, but the rewards are so worthy.

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