Step By Step Guide On How To Upload Files Into Media Library!

Websites are the perfect media platform to promote your work. Here you can give detailed information about your company. In one page you have to impress the viewers. With different templates and imagery you can save a lot of your and their time. In this blog, we will see how to upload files to media library.

Images play vital role in human understanding. They tell a story worth thousand words in one still moment. That’s why you must use more pictures into your website regarding your work. But how can you upload files into media library like images via FTP for this?

Now there’s a question! A question too simple to ask and too important to know. Adding picture into certain library seems an easy task. While uploading files to media library, you use the drag-and-drop function. But for multiple files or images, it can get tiring.

To upload files in media library you need to follow three easy steps. First is to download FTP, then upload the selected files to content upload folder in WordPress via FTP and lastly, get a plugin to import the uploaded files in media library. Simple!

Download FTP- 

Through File Transfer Protocol which is FTP, you can easily upload bulk images in media library of WordPress. For this, first you have to get the FTP! You can find numerous FTP programs on the internet. We have some recommendations for you.

  • FileZilla- It’s a free FTP program that you will find easily on internet. It works on Windows, Mac and on Linux as well.
  • WinSCP- This is also a free FTP program. But it works only on Windows.
  • Cyberduck- This one is also free FTP program and it works only on Mac.

Here we are going to look how to upload files into media library using FileZilla FTP!

You have to install the software by using the installation wizard. Then launch the FTP program on your system. All the files on your system will be visible there. Click on the file you want to transfer. Select the option for file manager.

On the bottom left of the New Entry section you will see a pop-up box. In that box click on new site button. On the top left side the window for new site will appear. You can rename the site as per your liking.

After this, you will have to put your website’s FTP log in details. This will be instructed by WebHost support team or will be mentioned in the hosting account documentation. You need to fill the columns for Host, Logo type, Encryption, Username, Password and Port as suggested in the guidelines.

Then click on connect and your FTP will be connected with your WordPress site.

1. Upload Files -  

Now, the next step is to upload files to the content folder on your WordPress site by using FTP. After connecting your FTP with your WordPress site, you are free to transfer files.

On the left side of the window, you will see a column of local site. This column has the folders and files from the hard drive of your computer. On the right side, you will see the column for Remote site. This column has the folders on your site server.

We need to upload files from the local site folders to the Uploads Folder from Remote site column. This folder will be in Wp-content folder.

Now, select the files you want to upload to site server. Drag and drop them in the designated folder from Remote site.

With this the files will be successfully uploaded into the WordPress server via FTP. To avoid future errors, you will have to compress the file size by using Adobe Photoshop or other software.  

2. Import Files Using Plugins-

Even though you successfully uploaded the files into WordPress server, they still won’t be visible in your media library. Since you have uploaded bulk files into the WordPress server, it becomes hard of the WordPress to track these files. To make them visible you need to use plugin. With this plugin we will extract the files from sever and put them in media library.

For this first go to WordPress Dashboard. There go into Plugins and from drop down menu click on Add new. On the search panel put the name of plugin like Add From Server. The plugin will arrive on the window, click on download bar just below the name of the plugin. After downloading click on install and activate the plugin.

After this, click on media and spot the option for Add from server and click on it. There in the quick jumps option select the Uploads folder. In that section select the folder we just created in the site server and where we have uploaded all the files.

There select the files you want to transfer into media library. You can select them as you want, in bulk or one-by-one, your wish! After that click on import. The uploaded files from site server will be imported into the media library.

This is how you upload files to media library by using FTP! Now all the files you uploaded will be visible into the media library of your WordPress site. You can do this easily by following these simple steps.

Although, there’s another way of uploading files into media library. This way doesn’t go through FTP but via Zip!

How To Upload Files In Media Library Via Zip?

Now, this involves some simple steps. First you need to create a zip folder of all the files you want to upload in WordPress server. Add the zip folder to your WordPress server by using regular method. Then add a plugin named Upload media by Zip.

After activating the plugin, you can easily extract files from zip folder into WordPress media. It’s that easy if you do it with right steps!

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