How To Translate Your WordPress Website Using Weglot

To Translate Your WordPress Website, The Internet has become the most used service all around the world. Different people from different cultures and backgrounds access the internet at the comfort of their home and the language they chose their webpage to be translated to. Your website is no different. If you want your website to meet and engage with people all around the world, you must translate your website data or content.

However, for many people, translating their website into another language is a difficult process, particularly for individuals with little to no language abilities. Fortunately, a linguistic application such as the Weglot allows you to automatically and/or manually translate your WordPress website, also allowing you to reach potential clients in any language all around the world period. Our top WordPress themes are feature-rich and are regularly updated.

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How To Translate Your WordPress Website Using Weglot?

So let's check out all free WordPress plugins Weglot. We will firstly understand what Weglot is all about and learn about its various features. By the conclusion of this article, you will learn how to translate your WordPress website seamlessly.

Weglot is basically a multilingual software system that works on converting or translating your website or blog into  100  different languages instantly.  this translation happens by combining the services of Microsoft, DeepL, Google, and Yandex.  The Software includes an in-context editor which functions by giving you to manually translate. Weglot is user-friendly where it allows you to simply connect this multilingual software system with your website via  Weglot's WordPress plugin. 

Functions of Weglot may be reached through the use of the WordPress admin interface and the simple Weglot homepage. The process of automatically translating your website and customizing the configurations is relatively quicker, this, in turn, enables your website the function in the best ways and smoother. If you want more features, the premium Weglot packages include competent translation services, collaborative tools, data on translated page visits, and so considerably more. Along with this have a look at how to optimize website voice search with VWTHEMES.

How To Translate Your WordPress Website Using Weglot and its installation process

1. Install The Weglot Plugin

You will need to download and install the Weglot Plugin first. Installing the Weglot WordPress plugin is the first part of the direction of how to translate your WordPress website. To do so, go to your WordPress dashboard and select Plugins > Add Plugin from the left sidebar. After WordPress has found the plugin, click Install Now > Activate.  the plugin will be installed on your WordPress website and accessible from the dashboard menu.

2. Create Or Sign Up For Weglot Account

After installing Weglot on your WordPress website, you will need to create or sign up for an official Weglot account.

 Click on to  Weglot website and select the Start Your Free Trial option.

Afterward, immediately you will get an email requesting that you authenticate your account. After you've done the authentication of your account, you'll be redirected to your new Weglot dashboard, in which you'll discover your API key, which will allow you to link your Weglot account to your WordPress website.

3. Connect Your Weglot Account And Select The Destination Language For Your Website

You will have to copy the API key and return it to your WordPress dashboard to link your Weglot account and WordPress website. Now choose Weglot from the dashboard menu and then paste the API key within the main settings. immediately you will get an email requesting that you authenticate your account. After you've done the authentication of your account, you'll be redirected to your new Weglot dashboard, in which you'll discover your API key, which will allow you to link your Weglot account to your WordPress website. The API key must be used to pick the Website's original language.

After selecting the correct language for the website, you need to scroll at the bottom of the page you click Save Changes.

Please note that you only have the option to translate your WordPress website into another language if you are using the free edition of Weglot.

Following that, a window will appear informing you that your website is now bilingual. Press the button. To access your site, go to My FrontPage.

For the time being, your website will be written in your native language. A language switcher may be found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. To change the language, use the switcher.

All of your material has now been automatically translated to the second language (for the sake of this article, you can see above that I have translated my website into French). Weglot will translate everything of your material, including your sidebars, menu, headers, titles, and URLs.

4. Adjust The Language Changer

Turn to your WordPress dashboard and browse through the Weglot > Main Settings page to the Language Design button area.

There are some available alternatives for the language switcher look, like

Country flags were shown and as well as complete language names are used. It's easily changeable of the settings by adding CSS to provide a particular appearance to the buttons. Thereafter, proceed to scroll down the page to find out more about changing the position of the switch. Alternatives:

Menu – Add the changer to the menu bar of your site.

Sidebar - In your sidebar, or any other widget area, display the language switch. Shortcode — Use the shortcode previously produced by Weglote to put the changer into the content of your site.

5. Set Other Variables And Settings

To Translate Your WordPress Website, Weglot also lets you control a range of additional configurations. You may choose to omit particular pages or sections of a page from translation in accordance with the Translation Limitation. you can easily take the CSS selector in the portions that you do not want to translate into the URL of the page to omit content.

Another useful setting such as Auto redirection enables people to rerouted in their browser language to the appropriate translation of your site.

The Translate AMP settings enable the translation of mobile websites automatically.

Whereas the search functionality setting enables your customers or users to browse or search your website in the translated language already.

6. Edit Translations Manually

Although having your website automatically translated is a fantastic service, you will get absolutely no promises that the translation will be error-free. but  Weglot covers this error amazingly as it allows you to manually change the automated translation. Click on Visual Editor > Start Editing from the left side menu.


Translate your WordPress site into multiple languages with Weglot. Weglot is compatible with every WordPress themes, plugin, and add-on including page builders. Clearly, the Weglot plugin is a strong instrument. It is not only quick and easy to set up, but it is also very user-friendly and packed with useful features. In this article, you will learn how to translate your WordPress website without any hindrance.  

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