Top Blog WordPress Themes for Personal Blogging

WordPress is the best blogging tool available so far. WordPress theme is a feature that supports unlimited plugins, features, and functionalities making it the most preferred tool not just for blogging but also for website establishment. Although there is an abundance of Popular WordPress Themes but not all these themes are good to use. We have compiled a list of the top responsive blogging WordPress themes to help you choose the best one which will serve your purpose in the best possible way.


The Internet has multiple ways of working and bringing the best results for our questions. Whatever we want to achieve, the internet helps us with it. We are completely dependent on the internet now. From searching locations to connecting we use it every-time. That’s why it has all the information about each person on earth. It has our past, present, and future too. But where do we get all the information that we need? The answer is through Blogs! They are the source of our information for any subject. Writers around the world spread knowledge through their blogs on various websites.
Every writer wants to reach as many people as possible when it comes to blogs. That’s why choosing an accurate website theme is important. And more than that an accurate website theme making company. Here, we are going to unveil the Best Blog WordPress Themes to you. But first, let’s see why it is important.

VW Blog WP Theme

VWthemes have always been considerate about customer’s wants. They designed this WordPress Blog Theme exactly how you want. This theme is strong, flexible, and attractive too. This theme is made with a bootstrap framework which gives it a robust functioning. With this, you don’t have to worry about fragile coding and website getting hacked. Being so rigid with coding, it is very flexible to changes. The layout of this WP Blog theme is designed with elegant but attractive colors and stylish fonts. The background image is also chosen carefully. There are several different sections and templates to add content into. The team of designers has given enough space for content and images too. But you have all the liberty to make changes in it without changing any codes. You have a color palette and over a hundred font family options to choose from. That’s what makes it one of the best blog WP theme.

This VW Blog WP Theme is recommended by most of the technical gurus and has excellent ratings. Other than this, there are a lot of features that make this theme better than other similar themes. You must have read about drag-and-drop website themes. In such themes, you don’t have to worry about coding too. But the quality of the website is compromised. Unlike them, this WP Blog theme guarantees the quality of your website. That’s why it has gained the reputation of the Best Blog WordPress Theme. In other WP themes, you won’t get the benefit of flexibility. They won’t promise the best performance and even won’t provide assistance with operating. But in this WP Blog theme, you can get complete liberty to make changes in theme. Not just in layout, but in a number of sections and templates too. By buying this premium theme you can get customer service for over a year for free.

Top 5 features of VW Blog Theme:-
  • 1. Theme Options using customizer API
  • 2. Responsive Design
  • 3. Favicon, logo and title customization
  • 4. Advanced color options
  • 5. 100+ font family options

VW WP Video Theme

Its another best product from VWthemes! This WP Video theme is listed in the best blog WP theme because of its amazing features. The main USP of this theme is that you can add videos in it. So it won’t be just a blogging theme. It will be video blogging i.e Vlogging theme. In this theme, you can add unlimited videos in the given slider. Adding or removing videos is a very easy and one-click thing. You don’t have to worry about coding or programming for this. There are different sections and templates too. The team of designers has given equal space for content descriptions and videos. You can create another subcategory with the given inner pages. In this WP Video theme, the inner pages are equally strong and attractive. Another plus point of this theme is that it is multilingual. The theme is completely RTL and WPML supportive.

What makes this WP video theme better than any other video theme is its excellent features and customer service. Most of the other theme making companies don’t consider of giving customer support. If you have any difficulty regarding the theme or the functioning of the website, you can’t resolve it on your own. You need expert advice. Here at VWthemes, they provide free customer support and expert advice for over a year. You just have to buy its premium WP video theme. In most of the themes, you will find it hard to customize it as your wish. You will have to accept the given design and structure. But here in this theme, you will have complete liberty to make changes. You won’t have to change coding for that. In just a few clicks and customization features, you can give the website the look you want. That’s why is one of the Best Blog WP theme.

Top 5 features of VW Video WP Theme:-
  • 1. RTL support and translation ready
  • 2. Simple menu options
  • 3. Support to add custom CSS/JS
  • 4. SEO friendly
  • 5. Pagination option

VW Recipe WP Theme

Cooking is said to be therapeutic. To try it out most of us seek help from professionals with their recipe book or video. But having a website of your own recipes can be more effective. That’s why VWThemes provide you one of the best blog WP themes, WP Recipe theme! In this theme, you will get enough space to describe the recipe and add images or videos of it. You can add unlimited images or videos in the given sliders. There are different sections and templates to add recipes by their type. You create different sections for Indian chat items, sweets around the world, spicy food, or even veg and non-veg ones. This theme can contain all the talent you have and present it with an attractive setting. One of the plus points of this theme is that it’s compatible with third party plugins too.

This WP recipe theme is better than other themes because it has more features than them. Other themes don’t focus on being fast loading or customization liberty. They just design it as per they think is ok. This WP recipe theme is designed considering your needs and gives complete liberty to you. You can make changes in the theme layout as you want. You will have the color palate to choose colors and over 100 font family options. You can also enable-disable the sections or templates given as per your need. The most important USP of this theme is it's multipurpose and multilingual too. It's complete translation ready which makes it globally acceptable. This means you can upload your recipe and teach it to anyone across the globe. And that’s what makes it amazingly perfect. Perfection is what VWThemes believe in and strive for.

Top 5 features of VW Recipe WP Theme:-
  • 1. Fully integrated with font awesome icon
  • 2. Background image option
  • 3. Custom page templates
  • 4. Feature product images, HD images, and videos
  • 5. Make a post about firms news, events, and achievements

VW Feminine WP Theme

As the name suggests, this WP theme is made to focus on women-oriented products or women's needs. This theme by VWThemes is very attractive and strong with the functioning too. Even if the main focus of this theme is women, it can be used for multiple purposes which don’t even include women. It's that flexible with changes too. Because of such reasons, it made it into one of the best blog WP themes. The colors, font style, background images, template style, and designs are designed with a lot of care and beauty. You will find it attractive in every inch. But the team has also focused on the functioning of the website. It is built with a bootstrap framework which gives it robust functioning. This theme has CTA i.e Call To Action buttons for a fast response. Due to this feature, the theme has become very responsive and fast.

There are other companies, that don’t focus much on performance. When it comes to feminine WP themes, other companies give more importance to the looks of the website. But here at VWThemes, they give first priority to the functioning and then look. This WP Feminine theme is better than other themes in the market. The reason behind this is its features. It is responsive, fast loading, multipurpose, and attractive too. It is flexible with the changes. Just like its focus group- women, it's beautiful and ready to fight the odds too. This is one of the top blog WordPress themes because it's completely user-friendly. You don’t have to know about coding to operate this theme. Unlike other drag-and-drop themes, this theme guarantees the best results. It is SEO optimized which takes care of the search engine rank of your website. You can add images or videos with the content without any difficulties.

Top 5 features of VW Feminine WP Theme:-
  • 1. Compatibility with contact form 7 and woocommerce plugin.
  • 2. Enable-disable option for all the sections
  • 3. Sanitized as per WordPress guidelines
  • 4. Responsive layout for all devices
  • 5. Footer customization option

Medical WordPress Theme

The population of humans on earth is billions. Every second of them wants to live long and disease free, but most of them don’t know exactly how. With your health blogs, you can show them the right way of achieving a healthy lifestyle. VWThemes has created this theme just for you. This WP health blog theme is on the list of one of the top blog WordPress themes, because of its functioning and great reviews from around the world. People recommended this theme on a large scale. This theme has a fast loading time and a responsive structure. It has sections and templates to sort content by their subject. It is compatible with third-party plugins, although it has Woocommerce and contact form 7 plugins. It is multipurpose and translation ready too. These features are what make this theme perfect for your health blogs.

What makes it better than other similar themes, is that it has more features than them. It is flexible with changes and attractive in layout. It is designed by considering your expectations from your website. This WP health blog theme has given equal importance to looks and functioning. It has CTA i.e Call To Action button for fast loading and response. Being RTL and WPML supportive makes your blog theme reach globally. Due to such features, it has been made into the list of the best blog WP themes. Along with this, other themes don’t provide customer support or expert advice if you find the need for it. This WP health blog theme provides customer support and expert advice for free for over a year. To add content or images, and making changes in the layout you don’t have to make changes in coding. But if something goes wrong, they have your back. If you're looking to create multiple blogs you should think about purchasing the WordPress theme Bundle.

Top 5 features of WP health blog theme:-
  • 1. Allow setting title, logo, tagline
  • 2. Left and right sidebar
  • 3. Sticky post and comment threads
  • 4. Parallax image, background section
  • 5. Customizable home page
Yoga WordPress Theme

The Blog Trend

Blogs have been trending since the internet was available for common people. It has changed its face from time to time which made it relevant to the time. Blogs have created their own earning system. A lot of people around the world are sustained financially because of blogs. They write essays on topics that are trending or interesting or stories that attract people every day. Although it's an era of the internet and we often say that people have forgotten books, people love to read. They read whenever they can. That’s why blogging will always be in trend. But to become a trendsetter as a blogger you have to be presentable. Having an attractive blogging website is an answer to it. WordPress is the best platform for unleashing your power of writing. And we here present you with the Top Blog WordPress Themes that you can choose. or are the sites to refer to if you want to create your website. There are perks to opening the doors of the internet for your creation. WordPress i.e WP is the best yet very complex platform for this. For this besides being a good writer, you have to be a good coder too. You must know coding and programming for establishing your website here. But don’t worry there are companies to help you with it. These companies provide you with ready-made WP themes where you only have to add content without worrying about coding. But which company should you trust? We are gonna tell you the exact of this question by listing the Best Blog WP themes. We are going to view some of the best products of VWthemes. It is one of the Top Blog WordPress Themes making companies in the market. So let’s start the journey of Blogs Planet!

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