Web Hosting Tips And Tricks That You Must Know To Excel

Web hosting is an important yet underappreciated part. Any website, podcasts, articles, online games, etc. live on a server without which you cannot imagine this content to be delivered to you. It is an essential and inseparable element of the online experience. So before you launch your website, you need to be familiar with several hosting aspects. Though launching a website seems very easy nowadays, you first have to be acquainted with a lot of terms and concepts about web hosting. Here are some of the web hosting tips that will help you get an idea before you actually opt for any web hosting service. Try customizable and Premium WordPress themes from VWthemes for the best website creation experience.

Now, Let's Dive Into Some Web Hosting Tips

First Web Hosting Tips :- Know The Hosting Type

There are many different web hosting types but keep in mind that every web host doesn’t offer all of them. Along with this, different hosting types have significant differences.

Shared hosting is the cheapest form of web hosting which is offered by every web host. In this, the server and the resources that your website has, are also shared by several other websites. If you have a  small budget and have very little traffic on your site, shared hosting will be the one for you. You hardly have to pay $10 or less for a month for shared hosting. However, you should be prepared for occasional showdowns since you are sharing resources with other sites as well. It's very useful to ask some questions to yourself before selecting the hosting for example what type of content you are hosting, traffic on your website, and much more.

Dedicated hosting or VPS are picked by large businesses that expect huge traffic flows. You can understand VPS hosting as a higher version of shared hosting. The only difference is that there are far fewer websites sharing the server’s resources. VPS hosting is a bit more costly as compared to shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting can leverage a server’s full power as it places your site on the server all by itself. This type of hosting is the most expensive one and you may even need to pay $100 or more per month.

As far as Reseller hosting is concerned, it allows you to start your own web hosting business without having to bother about constructing the infrastructure from ground zero.

WordPress hosting allows you to create a site in an environment that caters to the most popular CMS.

Cloud hosting lets you scale your website power easily across multiple web servers. You can create a perfect website with our Professional WordPress Themes and website templates without the knowledge of coding.

Know The Difference In Bandwidth And Data Transfer

Before we dig into Bandwith let's ask ourselves a question what is web hosting? It is an online service that will host all your website data. So it is very important that this hosted data should be well accessible. This brings us to one of the most important web hosting tips. Most of the time, the terms “Bandwidth” and “Data Transfer” are interchangeably used but technically, they are different from each other.

Bandwidth is nothing but the total amount of data that can get transferred at one time. On the other hand, data transfer is the actual amount of information that can be used over a stipulated period of time. To understand it in a better way, you can consider an example that your website has a maximum of 5GB bandwidth but as per your website’s hosting plan, your website may allow only 1GB of data transfers every month. It is always better to know about the data limitations of your site.

There Is A Limit To Unlimited

Web hosts are often seen to promise unlimited storage of data or monthly data transfers so that more users should sign up for their hosting plan. But let me tell you that this is not a completely honest deal. The so-called “unlimited” storage or data transfer plans always come with limitations and they also vary with the company.

Typically, unlimited storage or data transfers are associated with WordPress plans or shared hosting. They do let you run wild but within limits. So before you go for any hosting plan, contact the customer service representative and figure out what you can and cannot do within the scope of the hosting plan’s unlimited offering.

Understand the SSD and HDD Tradeoff

You are likely to receive an HDD server if you opt for a shared web hosting plan. HDD-based servers have the advantage of providing huge storage amounts at really cheap costs.

If you opt for more powerful offerings such as the VPS or dedicated hosting. You will get an option to build your site on an SSD-based server. SSD-based servers are known for their lightning-fast speed but the SSD technology is still much costlier as compared to HDD.

These were a few web hosting tips that you will find helpful while opting for any web hosting plan.

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