Do You Know The Awesome Things You Can Do With WordPress?


WordPress has been powering a large number of online businesses since long. We can’t imagine what it would be like if it gets vanished! As almost 25% of the websites are running on WordPress, all of them would perish if WordPress disappears. So, we see that over the years WP has shown its strength and has proved its worth in the online world. Apart from being a blogging, it has emerged out to be a more versatile platform. In this, article, you will come to know about the awesome things you can do with WordPress.

Online WordPress Shop Store

An Example of Online WordPress Shop Store

Out of the things you can do with WordPress, online shop store is a good example that shows the capability of WordPress. IT completely supports e-commerce stores. No matter if you don’t know about coding, you can put e-commerce functionality to your website easily using e-commerce plugins. WooCommerce is one of the best e-commerce plugins you can incorporate into your WordPress website if you want to sell goods. You can easily run your online shop store by using plenty of WooCommerce tools and features. Even it provides a variety of add-ons to help you incorporate specific business functionality.

Run Multiple WordPress Websites

WordPress Multisite
Manage WordPress Multisite from dashboard

You can form a network consisting of multiple WordPress websites under a single WordPress installation. Managing multisite becomes easy with as you can run them using a single username and password. For example, consider the creation of a blog for magazines, poetry, and comics. These are 3 different categories which need to be covered under blog. For each of these sites, the ideas for their design and layout differ. The security aspects and website policies will be the same for all of them. So, you can form 3 different websites under the main single WordPress website.

A Job Board Using WordPress

WordPress Job Board Back End

With WordPress, it is a super easy task to create a job board. A variety of WordPress job board plugins is available which you can install on your website and display various job openings. Even there are multiple WP job board themes that can make things functional for you within a few hours. Creating a job board is one of the amazing things you can do .

Begin a Forum

An Example of BuddyPress WordPress Forum

Build a forum website if you are looking to form a loyal community of like-minded people. It’s a great way to interact with people and solve their queries related to your brand. bbPress is an excellent WP plugin for building forums and it is really a safe element to work with. On a single click, you can initiate a discussion forum with this plugin. There are many other forum plugins that help you to create your community and join in the discussions.

Build Landing Pages

Example of WordPress Landing Page

The growth of online businesses improves with landing pages. Beautiful landing pages are highly able to turn a visitor into a client or a customer. So, it is important to build the correct landing page by considering multiple features. Then analyze the response you are getting on those landing pages. There are many WordPress plugins available to design landing pages for your website.

Build websites that support multiple languages

Example of Multilingual website

It’s easy to build a website that supports multiple languages and is not just restricted to one. With WordPress, you can manage the different versions of the content on your website. For translation and building a multilingual website in WordPress, you can either hire a translator or rely on machine translation.

Wrapping Up

It is very easy to create a number of things besides blogging with WordPress. These are some of the awesome things you can do with which you might don’t know before reading this article. Indeed WordPress is a reliable platform to begin implementing different online concepts with ease. VWThemes knows the power of WP and the kind of work it can render. We have wide expertise and we have built a series of multi purpose Premium WordPress Themes. So, if you want to create a website for yourself, grab our themes and get the best quality features. Try VWThemes!

Wordpress has empowered businesses by giving them great online exposure. Themes designed on WordPress possess tremendous business potential to get your sales all-time high. WP is capable of doing multiple things. It supports online e-commerce stores. Those who are not aware of the coding part; they can easily add the functionality of e-commerce to their website using the Woocommerce plugin. Realizing the reliability of WP, people have begun to use it for other purposes also along with blogging. Our company is a leading name in WP themes and brings you a WP theme bundle comprising of all awesome themes for creating mesmerizing web pages.

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