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In case you considerably feature codes for your internet site (WordPress), it's far critical to distinguish them effectively. Unless you do so, you may discover it tough to split the precise code from the relaxation of the text. Also, it may be difficult for your internet site customers to duplicate and paste the unique code they require. Fortunately, numerous WordPress plugins will let you highlight syntax effectively. According to maximum experts, HTML syntax highlighting text editor is one of the top equipment that provides builders the capacity to show distinctive colored fonts for various HTML tags and attributes. It gives the alternatives of mild or darkish backroads code editor color schemes.

Using that equipment, you may creatively prepare and spotlight your web website's online code snippets. This will extensively advantage your goal readers. Your internet site customers may have a smooth time copying and pasting the code, and this will enhance the general person experience (UX). If you are looking for premium WordPress themes then VWthemes is for you.

According to maximum experts, HTML syntax highlighting text editor is one of the top equipment that provides builders the capacity to show distinctive colored fonts for various HTML tags and attributes. It gives the alternatives of mild or darkish backroads code editor color schemes. Along with this also have a look at how to Update WordPress Plugins by VW Themes.

Is Syntax Highlighting Text Editor Vital?

Probably you've heard a few developers or simply bloggers say, ‘syntax highlighting is useless or useless.’ Some builders even keep away from it as it seems like a quite silly idea. This isn’t an issue about whether or not or now no longer the idea of syntax coloring is vital or useless. These arguments had been around for a pretty few times.Syntax highlighting a particular characteristic on numerous textual content editors used for scripting, markup languages along with HTML or programming.

It shows textual content, mainly the supply code, in numerous fonts and colors relying on the category of terms. Syntax highlighting text editor helps you to write in a dependent language like markup or programming language due to the fact each syntax mistakes and systems are visually different. Note that highlighting doesn’t affect the means of your textual content, it is supposed for human readers only.

Professional developers argue that syntax highlighting is a particular shape of secondary notation. This is due to the fact the highlights aren’t a part of the means of the textual content. However, they serve to boost it. Different textual content editors combine syntax highlighting skills with different extremely good functions along with code folding or spell checking. These are aids to editing, which tend to be external to the language.

One of the common errors that can motivate an entire internet site to close down is a syntax error. Granted that coding line after line may be tedious for any programmer and probabilities are that the programmer in question might also additionally neglect a bracket or get the spacing wrong – however, such small mistakes can bring about syntax mistakes which in turn can motivate your internet site to expand issues.

This is why it's essential that you double test your coding to ensure that the syntax is correct. This might also sound a tad overwhelming, particularly if you are growing loads of strains of codes.In such cases, it's continually a great concept to expose syntax highlighting inside WordPress textual content editor as that will let you spot your mistakes on time so you can edit them identical out. The manner is easily sufficient and without difficulty implemented, study directly to recognize more.


The reality is that WordPress comes with an HTML text editor however it no longer includes syntax highlighting, in different words, in case you are going to code in HTML and need syntax highlighting.You would need to upload in a syntax highlighting text editor to spotlight the respective codes so you no longer leave any open tags or make easy errors that could cause mistakes that could carry down your website, mainly due to a lack of potential customers and leads.This is why you must use the proper plugin to focus on your codes to easily prevent errors.

Adding The Plugin

Just log into the admin place of your website, head over to plugins, and click on ‘upload new’. Now click on the empty field and sort in the call of your selected plugin.

There are some plugins that you may need to try out which include “Developer formatter”, “FV code highlighter” as well as “WP-SynHighlight”. All of those are similarly correct and must assist to spotlight the syntax and in the process, permit you to keep away from simple syntax error issues.For example, Developer Formatter is primarily based on the GeSHi engine and helps over a hundred languages. Whereas FV Highlighter helps simplest the generally used languages which include HTML, PHP, and XML.WP-syntax highlighting text editor sticks out from the rest because it comes full of the capability to spotlight the codes in real-time, as you kind them out. Just click on seek plugins and install them only which you need, on your website.


Once you have selected the plugin, all you want to do is to click on “install”, affirm through clicking on “Ok” and set off the plugin in question. Now, you have to be capable of getting all of your syntax highlighted with no hassle.


Now you could scroll down the listing of hooked up plugins, pick out the one which you have simply hooked up and head over to the settings web page of the plugin so you can personalize it as consistent with your preference.If you no longer see this menu below the settings tab, it could be positioned below a distinct tab, so make certain which you test them out. Once you've got your plugin configured, you have to be capable of using the same easily.All you need to do is to go back on your admin dashboard, click on new posts and begin coding to look at the syntax highlighter in action.


If your internet site is hosted on, then you do now no longer want to download and install any syntax highlighter plugin however rather you could spotlight the syntax on your post.This may be pretty beneficial particularly in case you are teaching beginners on the way to code in HTML. Please keep in mind that no longer highlights the syntax in your HTML editor on its own.

Additional Tip:

A few syntax plugins frequently highlight syntax while you upload content material with the code. In other words, those plugins might not work while you upload the code alone, the use of the HTML editor is why it is a great concept to create content material with the code.Given this, you would need to test out every highlighter plugin and verify that it is the proper match for you.Here are a number of the top five syntax highlighter plugins that are pretty famous given their capability and the reality that all of them help more than one language.

  • Crayon Syntax Highlighter

This might be one of the excellent syntax highlighters that you could search out today. It is pretty famous because it helps with more than one language, theme, and font.This WordPress plugin may be without problems established right away at all, and what’s extra, it additionally comes with an incorporated theme editor as nicely. It additionally functions to stay preview in settings as nicely, that's why it tends to face nicely above maximum different syntax highlighters.

  • Enlighter – Customizable Syntax Highlighter:

This is an easy-to-apply and customizable syntax highlighter that you could use to focus on the syntax for your HTML editor.What’s extra, you could use this plugin to bind your code with quick codes, and extra importantly, it helps the creation of tab panes, to show the various code organizations to your easy convenience.

  • WP-Syntax:

This is some other WordPress plugin that gives you a smooth manner to focus on your code. It helps an extensive variety of languages and runs on GeSHi; furthermore, it helps to highlight without or with line numbers and keeps formatting while copying snippets of code online.

  • Syntax Highlighter Evolved:

This is but some other famous highlighter evolved with the aid of using Automatic. With this plugin, you need to be capable of effortlessly spotting the code's ease, and it helps a couple of languages as well.

  • IG – Syntax Highlighter:

This highlighter lets you duplicate code out of your textual content editor and lets you submit the same on your website, at the same time as retaining the coloring and the formatting of the code. You simply want to duplicate and paste the code out of your code editor and that’s it, the plugin looks after the rest. The above steps need to inform you how to reveal syntax highlighting in the textual content editor in WordPress; the truth is that WordPress comes with superior capability and also you need to be capable of setting up and prompt the specified syntax highlighter plugins with ease, to your Free WordPress Themes website.

When Needing A Syntax Highlighting Text Editor Is Used?

The most honest answer to this query is, ‘always.’ Generally, a syntax highlighter is a brilliant device for any developer who feels it is probably high-quality to have the top-notch capability of a fully-fledged textual content editor inside the standard WordPress editor. Besides, the advantages of the usage of the right syntax highlighter can’t be ignored.

Choosing A Syntax Highlighting Text Editor

Whether you prefer to use WordPress web website hosting or not, you ought to make certain that your internet site has the proper code. Generally, the code displayed on diverse WordPress websites isn’t something new. Thus, there are numerous syntax highlighter equipment or plugins you could pick out from. A large wide variety of that equipment is discovered within the WordPress plugin directory. Keep in mind that it's vital to pick out the proper device that fits your syntax highlighting needs.

Note that every choice has a unique motive and a unique capability too. So you have to do a little research to perceive the handiest WordPress TextEdit syntax highlighting device on your internet site. For instance, a few applications require a plugin that incorporates a theme editor. Besides, it's miles beneficial to head for a device that helps you to carry out per-code field changes. Don’t be amazed that a few programmers choose only a common syntax highlighter. Well, the solutions to the questions and issues can provide you insights into the proper device. Besides, studies will offer you in-intensity records about the tools and assist you to perceive the maximum green plugin on your site.

Final Thoughts

An extra-large range of textual content editors with the syntax highlighting characteristic allows the usage of various colors and textual content styles in dozens of various numerous lexical sub-elements of a given TextEdit syntax highlighting. These may also consist of comments, keywords, variables, control-flow statements, and different comparable factors. As cited earlier, the usage of syntax highlighting text editor improves the clarity and the general user experience related to a sure website.

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