Different Simple Ways Of Using WordPress For Your Website!

Managing WordPress website isn’t as easy as you might think. It requires technical loot out with artistic touch. And that’s everyday! In this journey you have to use WordPress  to its best.

To use WordPress for betterment of your website, you should first know the many ways of it. There are several different and simple ways that you can use a WordPress themes. They are things you do regularly. But here you will know how to use them more effectively.

Here we have summarized few elements that you usually work on. We have explained how you can use them more efficiently and get the desired results. Let’s roll!

1. Sidebars:-

As you may know, WordPress has the absolute power to create amazingly functioning website. It has tools which can help you do anything you want with the website. One of the essential parts of a website is sidebar. Almost every website has sidebars.

You can use WordPress to add a little bit of a spice in it. You can pare down your sidebar for absolute essentials. It may seem a bit odd as most of the website use sidebars to show off fan base. They stuff these sidebars with Facebook fans, links to social media posts, social media icons and ads.

These make the sidebar look crowded and unattractive. The purpose of sidebars is to direct the viewers to useful information. They are supposed to be used for redirecting users to relatable blogs of your site. If you are running an ecommerce website then the sidebars can show best offers you got on different products.

Along with the sidebar, the widgets on the website should serve your some benefits. They should at least connect you to people or help you make money. If they aren’t doing anything like that you must get rid of them. Your website shouldn’t have anything meaningless.

2. Images:-

The imagery in your website helps in making it look attractive and organized. You can use premium WordPress themes to put the images to work efficiently. The images keep viewers engaged in the content. They serve a major role in SEO ranks.

But the images can be used more efficiently. You can add keywords in the images in titles and alternate text fields anytime an image is uploaded to your website. When the image is uploaded on the website, you need to know few things.

A title tag can be added to that image. This will help in adding text on an image. Another type is adding alternate text tag. If the image is somehow unavailable for users, they will see this text. Either way the message reaches them loud and clear.

Add images that make sense. The images that are irrelevant to your business are useless. Use the text that can be used as a guidance for viewers. Make sure that the alternate text correlates with the actual image.

3. Keywords:-

Along with the images and sidebars, keywords has a vital role in increasing your website’s reach globally. The keywords work directly with the SEO rank of website. You must be aware of how it works!

The website must contain keywords. These keywords are the most searched phrases on browsers. If your website includes such keywords it will appear in the top suggestions by browsers. Which will get you more viewers, which eventually result in better SEO rank.

The SEO rank is Search Engine Optimization rank. This goes in circle. But you can’t just put the keywords anywhere you want. You can’t repeat them in every sentence. It will make the content on your website boring. You have to use these keywords in such a way that readers wouldn’t even realize.

You can use WordPress keywords so intelligently that it will create better SEO rank for you and maintain it. Writing a content with such keywords is not that hard and not that easy as well. That’s why all the companies and organizations hire people for it.

You can use in-built WordPress permalinks to make them effective. You have to focus on creating compact permalinks that will make the search engines aware of your website content.

You have to use WordPress  to deliver a better user experience. An easy search through library can make it happen. Your website has a lot of files and folders. All of them are important and will need to look into some time or the other.

If all these files and folders are scattered in your website it would be impossible to find specific ones in less time. That’s why it is suggested that you organize an integrated folder where you can put all these files and folders.

This will make it easy for visitor or web users to navigate through your website. They just have to search for a relevant keyword on the search bar. It will take them to the designated file or folder.

You can organize your WordPress website to put all the folders at one place. Which will take less time for your own website to load the pages. It will enhance the user experience and viewership. Also, have a look at Gutenberg vs page builders by VWTHEMES.

5. Title And Descriptions:-

Lastly, you can use the targeted title and description to maximize the impact. The title and descriptions are the most important elements of a WordPress website page. When you try to post some of your blog’s link on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, they will ask you for title and description.

It is because these title and descriptions will appear over the link of the page. It will specify to viewers what the link is about. Not only that, when your website link appears in top suggestions it will need title and description for the viewers.

So, for every blog post and social media post you have to create a meaningful title and description. You have to make sure to include keyword in it.

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