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WordPress specialists and WP theme developers are now focusing on the education and learning spectrum. As most of the schools and education institutions are looking to go online and establish an e-learning system that may also help them to manage their school, the developers are working hard to bring School Management WordPress Themes that will match all the needs and requirements of the education industry.

To bring the workload of managing schools to a minimum, they try to bring themes that will give you a modern school management system having important tools. These tools are going to be really helpful for the effective and organized functioning of your school. These systems include every stage of work management right from enrolling your students to form registration, scheduling, grade cards, and exams scheduling, parents and teachers hassle-free communications, teachers and students interactions, and a lot more.

VWThemes presents you with amazing School Management System WordPress Themes that provide you with infinite possibilities as well as a reliable functional base. These creative WordPress themes are suitable for different groups such as students, tutors, teachers, school management authorities, and more. Explore the boundless capacities and establish a great online management system for your school by using these amazing WP themes.

Education WordPress Theme

Educational websites need to be informative, user-friendly, and at the same time engaging also. If you are running an educational institution and looking to create a website then you must try our Education WordPress Theme. Whether it is schools, colleges, coaching centers, or online teaching; with this theme, you are always going to find a way to create astonishing websites that are well-focused on learning and imparting education. This responsive theme comes with a sound layout built to show your educational institute and has pre-built content spaces and CTAs helping the visitors to explore more about you. If you want to enroll yourself in any program, you can use the contact form and newsletter for further inquiry.

Multipurpose WordPress Theme

As the name suggests, this Multipurpose WordPress Theme not only caters to the diverse needs of schools and online learning systems but also to the various business classes. It is very simple to get started with and hardly needs any programming skills for creating a website. With its compatibility with any third-party plugins, you will hardly need to add new codes to obtain the desired functionality as you can make use of the relevant plugins. The clean layout of this theme makes it possible for you to use it for simplified online education and learning. Customizing this theme is a walk in the park since you will never have to touch codes.

Academic WordPress Theme

The name ‘Academics’ sounds a bit boring and if you are into some business that deals with education and academics, it is a must for you to bring some newness and interesting thing on the table for people to take interest in your website. For creating such interesting websites, we have this Academic WordPress Theme. Though this theme has some really amazing components included for your website, you can still modify it and make it ideal for running a school management system. That is what, there is no wonder this theme can be found in the list of School Management System WordPress Themes.

Along with the Academic culture, you can give more support to the sports Department and our Top Wrestling WordPress Themes is just perfect for that. If you want your wrestling and athletics-related business to go online and reach the highest peak of success then Top Wrestling WordPress Themes are for you. May it be yoga, fitness, sports, or even trainer themes, with the best features you could create a powerful website and achieve great success.

School WordPress Theme

Many schools are bringing something new to the table to entertain and make students interested in learning. At the same time, they are adopting new learning methods such as online learning as well as online management for smooth and easy functioning. This School WordPress Theme has been designed with the idea to create an alluring and functional website for schools and colleges and help them set an easy online management system that will help students as well as teachers to get easy access to learning. There are various options such as online enrollment, activities, events, etc. that will help students to know about the schedule, and if you want you can also start maintaining the records of students by using relevant plugins.

Laboratory WordPress Theme

For any research laboratory and path lab, it is not only important to spread the word about your research lab but also to maintain the data of researches and reports. This Laboratory WordPress Theme is designed with the purpose to provide a complete package for labs and research centers. Show the various facilities that you have in your lab on the full-width slider through images and interesting short text. With the advanced theme options available, there is no need to look for something extra and even if you want to add some extra features, you can always take the help of the plugins and avoid the coding part totally.

Library WordPress Theme

This premium Library WordPress Theme brings a wonderful design that will let you create a highly appealing and interesting website for your library and book house. Though the design and imagery are a perfect fit for libraries, with its easy customization options, you will be able to make the desired changes to make it suitable for any education-related site. Simple menus of this theme are accompanied by easy and quick navigation. Sticky menus help with the navigation options and when your audience to explore through the website, they can easily go from one page to another one. It gives you all the elements to get started.

Coaching WordPress Theme

For those who are looking to adopt modern coaching methods that include online teaching and learning, there is no better option than Coaching WordPress Theme. This theme has been designed to bring an entire focus on the prime features that deal with imparting knowledge and learning in an easy and modified way. If you are offering coaching services as an individual and want to start delivering online lectures as well as set an online student enrolment portal then this theme is a better option. If you want, you can also start selling the course material PDFs online as this theme supports Woocommerce for making online sales.

Learning WordPress Theme

Created with online learning platforms in mind, this Learning WordPress Theme takes all the hard work away that was previously needed for creating interactive learning websites. This is so because it brings a ready-made layout for you using which, you can create outstanding websites in no time. It has an intuitive slider and a top-class homepage that fantastically delivers all the information at a glance. Apart from being professional, this Education WordPress Templates makes you stand apart from hundreds of online learning websites around. The theme also includes SEO-optimized codes meaning that you will never struggle for obtaining good ranks in search engine results in order to get noticed.

Literacy Program WordPress Theme

Online Coach WordPress Theme

For online coaches and vocational establishments as well as tutors, it is nowadays mandatory to get an online coaching platform for imparting quality coaching in a modern and organized way. Their coaching needs to reach out to the masses as well and for that this Online Coach WordPress Theme is very well designed. The inspiring texts placed on the slider encourage the target audience to learn from a coaching expert like you. Besides that, you also need to assure that e-learning websites should never look boring. With all such things taken into consideration, developers have created this amazing theme that not only gives interactive learning options but also consists of stunning CSS animations.

Online Tutor WordPress Theme

For tutors who are pro in a subject or have a command on any topic, can start delivering their lectures online through the medium of their website. And to do that, Online Tutor WordPress Theme provides you with plenty of options. Easy learning options are what the learners expect from any website. Keeping this in mind, developers have made all the arrangements and have placed the desired elements and Call To Actions (CTA) buttons that will prompt the users. For your convenience, there are plenty of shortcodes included. These shortcodes you can use to add content fields as well as contact forms to your site. Social media options are immensely useful for promoting your content as well.


WordPress Theme Bundle

In the WordPress theme bundle by VWThemes, you will get all the themes using which you can realize any of the purposes. It also contains many themes related to education that can also be used as a school management system WordPress themes.  With VWThemes, you can be assured of quality themes at the best prices.  If you face any issue, fixing it is completely on us as we provide you 24/7 support.


To establish a website that also serves the purpose of the school management system, VWThemes presents you with School Management System WordPress Themes. All our themes are fully compatible and are built to work with all the latest WordPress versions and stick to the standards issued by WordPress. With a conducive and suitable layout for representing schools and colleges, you will find the default design bang on. And if not, there is always a scope to personalize.

We understand that no school needs are the same. So we have designed such themes that not only have basic functionality included but can be customized depending upon what your website’s needs are. If you want to add more features and functionality, there is always a scope thanks to the plugin compatibility of this theme. If you have any further questions, we are here to help.

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