Rich Content And Rich Snippets For Richer SEO!

The only purpose of having a website is to reach more people. That’s why every website has attractive imagery and content. It’s all to make the viewers stay for long and buy what you are selling. In this process rich content and rich snippets play an important role.

You must know about why they are so important. You are aware of the concept of SEO. If you are opening a website, you must know about the chronology of SEO. To improve your SEO, rich content and rich snippets help.

Now, first we will see what makes a content and a snippet so rich!

Rich Content

A content becomes rich when you make it look simple and easily understandable. For this you can work on your writing skills. You can also add some graphics or video or images to convey more in less time. Adding multimedia will make your content attractive and catchy.

You can add quotes, surveys, pie charts, tutorial video or just an animated image. This will make easier for the viewer to understand what the blog is about.

According to recent research, the concentration rate of people on screen is for 40 seconds. If you can’t impress them in 40 seconds, they will get bored and switch. To make them stay for long time you have to make the content crispy. You don’t just need to educate people but entertain them as well.

That’s why a rich content needs to have some funny, entertaining and eye catching elements. You can highlight the main points to catch their attention. If they don’t have time to read the complete article, they will at least get the gist of the content by the highlighted points.

Having a rich content will definitely help you get more views, comments and shares as well!

Rich Snippets

To know what a rich snippet is, you first need to know what a snippet is! Snippet is a small text that appears in the search results. The snippet has a small one liner about the blog. This gives the viewer an idea about the content. It makes them sure that the blog has the information they are looking for.

People always search in keywords. While operating Google you must have noticed that it highlights the keyword present in the blog description. Now this description that appears just below the headline of the blog, is snippet!

It must look small to you, but has more impact than the content itself. It’s like the jingle for advertisement. The jingle has to be attractive and catchy to make them stay and watch the advertisement. Just like that, a rich snippet attracts people to read the complete blog.

Rich snippets are for catching the eyes of the viewers. They are like banners to invite people in. That’s the first reason to have a rich snippet. Secondly, a rich snippet this way will improve the SEO of your website. Which will eventually result in good search engine rank.

Make Sure To Use Proper Keywords In The Snippets To Have More Views.

Types of Rich Content

1. Blogs

Websites always have a section for blogs. The blogs are one of the prominent way to promote your work. That’s why they hire professional content writers. Now the blogs provide detailed information about the products or service you are providing. This way, people can get broader view of what you are doing.

The blogs have some links mentioned in them that will redirect the viewers to pages you want them to visit. The blogs have functions like comment, like and share. This will give you direct idea about their response. With social media integration, the viewers can share them on their accounts if they really like the content. This will get you more views and more SEO.

This is one of the benefits of having rich content!

2. Video

According to the research done by Cisco, you will get 80% of the traffic by using videos in the content. Videos have more reach. They are easy to share on social media. People watch videos over and over again if they really like them. They share to multiple people which can lead to mouth publicity. This will help you in getting not only online attention but offline as well!

3. Podcasts

Just like videos, now days podcasts are gaining more and more attention. People have podcasts about almost everything. It’s like listening to radio show without interruption of advertisements. You can put earphones and do other work while listening.

That’s why people are preferring podcasts over reading and even watching. It’s also helpful for the visually disabled people. By including podcasts or audio clips to your website, you can attract more attention and make them stay. Not just stay but come back if they really like it.

4. Animations  

Animated infographics hold the power of intimidation. They give more information in less space and time. They are attractive, comprehensible and easy to understand. They can give the gist of an entire 2000 words blog.

By using these infographics you will make an impact on the viewers. The image of an infographic will be printed in their minds. This will make your content richer.

Plugins For Rich Snippets!

1. Schema

It is a free plugin for rich snippets. The plugin has more than 11k downloads in whole world. This plugin will help you in adding author name, images and ratings in the snippet.

This plugin also has more than 33 marking options. It is supportive with the AMP.

2. Rank Math

This plugin has a feature of adding rich snippets and enhance the SEO of the blog. It has options for optimization as well!

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