6 Best Vintage And Retro Style WordPress Themes by VW Themes



If you're looking to create a website with a retro design, These themes have everything you need. By installing a retro style WordPress theme, you'll gain access to a collection of stylish and modern templates with a vintage design. 

This selection of retro style WordPress themes caters to a wide range of purposes, including blogs, writers, publishers, online portfolios, business sites, and eCommerce stores. 

You'll find a suitable option at VWthemes. The best part is that you can customize these themes to match your branding and personality. Each retro style WordPress theme comes with at least one pre-built website demo, so there are plenty of options.

What Is A Retro Style WordPress Theme?

Vintage and retro style themes feature muted color schemes, classic fonts, and old-fashioned designs. These themes aim to capture a nostalgic and timeless feel, using faded images and simple layouts. Overall, retro-style WordPress themes evoke a sense of the past and create a charming aesthetic.

Best Retro Style WordPress Themes

1. Novelist WordPress Theme

Novelist WordPress Theme is one of the best retro style WordPress themes by VWthemes and is suitable for writers who want to showcase their work. The Novelist WordPress Theme has a modern and lightweight design with great typography to highlight your written work. This premium theme offers many helpful features that help your business stand out from the rest. It is a beginner-friendly theme that lets you build a website without code.

Moreover, it includes an attractive slider that displays your content. The layout styles are beautiful and highlight your content. You can also choose the font that complements your writing style. The WP Novelist WordPress theme has animations and scrolling effects that enhance the visual appeal of your content. You also get a separate content space to introduce yourself as a writer. Overall, this retro style WordPress theme ensures that your content is always presented in the most presentable manner.


  • SEO: Rank your website higher on search engines.
  • Customer Care: 24/7 customer care support is available.
  • WooCommerce Compatible: Transform your website into an online store.

2. WordPress Themes For Writers

WordPress Themes For Writers is suitable for writers, authors, journalists, editors, and anyone interested in the literary world who wants to start blogging without worrying about the responsibilities of maintaining a website. The theme can also be used by online bookstores, eBook portals, bookshops, publishers, and stores that sell online movies, music, and video games. It is cross-browser compatible, which allows your website to appear on many popular browsers. Apart from the default fonts, WordPress Themes for Writers combine Google fonts to customize your website's appearance.

It features an elegant design with a strong foundation, and its typography is given special attention to enhance readability, an essential aspect of a writer's theme. Despite being a premium theme with bundled plugins, it loads quickly, enhancing the user experience. WordPress Themes for Writers provides ample space to keep the focus on content, making it a versatile option for various purposes. Increase your website's social media presence by adding social media profiles to the website.


  • Social Media Feature: Allows you to add social media profiles to your website.
  • Responsive Design: Let your website appear beautifully on any device.
  • Blog Post Section: Showcase your blog beautifully.

3. Artist WordPress Theme


Artist WordPress Theme is a minimalist WordPress theme suitable for artists and painters. It includes a variety of templates and pre-built pages to create a portfolio or website for showcasing artwork. Artist WordPress Theme has a modern and professional design that looks great and works well. The code is free of bugs and loads quickly. The color combination is gorgeous and perfect for displaying artistic work. This theme is a good tool for art bloggers to start a blog and share their thoughts on painting, drawing, etc.

You can make your website accessible in multiple languages with WPML support and translation features. Advanced microformats for SEO can boost your website's ranking. The social integration feature allows you to link your social media accounts to your website and enhance your brand exposure. Overall, Artist WordPress Theme is the best retro style WordPress theme. If you are an average nerd and looking for a simple WordPress theme, don't hesitate to choose it. Just go for it, and you will be satisfied.


  • Cost: It comes in an affordable package.
  • One-Click Demo Importer: Build a website within a few minutes.
  • Testimonial Section: Add your happy customer testimonial.

4. Dark WordPress Theme

Dark WordPress Theme has a minimalistic design and dark color palette, making it ideal for portfolio and photography websites. The homepage showcases your business's unique selling points and portfolio items with clear and crisp images displayed by a full-width slider. The theme features innovative CSS animation effects that enhance the dark and light combination, setting it apart from others.

The WP Dark WordPress Theme also has a drag-and-drop page-building tool that makes page creation effortless. This makes the theme an ideal choice for those who frequently change their site's appearance. This WP Dark WordPress Theme is user-friendly and comes with detailed documentation that provides clear instructions and screenshots. It's easy to understand and follow, making it easier for users to navigate and utilize its features.


  • WooCommerce Compatible: Create an eCommerce website within a few minutes.
  • Simple Menu Option: Navigation of the content becomes easy.
  • Pagination Option: Break the content into small pieces.

5. Islamic Center WordPress Theme

Islamic Center WordPress Theme is another popular retro style WordPress theme suitable for Mosques, Islamic centers, and non-profit Islamic organizations. With its easy-to-use interface, you can manage your website easily. You can customize the WordPress theme using the live theme customizer, and the drag-and-drop page builder tool lets you easily add or change content without needing to know how to code. This theme has a user-friendly menu and navigation that can keep visitors engaged. You'll find a variety of demo content to explore.

A blog post section, upcoming events, and a newsletter section are included in the theme. It's user-friendly and doesn't require coding skills. And so anyone can create a personalized website without the help of a professional web developer.

Islamic Center WordPress Theme has built-in support for the WooCommerce plugin, which enables you to create an appealing online store from scratch. With this retro-style WordPress theme, you can easily showcase and sell your vintage products.


  • Responsive Design: Allows your website to appear beautifully on any device.
  • One Click Demo Importer: Build a website within a few minutes.
  • Elemento Compatible: Edit and create web pages (no need to code.)

6. Missionary WordPress Theme

Missionary WordPress Theme is another popular freemium-level retro style WordPress theme by VWthemes. Missionary WordPress Theme makes it easy for you to create a website that meets your needs. With its helpful functionalities, tools, and elements, you can now create a fully functional website without hassle and hassle.

Missionary WordPress Theme allows you to showcase your church's work, sermons, and religious events online, including upcoming events organized by your missionary society. It included SEO-optimized codes that help your website rank higher in search engines, attracting more organic traffic and promoting your work even further.

VWthemes Missionary WordPress Theme is everything you need to create a beautiful and functional website that represents your church and missionary society online. 

On top of that, Woocommerce integration is the plus point of this WP Missionary WordPress Theme since it enables accepting online donations.


  • Social Media Feature: Add social media profiles to your website.
  • Our Team Section: Add your team information.


We've looked at some of the top retro style WordPress themes from VWthemes that cater to a wide range of needs, such as blogs, businesses, and online stores. These themes offer a mix of vintage charm and modern features that allow you to personalize your website. 

Each WordPress theme from VWthemes has unique qualities that cater to different needs, such as showcasing artwork or creating an online presence for non-profit organizations. 

With these premium WordPress themes, both beginners and seasoned web designers can effortlessly create a standout website that harmoniously marries nostalgia with cutting-edge functionality. Elevate your online presence with VWthemes' premium WordPress themes today.

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