Multilanguage Translator And Its Multiple Benefits

There are more than 200 languages in the world. In India itself there are several different languages. To make your business reach national or international level you have to have Multilanguage translator in your website.

Your WordPress website has to be multilingual in order to have high SEO ranking. But to make your website multilingual you need a tool. Of course that tool is plugin. But just installing plugin isn’t enough. You have to make all the settings in it.

We have a recommendation for you. Use Convey This Translate plugin for your WordPress website. This plugin is very useful for your website. Try WordPress Themes from VWthemes to create an amazing website with all the features.

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Why To Use Convey This Translate For Multilanguage Translator?

1. Easy Usage:-

This plugin is mostly known for its splendid results. It makes the conversation between you and user more convenient. To use this WordPress plugin, you don’t need to have any web development knowledge.

So to get this plugin, navigate to admin dashboard. Select Plugin and click on add plugin. There on the search bar you need to type the plugin name ‘Convey this translate’. After this the plugin appears on the window. Click on download, then install and then activate it.

After activating the plugin, in the configuration you will have to put the API key. Then select the source language and target language of the site. The source language is your website’s language and target language is your target audience’s language. You can add multiple languages here.

Then click on set up site and start translating. The default language switcher will appear on the right corner. But it’s appearance has to change. The plugin has the settings that allows you to place the switcher wherever you want and however you please.

Let’s see how to do it. This setting helps in maintaining other pop-ups in your website. For this go to plugin configuration and select ‘show more options’. There you will see all the customization options for it. Make the changes you want and hit save changes.

Here you will find another option to choose different flags for the switcher. The switcher shows 5 languages with their native country flags. But in case of English, it can be applicable for more than one country flag. There are other languages like this too.

That’s why customization has paired several languages with the flags. To change it click on Change language flag. The users will have an option for automatic translation available on the page.

Its totally up to you if you want to use this in your website. It’s not like the automatic translation serves inaccurate translation. But it is advised to use it as an initial translation. It would save you a lot of time and money. Our Premium WordPress Themes will let you personalize your website the way you want.

2. Translation Interface:-

This convey this Translation Multilanguage translator comes with easy interface. The plugin automatically translates the first page. After this you can go to your account and click on My Translation. Here you can edit your translation.

There click on specific domain name. The list of translated pages will appear on the window. These are the translated pages on your website. This window will contain a lot features.

You will be able to delete certain page if its not showing satisfactory results. You have the option to track it directly on the page by using Page View column. When you delete certain page, the limit of your translated words exceeds.

Here you can view the update of main page on your dashboard of your account. You will also have the language filter. If you have more than one target language along with too many pages to translate, its going to have a lot of data.

The language filter helps you to navigate through this data. First you need to filter the language you want to work. Then you need to pick up particular page. Due to user friendly interface of the plugin it won’t be a problem to find page.

You can sort these pages with alphabets or set them according top priority. For this click on specific link and click on edit page. All the text is divided into segments to make it easier to work on them.

The right column has source text and left hand version has machine translation. You can search the required text from search bar. After spotting the required text click on it and change the existing translation to preferred translation. Then click on save.

The changed translation will be visible on the window. You can also switch the tabs to Meta Text and Attributes. Your data is totally safe with this plugin.

You just need to give access to account to whoever handling the translation of your website. This plugin also has in-built support of professional linguists.

3. SEO:-

This Convey This Translation plugin has SEO optimization as well. It gives you high quality multilingual content to boost your search engine ranks. Multilanguage translator gives you better SEO optimization.

The international SEO is not that easy to gain and maintain. This Multilanguage translator will definitely give you a doorway to at least start with a blast. This plugin will do the most and hectic job for you in few minutes with minimal settings.

It will translate your entire website in Multilanguage and create separate URLs for it. Along with the necessary attributes. Because of all this Google and other search engines will be able to index all your translated pages and rank them accordingly.  

4. Price:-

The convey this translation plugin has different price plans according to your need. You will have to pay for the plan you choose, but the additional features will come for free.

The plugin has SAaS billing system. Here you are paying for your translated pages and words views. If you want more benefits, you can pay more and get it. You can register free without any credit card. For some advanced plans they offer money back guarantee. They also offer 50% summer discount.

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