Simple Steps To Move Your Site From Joomla To WordPress

Undoubtedly Joomla is an amazing Content Management System (CMS) but WordPress is friendlier and gives a home like experience to its users. If you own your website on Joomla and want to migrate the website to WordPress, then you have to follow few simple steps to do this easiest task. So move your site from Joomla to WordPress and enjoy the benefits of this user-friendly platform. Then set the WordPress Themes for the website.

Joomla is not as powerful, flexible and convenient as WordPress. This is the reason why users switch to WordPress. They both are open source software and both have same programming language. So switching won’t create any problem and things happen smoothly.

However, Joomla is complicated to use and it has fewer extensions and designs for its users. On contrary, WordPress is easier to use and it has a plethora of extensions and designs.

This process of migrating your website from one platform to another, often takes time and it can be challenging too. But thankfully, here we have easy-to-use plugins to perform this task and you are all sorted without taking any pain. Choose an enormous theme from the huge collection of WordPress and set it. There are many Free and Premium WordPress Themes available for the users. You can choose the theme as per your requirement.

Before Migration Step

Before you start this process and migrate your website from Joomla to WordPress, you need to make sure that you have a good hosting and a domain. The same domain and hosting you can use on WordPress. If you want to go for some other service provider, then you can choose your desired provider for WordPress. You do all the required documentation with WordPress before taking this jump and moving your website.

How To Move Your Site From Joomla To WordPress?

Albeit, it is quite an easy task to shift your website from Joomla to WordPress and normally people don’t face any major issue. But even if you are facing any trouble then install FG Joomla to WordPress plugin and it will sort the problem.

Install The Plugin To Migrate The Website

WordPress is popular for its quick installation. Many companies automatically install and do entire process for you. You can also find 1 click installer to install the things. You can choose the plugin to perform the entire process in no time. You only have to install this plugin and activate it. This entire process is easy and quite simple for everyone. Everything happens on screen and you only have to follow the instructions. It’s just that you have to keep open both the dashboards while performing this activity.

Locate The Joomla Database

Go to Joomla back-end and enter into global configuration. From there you will enter into database settings. The all Joomla database information you will need for WordPress. So keep handy these information with you. Have a look at the best woocommerce Payment Gateways For WordPress.

Migrate The Content From Joomla To WordPress

Go to tools and select the import options. Since you’ve installed the plugin, so you will notice its button there. This will help you to move your content now. Click on Run Importer to start the process.

Immediately after this, you will get an empty WordPress content option. It will remove all your content from this platform including posts, pages, media files and other things. You can take the backup before starting this process, if you want to keep the data safer somewhere. Remove all the WordPress content.

Removal process takes some time and then WordPress database section will show zero data. Move these Joomla parameters to respective fields. You only have to copy and paste these details from Joomla to WordPress. After filling all the details try setting out the post and media.

Once you are done with all this, then hit save settings and then start importing. Now let plugin work and you relax. The magic will happen in few minutes, when you will see a success message. Yes! Your website has successfully shifted.

After Installation Steps

After you move your site from Joomla to WordPress, you need to do some changes and customizations to start with. Click on ‘modify internal links’ to modify the links on your posts and pages as per the WordPress instructions and do customization, if required. Customization and updates are on you, keep changing and growing. Your website is on WordPress now.

Your old Joomla URL will now change as you’ve switched to WordPress. This means your visitors will now get a 404 error when they will try to search your page. To fix this problem, you need to set the permalinks to redirect your users to your new URL.

You can also install essential plugins from WordPress to make your website interactive and attractive. These plugins add features to your website. The plugins are for backup, security, caches and many more other things. Plugins are also free and paid, you can install the intended plugin for your website.

Once all settings are done and then you can start trying your hands on WordPress site and start creating new posts.

Migrating from Joomla to WordPress is a hassle-free work due to the convenient plugin. So if you have domain and you’ve bought the WordPress web hosting then you are good to move your site from Joomla to WordPress.

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