Installation Of Woocommerce Plugin For Your Professional Website


Building the Perfect Website with WordPress

We all love having dinners together. Starters, main-course and desert make our dinner complete. Just like that, having different templates, features and plugins make a website complete! You have to have all these things for better functioning for website. Having a well-functioning website can benefit your business a lot than you can think. It has the power to take on all your business digitally. From manufacturing to marketing your products to the entire world. You can do it all with a single website. But for that you need to have right plugins. That’s why installation of Woocommerce plugin in your Wordpress website is necessary.

Wordpress is like an oven where you can bake a perfect website. With all the Wordpress tools and ingredient you can create perfect website for you. Everyone knows Wordpress isn’t just blogging site. It’s one of the best platforms for website building. Before creating a website here, you need to know some basic things about Wordpress.

Understanding the Difference Between and Hosting

Wordpress has two hosts on which you have to build a website. and are the two hosts. gives you a ready-made Wordpress theme in which you just have to add content, but you won’t be having any authority over the function or the layout. In you will have to build a website starting from coding, but you will have complete authority over the looks and make it as you want. Here you will need the help of good Wordpress theme.

There are a lot of companies who provide premium Wordpress themes. There are many drag-and-drop Wordpress themes in the market where you don’t even have to code your website. The coding and programming would be done and you just have to add content in it. Wordpress itself provides some plugins for your website. You just need to install them and use. Woocommerce plugin is one of them. Installation of Woocommerce plugin is an easy task to perform.

Why Is the Woocommerce Plugin Must?

Installation of the Woocommerce plugin can help you with a great cause. Woocommerce is one of the most preferred plugins of all. It opens the doors for you to the infinite possibilities of the internet. With this plugin, you can create your digital mark for the world market to notice. This enables you to open your online store in no time. By installing the Woocommerce plugin you can sell your products on the digital market with safety. It takes care of the transactions made by you and the clients. Woocommerce plugin, as the name suggests, helps you in managing your Ecommerce! It keeps track of your daily transactional activity and reports you if a problem found. Installation of the Woocommerce plugin will make your website secure in all manners.


How To Install Woocommerce Plugin?

As mentioned above, WordPress provides all kinds of plugins that you might need. Woocommerce plugin is one of them. WordPress theme making companies like VWThemes provide Woocommerce plugin in the package. You just have to activate it from the dashboard. But if you are building the website by yourself or using a wordpress theme without Woocommerce, then you will have to install it. Don’t worry; it’s quite an easy process.

For a quick reference, you can watch our YouTube video:-

The video explains all about installation of Woocommerce plugin. In this blog you will get to know it with some details.

For installation of the Woocommerce plugin, first, go into the dashboard of WordPress. There the options bar will appear. In that options, the bar finds the tag for ‘Plugins’. Click on that tab and the page for plugins will appear on the window. Locate the search bar on that page and type ‘Woocommerce’.  After clicking on search the Woocommerce plugin will appear. The button for the installation of Woocommerce will be right beside the name of it. Click on install. After that, the Woocommerce setup wizard page will appear. There you need to fill out some information about you or your clients like address, city, and state’s name and pin code.  After filling in the necessary information click on the ‘let’s go’ button.

Then you will have to pay for the installation of the Woocommerce plugin. After clicking on let’s go the window for payments will appear. There select the way of payment like from debit card, credit card, internet banking, or for Indian citizens BHIM UPI. After selecting the medium of payment fill out the necessary details for the procedure. You can set the shipping price in the box given. Then click on continue. After that, the window for more features of the Woocommerce plugin will appear. You can select the one you want and click on continue. There you will see the option of installing the ‘Jetpack’ plugin. The information about it will be mentioned below the title. Install it if you want or click on the skip button.

Creating A Product Using Woocommerce Plugin

After installing the Woocommerce plugin you need to add a product to it. This product will appear on your website. After completing the process of installation the window for adding products will automatically appear. There select ‘Create a product’ and you will see the window for the details on your computer. There add some necessary information about the product like product name, description, and price. In adding price you will see two boxes with the regular price and selling price. Add the details as needed. Then on the right side, you will see the tab for ‘add image’.

Click on it and select one main image to appear for the product and click on the add button. Below the option, you will see a tab for ‘add product gallery image’. There select a few more photos of the product to appear on a little slider below the main image. It will give a proper view of the product to the buyers. Then above these tabs, there’s an option for ‘add new category’. Click on it and add the feature for adding a new product category. Then click on ‘publish’.

 To get a better view of the setting that you made click on ‘view product’. The webpage will appear showing the product that you added with the Woocommerce plugin. It’s that simple!       

Enhancing Your WordPress Website for Effective Marketing                                       

Websites made marketing easy with wide access to customers. But while creating this website with WordPress you need to be aware of the ways that you can improve the performance and sell. In this process, plugins help you out. With VWThemes you can install as many plugins as you want. But if you will install plugins that you won’t be using for a long time, then we suggest you don’t. Because the unused plugins will create an obstacle in the functioning of the website. To avoid that install the plugins you will actually use.

Woocommerce is the must-have plugin for any marketing site. This plugin helps you in opening the online store and makes the transactions safe and secure. This plugin will help you in stabilizing your work financially. At VWThemes, all the WordPress themes have this Woocommerce plugin already. So you don’t need to install it from another way. But there’s a process for how you can use Woocommerce to add a new product category.

First, go into VWplugins and in the plugin tab install the Woocommerce plugin. After that go to the dashboard where the Woocommerce product tab will be open. Then to add a product category go-to the products tab and add the name and description of the product. After that go into the product’s sub-tabs new product and add all the details about the product including the picture. You can add pictures from the media library. Then click on the publish button to save the product. Go to Appearance’s sub-tab customization and open the theme settings. Then go into our product section and choose the product category you created. Click on publish and the product category will appear on your professional website.


How To Deactivate Woocommerce Plugin?         

Deactivation of the Woocommerce plugin will be a regrettable mistake of your professional career. But due to some unavoidable reasons, if you have to deactivate it, the steps are simple. The sequence follows similar to the installation of the Woocommerce plugin.

First, go into the dashboard of your WordPress. There click on the Plugin tab. On the search bar type Woocommerce plugin. When the plugin will appear, you will find the option for deactivation right there. Click on the ‘deactivate’ tab and it will be done. This way the Woocommerce plugin will only be deactivated, not uninstalled. You can activate it whenever you want to follow the same sequence of actions.                         

Woocommerce plugin is very necessary for your website. Either you want to go professional with your passion,  or you want to take over the digital market; this plugin is very important. Having Woocommerce will benefit your profits. Just like Woocommerce, there are several other plugins that are necessary for your website. You can check the list online and add the ones you want. But adding too many plugins can make your website lag. You can easily install Woocommerce in our premium themes like grocery WordPress Theme.

Installation of the Woocommerce plugin is as easy as installing an app. Following these steps, you can do it easily!



In conclusion, the installation of the WooCommerce plugin is a pivotal step in enhancing your professional website's marketing capabilities. WooCommerce simplifies the process of creating an online store, securing transactions, and ensuring the financial stability of your business.

At VWThemes, we understand the significance of this plugin, which is why all our WordPress themes come with WooCommerce pre-installed. This feature is included in the comprehensive WP Theme Bundle, offering a valuable collection of premium themes designed to optimize your website's functionality and appearance. With WooCommerce and our themes, you're well-equipped to create a successful online presence and boost your marketing efforts, providing a seamless and secure shopping experience for your customers.

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