Best Instagram Shop Woocommerce Plugins for Your Website

Best Instagram Shop Woocommerce Plugins for Your Website


Are you running a woocommerce shop and looking for ways to expand it? Well, you have nothing but the best way to grow your shop well through Instagram. 

You must be aware that today, Instagram carries millions of users sharing their thoughts through posts and memes. But do you know its business feature is getting a wider spread? Yes, it is grabbing so many sellers out there posting their products and getting progressive benefits. However, WordPress does not support direct linking to the Instagram shop. But let me tell you, Instagram Shop Woocommerce Plugins is the right way to do this. 

Finding the right plugins has always been a misery that never gets easier. But finding the best Instagram Shop Plugins can be easier in this blog. 

Best Instagram Plugins to Connect Instagram and Woocommerce Shop 

Before starting the blog, if you are willing to connect your Instagram account to website, then you can go through our previous blog on how to connect instagram account to WordPress website.

1. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed 

The first consideration for Instagram Shop Woocommerce plugins lies in this Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed plugin. The tool carries approximately 1.4 million active users who are building their Instagram photo feeds creatively. It comes in its free and premium versions, each with its respective features to count. 

The Smash Balloon plugin is the ultimate plugin if you are looking for professional integration with Instagram and WooCommerce. It innovatively connects your Woocommerce shop to display Instagram photo feeds or multiple feeds. It even supports displaying feeds from multiple Instagram accounts in a single feed. The plugin proves completely responsive so that users can access it on mobiles too. Its customisation feature lets you innovate photo feeds with their sizes, widths, colours, and more variations. It even helps in arranging the photo feeds in chronological order or random ones. Not only this, the plugin integrates with various page builders, making it more useful. This in return saves much time, increases social engagements in their best form, and provides more benefits to catch. To know more about its features, you can get its premium version starting from $49 per year.

2. Spotlight Social Media Feeds 

Another stupendous plugin for Instagram has taken over 40000 brands with it. Today, almost every social creator has the Spotlight tool to enhance their Instagram photo feeds. Embedding innovative Instagram feeds on your woocommerce site is just a simple task with this. Also, you will find a complete set of templates to help you create feeds along with customization. 

Spotlight also comes with a freemium version with respective features to work with. The templates are designed in such a way that they easily blend with your site’s design. Also, you will find 20+ custom design options requiring no coding skills to add. Users with multiple Instagram accounts are even allowed to create a single feed. This Instagram Shop Woocommerce plugin even supports responsive design so that the feeds are easily accessible on every screen. The plugin adds a “Follow me on Instagram” button so that visitors looking to follow can easily find a way. The premium version comes with a lot more exciting features like Instagram link-in bios, hashtags, and more. 

3. Envira Photo Gallery 

Up next, we are introducing this must-have Envira Photo Gallery plugin meant to set up photo galleries for your site. Extending its functionality, its Instagram add-on helps in building innovative photo feeds that connect Woocommerce and Instagram. This Instagram Shop Woocommerce plugin is user-friendly and can be used by beginners too. Building advanced photo galleries is allowed with features like lightbox, pagination, albums, and more.

Customization is allowed so that users can experience some creative skills without any codes. The powerful drag-and-drop facility is opted to make customization simpler. Also, you will find layouts and templates attached, bringing you the most beautiful designs for photo feeds. The plugin is even configured well in terms of high performance and SEO standards. There is page builder integration with popular ones like Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, and more. For more in-depth features, you can opt for its premium version, starting at $26 per year.

4. Shoppable Social Media Galleries 

 Create and connect Instagram shoppable photo galleries using this brilliant Shoppable Social Media Galleries plugin. This plugin not only helps in building social media galleries but also connects them with your online store. The cost is free, so you do not need to pay for premium versions. It turns out the best when you need to add shoppable links for users to purchase from your site. 

It has been observed that Shoppable galleries boost conversions and sales for your online store in less time. Hence, over 70000 brands are collaborating with Shoppable, bringing their photo galleries connected with Instagram. The plugin allows placing Instagram feeds on any section of your site. Thus, conversions can be boosted from any part of your site. Apart from this, the plugin is completely free of charge and requires less time in configuring it. 


The right way to connect your Woocommerce shop with Instagram using plugin is here in this blog. There are the best Instagram Shop Woocommerce plugins bearing minimum effort to do this. These are the plugins through which you can present your store products in the form of Instagram posts easily.

It can’t be denied that plugins always make your work easier and faster when it comes to crucial functions. But finding the right ones is always a big thing when it comes to marketing your store. But we have got the best ones for you when it comes to connecting it with Instagram. This is the social media platform where beginners and existing ventures are shaking hands to boost sales and conversions. It is all about posting and sharing thoughts through innovation. This is what the plugins are made to help you innovate and present your store products to boost sales. 

Choosing the right plugin depends on your specific needs and budget. However, for a seamless user experience and stunning design, consider using our WP theme bundle alongside your chosen plugin. Our bundle offers a variety of themes specifically crafted for WooCommerce stores, ensuring your website complements your Instagram presence perfectly. With a beautiful and user-friendly website, you'll convert those clicks into loyal customers! Now, let's explore some of the best Instagram Shop plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How do I add a free Instagram plugin to WordPress? 

Well, to add any of the plugins on WordPress, the process is the same. You just need to follow up to the admin area and tap the Plugins tab. Then select Add New, and you can choose from thousands of plugins from the directory. Once found, tap Install and then the Activate button. 

How many followers are required to set up an Instagram shop? 

There is not an exact number to set up an Instagram shop. But the range should be above 10,000 followers so that more people should know about your store. 

Can anybody set up an Instagram shop? 

Yes, anybody can set up an Instagram shop. But it is needed; he/she must have an Instagram account and a supportive market. 

Is a website required for an Instagram shop? 

It is not necessary to have a website to start a Instagram Shop Woocommerce. You can easily post your shop products as standalone posts. But if you have a website, you can link your shop with Instagram posts that take users to the desired products. Creating a website is at your fingertips now. Just purchase any of the free or premium WordPress themes, customize it and then publish your site. It's that easy!

Does it require a trade license to sell on Instagram? 

No, it does not require any trade license to start selling on Instagram.

Which is the easiest way to embed Instagram on WordPress? 

The easiest way to embed Instagram on WordPress is to use the Instagram Feed plugin. 

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