How To Speed Up Your Shopify Website?

Hello folks, first of all kudos to you, today we’re going to know about Shopify & how to speed up your Shopify website.

Not going in brief about the shopify, in short shopify is a CMS to manage your complete shop online, here you can add your products & customer’s can buy your products via online store, review them & get a products delivered at their home as if your products are physical else you can sell your digital products.

Now coming to the site speed. Let me give you a fact “Well-known website like Google & Amazon also trying to increase their speed & optimizing even a millisecond”.



A Fast Loading Website Can Help Improve Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The simplest & clearest fact. You don’t need to make customer’s to wait to buy the product. Once a customer get fast loading website s/he will definitely love shopping at your site.

Why ? Because your website is completing his/her expectation as your high page speed & fast checkout process which don’t let the wait for long time.

Now if you’re Using Shopify as a CMS & creating a website.

What Are You Doing Initially ?

  • Adding the most elegant theme to enhance the customer UI (user Interface)
  • It will add extra CSS that can be optimized/unoptimized, bulky unused pages, Carousels, etc.
  • Creating a Product i.e adding images of products that could be heavy.
  • Adding your shop pages that describe’s a more about your shop.

If you own any Shopify site take a lookup at it before proceeding further here.

Boost Up Your Pages With AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

There is ratio that many shopify website buyer’s are shopping from mobile phone. In order to serve your contents better, you must use the mobile friendly environment for website. There are so many app’s in the shopify market you can check them out.

Reducing The HTTP Requests

Because these requests are performed over the HTTP port 80, which consumes a bit of time to render the website completely. We must change & fix those HTTP requests as early as possible. Whooops ! How will you know that your site’s requesting to the HTTP. Go to, & find out the list of requests that are made to HTTP.


Optimize Images

By default shopify converts your large sized image’s by changing the source image URL’s into the cdn links. Shopify has it’s own CDN. CDN – Content Delivery Network.

You might never gone through the overall shopify documentation, but shopify contains the own Content Delivery Network which allow’s shop admin to easily manage the files on website. Checkout the file’s management by the Shopify here.

Theme Selection

The most important & vigorous decision is to use the theme. You can eaily choose most elegant theme as shown in the marketplaces, but the whole fact is elegantness, enhancements with the higher speed rates. We at Vowelweb assure that our customer’s must get the worth of the money. As you’ve seen the above image which is analysis report of the google, & below is the image with analysis of our theme’s demo site. Check it out here.

This is how you can speed up your Shopify website. We are Shopify themes developers developing feature-rich, which will help you create awesome websites.

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