How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of WordPress Website

How to Reduce Bounce Rate of WordPress contributes to a flourishing WordPress site. If a large number of people are giving just a small glance at your website before closing it, that won’t do any good to you. No matter how many clicks your website gets, it’s adding to the bounce rate. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the ways to reduce the WordPress bounce rate. Along with this have a look at WordPress Templates By VW Themes.


When you take efforts to reduce the bounce rate, it will enhance the user experience by making them engaged on your website. In order to reduce the bounce rate, you need to boost the performance and structure of your website. These improvements will benefit you in the long run. Let’s bounce in this article. Also, check out mailchimp form action url By VW Themes.

What do we mean by bounce rates?

We call a bounce on your site when someone simply appears on it and goes away within seconds without interacting with the different parts of the site. For example, if the bounce rate of your site is 50%, it shows that 50% of all the visitors of your website are leaving it without making any actions on it. The best way to how to Reduce Bounce Rate WordPress is to improve the performance of your website. Keep user engagement the primary goal of your website.

Some steps to How to Reduce Bounce Rate of WordPress

There are many tools available to calculate the bounce rate of a website such as Google Analytics which can be easily integrated with WordPress. After getting the bounce rate of your site, work on reducing it using the following steps.

1. Improve the loading speed of your website

Fast loading websites are helpful in keeping the bounce rates low or call it within a reasonable figure. Usually, the visitors tend to get everything quickly, and if your site loads for long, possibly it will sway them away. So, in order to begin with improving the load times, take the help of a website speed checking tool. Analyze the speed and start working on implementing the ways to improve it. There are different ways to speed up a website and lazy loading is one of the effective ways.

2. Good website navigation


Complex website navigation is another reason that adds up to a high bounce rate. To improve the navigation and entire structure of your website, implement the following basic things –

    • Keep the navigation simple. The navigation bar should be placed at the top of the web page with the most significant links. This strategy is usually effective on all websites. Make sure that you do not insert false or broken links as it will create a bad impact on users.
    • Insert internal links redirecting the visitors to other relevant content on your site. Add links related to the relevant pages and posts present on your website. In this way, you can engage the users more on your site and give them what they are interested in.

3. Targeting a particular audience

Identifying an appropriate audience for your website is yet another useful strategy to reduce the how to Reduce Bounce Rate of WordPress of the corresponding website. In case you are targeting a wider audience, it will cover even the unwanted audience who don’t have an interest in your content. To get rid of such an unnecessary audience, you need to narrow down your audience.

Identify their requirements and find out the ways to fulfill their needs. On contrary, if you already have a well-built website, you can still figure out who your target audience will be. Determine your ideal niche and target that specific audience. After all, it’s better to have a smaller audience that is productive rather than a larger number that doesn’t have interest in your content.

4. Optimization of traffic and content

Prior to improving your blog to lower bounce rates, you must first optimize your traffic and content. The people that visit your blog must be interested in what you have to give.  So, if you write about WordPress and your traffic efforts bring in individuals who are interested in other CMSs no matter how many of the following ideas you adopt, your bounce rate will not reduce since your traffic couldn't care less.

You may make a simple modification by optimizing all of your titles both for blog posts and pages. It contributes to improving the quality of Google traffic (SERPs). Searchers will see that this is a bounce rate post for WordPress users, not just anyone. This may reduce the total number of visitors, but it will improve the traffic quality. As a result, the bounce rate is decreased.

5. Make use of the blank area of the website

The "blank space" phenomenon is all the rage these days, and it has resulted in a significant increase in the production of basic WordPress themes. Blank space on your website is just empty space. There's nothing there – no widget, no footer, no blog content; simply the backdrop of your website. If you haven't yet gone on the blank space trend and your website's design is entirely packed with numerous boxes, bars, and links, you may be badly damaging your bounce rate. Empty space allows your visitors' eyes to rest.

This also attracts users' attention to your critical information or CTAs. Google is the best example of a firm that uses blank space to its advantage. They desire people to do one thing (search), and so nothing should get in the way of that.

Externally connecting the content is also not good for SEO, but it is actually one of the most effective techniques to how to Reduce Bounce Rate of WordPress while increasing page views. The process of internal linking involves linking one webpage to another. As an example, we can use this line to connect to our top WordPress SEO plugin guide as an inside link. Internal links are connections that complement your existing content. Internal links may be readily added directly from the WordPress article editor. Also, check WordPress Bundle By VW Themes. A stunning collection of themes with demanding features.

Wrapping up

When you deal with how to Reduce Bounce Rate of WordPress, you need to consider the traffic as well as the core aspects of your website. For instance, boosting up the speed of your website will highly impact the bounce rate along with giving a pleasing user experience. Now, if you aren’t having a website or you want to make a change in your current theme, try VWThemes. Our range of premium WordPress themes is well-made considering the WordPress set standards. The advanced features such as SEO friendliness, mobile responsiveness, and a lot more aids in strengthening the performance of a website built on it.

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