How To Import / Export WordPress Gutenberg Blocks


In case, you are perusing this then all things considered, you are now mindful of the WordPress Gutenberg Editor guide and how it has reformed the 'in the background altering cycle of each WordPress site. This is to inform you regarding a fairly slick element of Gutenberg. The blocks of theme made in a site utilizing Gutenberg can be imported from and sent out to another site which should likewise be based on the WordPress stage. Examining the conceivable outcomes of this usefulness, you can tell that it is a splendid component that can improve efficiency between two points. You can go through the steps to import/export WordPress Gutenberg blocks.


Simplifying Website Management

Any designer or individual, whenever engaged with something beyond dealing with their WordPress sites, this element will make your life much simpler. Since with this element you can move your theme blocks over various WordPress website themes in only a couple of basic advances. This will spare a lot of your time since now you don't have to make new blocks for each site. In this way, how about we make a plunge and show you that it is so natural to import and export Gutenberg blocks across WordPress sites.

Versatility of Gutenberg Blocks

As you definitely know, Gutenberg is a clear block based WordPress Editor. Gutenberg dispatched with the fifth update of WordPress and it changed the manner in which themes are made in WordPress sites. You can export WordPress Gutenberg blocks.

Gutenberg allows embedding each element of a theme into a distinct block. Pictures, videos, banners, sections, galleries, buttons, lists, HTML, and more come alive within dedicated blocks. Users can customize these blocks across the page according to their preferences, empowering creators and clients alike. What's more, by changing, you don't mean simply its position and arrangement. With its astonishing customization alternatives, you can have full command over its looks too.

These inexhaustible squares are magnificent with regards to making various squares for a particular kind of theme. Envision that all the pages of your site require a header which is made through Gutenberg implies you need to make a header block on different occasions. Gutenberg spares the much of the time utilized block for you and it turns out simple for the engineer.

With such degree of altering and adaptability, every site created utilizing Gutenberg can be possibly one of a kind, strong, wealthy in theme, deliberately intended to interface with the clients and accordingly a drawn out cash creator. Gutenberg's element list is superiorly elite and continually advancing.

Importing and Exporting Gutenberg Blocks

Editing blocks isn't limited to the theme it's initially used in for the overall site feel. Users can easily transfer them across different WordPress themes, allowing for reconstruction to fit the requirements of a new site. So we should experience the means to import/export out your WordPress Gutenberg Blocks. Import WordPress Gutenberg blocks with ease.

Gutenberg provides you with this splendidly efficient component that enables you to create and save a block for later use. Every last bit of it is conceivable straightforwardly from your supervisor. Above all else, simply make another block utilizing the '+' sign to your left side. Presently select the block, add a name to it and spare it.

From that point forward, you can alter the block. When the customization is finished, simply click on the 3 spots on the toolbar and snap on 'Add to Reusable Blocks' from the dropdown. This will naturally add your block to the reusable blocks gathering. You can get it whenever and use it on any new or old post that you make.


In conclusion, mastering the import and export of WordPress Gutenberg blocks is a game-changer for website management. This feature simplifies the process of transferring blocks between different WordPress themes, saving valuable time and effort for designers and individuals engaged in diverse projects.

Moreover, when utilizing premium WordPress themes or WP theme bundles, the ability to import and export Gutenberg blocks becomes even more advantageous. Premium themes often offer a plethora of unique blocks and layouts. By seamlessly transferring these blocks across themes, users can maintain consistency in design elements while leveraging the advanced features provided by premium themes.

With Gutenberg's versatile and user-friendly block creation and management system, website developers and content creators can curate, customize, and reuse blocks effortlessly. This functionality not only enhances workflow efficiency but also contributes to the creation of visually captivating, functional, and distinctive websites.

In essence, whether using a premium WordPress theme or an extensive WP theme bundle, the import/export feature of Gutenberg empowers users to streamline their design processes, ensuring a cohesive and efficient approach to building WordPress websites.

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