How to change WordPress Theme To Achieve Top Rank

If you own an online store or just blog because you like it, then you will be needing a nice theme to build up your website to gain more viewers. The theme should be alluring to your customers with an inventive layout. An amazing writing style is undoubtedly the strong point but making an amazing homepage is also essential if you want to make a strong presence in this social world. It doesn’t matter what you are showing to your viewers through your online site. Unless you make your website attractive and creative, it would not attract more viewers. If you have already got WordPress themes and you are not happy with it, you can also change it. 

How To Change WordPress Theme?

Many online users while starting up their new site often get confused regarding the beautification of their website and as a result, they end up getting the wrong WordPress theme that is not at all SEO friendly. Consequently, their site’s ranking gets affected. So, it becomes necessary to select themes that are extremely SEO friendly firsthand. Even then, if you make some mistake in choosing a nice theme for your website, we are here to tell you how to change the WordPress theme to make your site grow. Let us first know what exactly is a WordPress theme. 

What is a theme?

Themes are used to make your presentation more appealing. So, choosing the right theme can make it even more attractive. And if you are looking for a creative WordPress theme, this task even gets difficult. You might find hundreds of themes online but choosing the one is not at all an easy task for anyone. And if you are thinking about how to change WordPress Theme, then we have got the solution. We have explained every detail which is needed to change a WordPress theme and how it will affect your website and your website’s growth. It is quite understandable that a free WordPress theme might give you the basic features which you can enjoy for a limited period but after that, you will feel the necessity to change it for your website’s growth. 

If you have selected one WordPress theme and are now thinking of changing it because of increasing competition in this social world, you might be a little bit confused about how to change WordPress themes for free WordPress themes. Before going into that section, let us understand how changing a WordPress theme will affect search engine rankings.

How changing the WordPress theme can benefit you?

It is often said by many business enthusiasts and various bloggers who run online websites very smoothly that changing their WordPress on an orderly basis has helped them to take their website to the top. This act has benefitted them to make their website grow even more and has also helped them to flourish. And if you are thinking about how to change WordPress theme then this process is going to be the easiest one. Changing WordPress themes has also been proven by many social marketing enthusiasts that strategy has surely helped them achieve new heights with the growth of their websites. But there is also one question that may arise from somewhere that whether changing WordPress will delete all their saved data. Then the answer to this question is no.

The changing of the WordPress theme will not delete any of your stored data. All the data which you have stored through your old WordPress will be secured. How you are choosing the WordPress theme for your website will surely have an impact on your website as this will affect the performance of your site’s SEO. It is quite understandable that people who use free WordPress themes can change their website’s look and enhance its whole structure more frequently as compared to those people who purchase premium WordPress themes for their website. It is not at all necessary that you will get all the features that are required to make a website reach the top or make a position for it among the rankers in a free theme. For this premium WordPress themes come to your rescue. 

You will have to mold yourself and your website according to its viewers. So, it has become essential to choose a WordPress theme according to your viewer’s taste. And if you are thinking about how to change WordPress theme then here is the answer. 

  • Step 1 : You need to back up your site. If something goes wrong you will not lose any of your stored data. 
  • Step 2 : Head on to the WordPress themes section where you will have to follow certain steps in order. Navigate to appearance and then click on themes within WordPress.
  • Step 3 : Here you will get to see the currently installed theme as well as other themes which you have previously installed on your device. If you want to download any other WordPress theme for your website then click on to add new button. If not, select any already installed theme. 
  • Step 4 : Activation would be the final step for changing your WordPress theme. For premium users, this would be slightly different as they will be shown an activation link on a confirmation screen after installation. 

Issues you might face while changing the WordPress theme

  • White screen of death (WSoD) is the most common issue that a user may face while changing the WordPress theme for his website. In this, the user’s site can completely go blank which might take some time to recover as it is not a big issue. This can be solved easily by taking certain measures. And if you know how to change WordPress theme, then the issue also gets resolved quickly.  
  • Another issue that a user might face is changing URLs and 404 errors. This you can face while installing a completely new WordPress theme. But the good news is, this issue can also be resolved by taking certain measures. 

What to look at while selecting a WordPress theme

  • The theme should be compatible with all the major browsers. We also know that the main purpose of starting up a new website is to be visible on all browsers across multiple devices. So, it is important to look at this feature while selecting one if you want to reach as many people at a single time. 
  • Another precaution that you have to take before selecting a WordPress theme is to check for plugin support. Ensure every time that the theme which you are going to select supports the plugin system or not. Always make sure that your essential plugins are compatible with the new theme.
  • Always lookout for a theme that has amazing page builders as it will make it perfect for a website. 
  • Always look for WordPress themes that are extremely SEO-friendly. 

Wrapping up

It has become extremely important to keep up the consistency while setting up an online business or just maintaining a blog website. For all these, you have to make many changes while choosing a WordPress theme for it. It is quite understandable that you will first look at free WordPress themes but switching to premium will only benefit you. We have discussed all the processes that are required if you don’t know how to change the WordPress theme. Switching to a better theme will make your website grow even to a greater height. Selecting an SEO-friendly WordPress theme might be a little difficult for you but not impossible. And if you are still confused about how to change WordPress themes and from where to select new ones, check out our themes that are extremely easy to operate while extremely artistic for viewers. 

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