How To Backup WordPress Website In Few Easy Steps!


Security is everything! We double check on things just to be sure of the security. Why are we insecure? Because we want to protect something we love! Protecting that precious thing becomes everything for us. In such times, we also start preparing for bad times. We call it a ‘back up’ plan. Having a back-up plan is must. Even with the websites. How to backup WordPress is a whole different topic to explore. So let’s dig in!

Websites are the face of our business for the World. When the ‘WWW’ gets attached to our dream, it becomes global. So we have to make sure it’s safe from the bad things. Website is one of the biggest assets of our business. To maintain its reputation and marvelous functioning you need to keep upgrading it. While upgrading it, we also have to make sure we have a back-up of the original version. How to backup WordPress website is the most important question you need to figure. There are ways to back-up your WordPress website. But you need to find out some easiest and most secured way to do it.

Preparing for the Worst

Everyone of us is running for money. Some run to snatch it. In the name of making money in less time, people can attack and take away your life’s work. Within few minutes, your whole work can become a lie. That’s why you have to back-up your website to be prepared for such times. Having an attractive layout, organized content and fast loading is must for a website. It has to be perfect from all way. At WordPress you can build the perfect website. But along with that, back-up your WordPress website is the first thing you have to do.

Reliability of WordPress

As we all know, WordPress website builder is the most reliable website building platform in the digital world. It is initially known for being a blog site, but it’s more than just that. WordPress has gained trust of its customers in a very less time. You have to have a website while creating your own image in the society or let people know about your business. A website will create a professional image about your business and you. It will make people to take you seriously. WordPress is perfect platform for this, because it gives you the liberty to build and makes it strong to the foundation.


It provides a lot of plugins to add in your website. To make a perfect website, you have to code it strong enough to make it unhackable. Having strength is one way of protecting your website. Having a back-up of your WordPress is another way of doing it. Apart from this you need to decide the whole look of it, make it attractive, responsive and add good features in it. It’s a lot of work. And it takes a lot of time too. That’s why WordPress themes are important. Many WordPress themes making companies help you with backup of your WordPress website. But if you are doing it on your own, then you must know these things!

You can visit our YouTube channel with the link below and know how to do it!

Reading will help you too! So let’s get to it.

Importance of Having a Backup for your Website     

 Having a backup of your WordPress website is very necessary. This way you will have the original version of your working website. Even if you make any changes into your website, you can restore the previous settings from the back-up. WordPress provides such plugins who help you with it. WordPress theme making companies like VWThemes, provide their own plugins to make it even simpler. Taking a back-up of your WordPress website is very easy. It involves very few and simple steps.

How to Backup WordPress Website?

For taking back-up of your WordPress website, first go to ‘dashboard’. In the dashboard bar, spot the tab for ‘Plugins’. In the plugins tab click on ‘Add new’.  A window with the list of plugins will appear. On the window sport the search bar and type ‘UpdraftPlus WordPress backup plugin’. The plugin will appear on the window. On the right side of the plugin name you will see the tab for ‘install’. Click on it to install the plugin.

After installation, click on the tab for ‘Activate’ to make the plugin work. Once the plugin is activated you will see the name of the plugin that is, UpdraftPlus WordPress backup plugin in the list of plugins installed. This list will appear every-time you will click on plugins. In that list, below the plugin name you will see different options like deactivate, add ones! Click on the option for ‘settings’. The window of plugin settings will be opened.

There you will see a big bold tab for ‘Backup’. Click on it to create a backup of your current website. The small window with the list of things that will be backed up will appear. Read it carefully and click on every box. After that click on ‘backup now’.  Wait until the process is completed. The message of back-up finished will appear. After this, you will see the back-up of your website right below the page.

See, it’s that easy to take a back-up of your website. You can do it in such simple and easy steps without any fuss.


How To Delete A Page From Website

At WordPress, you can easily customize your website the way you want. Some professional premium WordPress themes making companies don’t provide this feature. But the right companies like VWThemes, make the customization easy for you. Customization involves a lot of things. Right from adding new features to deleting some you don’t want.

Having different pages for sorting the content is very necessary. But having too many pages can make the things confusing for the visitors. So you may need to delete some pages. It has very easy steps.

First, go into the ‘dashboard’. In that dashboard bar spot the tab for ‘pages’. Select the tab for ‘all pages’. The window with the list of pages will appear. Point the curser on the name of the page you want to delete. There you will see the option for edit, delete right below the name of pages. Click on delete and the page will be executed. It’s that simple. Deleting a page can help you in organizing the content and make the website look sorted. If you want to restore the page you just deleted, you can do that too in very easy steps.

Restoring the Website

Restoring the website is as easy as taking backup. You might need to restore the changes you made from the original website that you took a backup of. This happens when you try and experiment with your website. It’s a good thing to experiment, cause then you get to know different things. This always helps in upgrading your skills and website too. Restoring the changes from your backup website is very easy. It’s the same step we did while taking backup of your WordPress website. Now, we have seen how to delete one of the pages from your website. Let’s continue with it and see how can we restore the deleted page from our backup website.

How To Restore The Backup Website

First, go to ‘dashboard’. There in the dashboard bar spot the tab for ‘Plugins’. As you know, we have installed the UpdraftPlus WordPress backup plugin for taking the backup of our website. We took the backup using the same plugin. So we have to use the same plugin for restoring the page from website. For this click on Plugin tab. the window with the list of installed plugins will appear. There spot the name UpdraftPlus WordPress backup plugin. There you will see different option right below the plugin name. Click on the plugin setting. The window with whole information of the plugin will appear. Scroll down and you will see the backup version of your website.

On the right side of the version name, you will see the tab for delete and restore. Click on the restore option. The small window with different options that will be restored will appear. Read it carefully and click on all the boxes. After this click on ‘restore’. The restoration process will start and you will see on the window when it finishes. Visit the site to look at the changes you just made.   



In conclusion, safeguarding your WordPress website is of utmost importance. By following these easy steps to backup your website, you can ensure that your valuable content and data remain protected. Don't forget to explore the WP Theme Bundle for additional tools and resources to enhance your WordPress experience. Secure your website and enjoy peace of mind knowing your hard work is safe and sound.

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