Top Pros And Cons of WordPress Block Editor Gutenberg For Your Gain

In the start, a fact about Gutenberg is that its official release was done after it was available for testing. Since the deliverance of WordPress 5. Mixed views were given by the community. More than often people fail to notice some things, especially when they don’t have proper knowledge about it. Now we talk about the Updation of Gutenberg's impact on content creators. Here the impact is negative in the way of Gutenberg WordPress pros cons block editor. Means having pros and cons for content creators as well. Let's come to the point, the assumption is being taken that we would have a look at Gutenberg and WordPress version 5.0.

As we also told previously that many users continue with their Classic WordPress Editor. Thus some motivation is given below.

Motivation: The competitors obvious reaction is Gutenberg with the writing experience of Medium, the fast and easy site builds using Wix and Squarespace ( two of the major ecommerce platforms). Attraction of new users to the platform is the clear attempt of Gutenberg. Like the title or topic basically a very advanced page builder is Gutenberg like many premium ecommerce platforms and thus the cons is they will suffer.

Let’s see pros and cons of WordPress Block Editor Gutenberg

Pros Of Gutenberg Wordpress Block Editor:-

Great Editing Experience – Since the TinyMCE editor is still available the old users who does not need to learn new. Thus it is good for old as well as new users as an editor.

Medium Style Editor - Even the publishers who prefer the newer Medium style editing experience will love the Gutenberg WordPress Block Editor. The medium style editing experience is copied by Gutenberg. Lover of medium editor will fall in love with Gutenberg too.

Gutenberg Means Blocks – In Gutenberg image, heading, paragraph, video, audio etc. is divided into blocks. The term blocks is a new way to create posts and pages for the beginner in blogging. There is also a possibility to boost the “blocks”. Third party embeds like SoundCloud,, Reddit, TED, etc. are taken care of by the blocks accessible to us.

Content Focused Editor With More Screen SpaceAs more screen space is available we will not get distracted in Gutenberg wp pros cons block editor.

Mobile Friendly System – Gutenberg WordPress Block Editor is mobile friendly means it works efficiently on mobile. Not only pages created by WordPress experts using the Gutenberg editor but also other posts and pages can be edited using a proper mobile.

Developer Friendly Interface:- Because with content developers the other(here plugin) developers solution is Gutenberg WordPress block editor. Here it also means dependency on shortcodes is reduced. For instance Gallery is merged through new block in place of shortcode.

All Information Within Your Reach – This is the Gutenberg wp pros cons block editor notable feature. It is said so as it is specially good for content writer statistics which might not be such noteworthy for other developers. Gutenberg is also called as Handy information box as told in previous content.

Its Time To See Cons In Gutenberg Wordpress Pros Cons Block Editor

  • Compatibility Issues – This Con(in our content language) needs to be taken into consideration as it is a key factor for several WordPress users. In future the backward compatibility can become a huge issue with so many WP themes are global.
  • Some Shortcuts Won’t Work – Some of the old keyboard shortcuts don’t work anymore in Gutenberg Editor.
  • API Another challenge as a developer is overly dependent on API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Problematic For Themes – Creating Disturbance for other clean WP themes might happen with updated Gutenberg WordPress Block Editor.

Motive of Gutenberg WordPress block editor on coming to earth is user experience satisfaction.

And we need to know that every new tool has its own pros(advantages) and cons( disadvantages). Same is applicable here.

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