Best Franchise WordPress Themes: Create The Best Food-Oriented Websites



Your food business can acquire a good range of customers with a quality website. And that too when you are a particular franchise partner with a reputed brand. It completely depends on how you present your brand on the web.

Therefore, we have come up with a complete list of all food-oriented themes on WordPress. You must be thinking that a franchise can be for any brand or product, right? But here in this blog, we are focusing on food-oriented websites.

The collected themes are the ultimate collection for those who have a bakery, chocolates, pizza, and more. Also, you will find another attractive element, which is the food theme bundle, in this blog. So, let us begin with finding your best fit.

The best franchise WordPress themes to embrace your food websites

1. Bakery WordPress Theme

The Bakery WordPress Theme is the finest if you wish for an online bakery store. The theme comes with a fresh and colorful homepage design that sets your business on a hike. You must have a personalized bakery business or a franchise partner. Therefore, the theme is also counted as the best franchise WordPress theme. Using this theme, you can get more traffic for your business with a great contribution.

Getting this theme is an absolute joy, as it has the most youthful and modern layouts to work with. It holds your attention with smooth sliders and a clean interface that is easy to customize as well. To get more into it, you can explore its single-clickable demo content. Also, there is integration with various functional plugins that set your website up well. Users will be thrilled to use it on mobile devices with its responsive design. There is Woocommerce integration taking over the entire charge of running an online ordering business. Plus, it has various popular payment gateways for online payments. Social media integration is a powerful feature for promoting your brand.

2. Ice-Cream WordPress Theme

Ice cream brands have so many franchises in different cities and states. And to let people know more about it, we need to get digitally active. It's time to secure your delicious brand website on the safest digital platform. We are talking about having a business website for ice cream parlors. This is why we are counting another best theme under the best franchise WordPress themes.

It is the ice cream WordPress theme that helps take your ice cream brand to more users. Ice cream is a thing that everybody loves to have, along with exploring new flavors. If your brand has something unique to promote, then this theme is great for you. You can present your brand using the WooCommerce integration in this theme. It can help you form the best business tactics that you haven’t secured in offline business. The theme has an outstanding layout presentation with delicious and colorful images and videos. It runs on fully responsive interfaces so that users can easily access it from mobile devices. The flexible theme design also suits dessert stores, cafes, and coffee shops. Online ordering services and custom orders can be easily included using this theme. You don’t need to have any sort of coding skills to have a website, as the templates do it all for you. Additionally, you can promote your franchise brand on social media using icons.

3. Juice Center WordPress Theme

Get your hands on another best theme under our list of the best franchise WordPress themes. This Juice Center WordPress theme creates a magical impact on your Juice Center website. Building a website for your juice center will have a great impact on the digital world. People will be able to find your store on the web as well. This helps in boosting traffic and getting more recognition easily.

It comes with a colorful yet energetic homepage design with easy customization. You can create a separate panel of your latest items and juices through sliders. From there, you can explore more about how to add brand details and online ordering details. Well, this is not your charge, as you get everything ready-made with the pre-designed templates.

As said, it supports custom features so that you can create a unique brand identity. The theme not only supports juice brands, but you can also use it for cake, pastries, and chocolate business websites. Also, you can decide the company logo with which customers will find you on the web. The WooCommerce integration makes your business run smoother. And the responsive design is the icing that helps boost traffic.

4. Pizza WordPress Theme

When talking about pizza, no one can resist the feeling of ordering online, right? This high demand has made pizza parlors expand their businesses online too. Pizza brands tend to designate their franchises in different parts. And to manage everything, a website is the right path to follow. So, we are heading to the next theme in our list of the best franchise WordPress themes.

It is the Pizza WordPress theme that every pizza brand must have for their business expansion. It is the high demand that has made this theme among the most popular ones. The theme has a complete package for a complete food ordering website. It comes with a tempting homepage design with delicious pizza and other fast food images. Smooth sliders are something that makes your website float well in the digital world. The fast-responding interface runs well on all screens and cross-browsers too. Users are allowed to have a unique design with the Gutenberg block editor. Also, woo commerce is the special element that makes your business run well. It is followed by an online menu card, easy online ordering services, landing pages, and more. Also, there is social media integration that makes it easy to promote your website.

5. Cakery WordPress Theme

Bakery and cakery businesses are in huge demand these days. And why not when people are fond of having cakes, pastries, and all things sweet for every occasion?

The rising demand has led to diverse competition too. And this has caused bakeries to spread their franchises almost everywhere. To manage everything, it now calls for a website to have a remarkable stand in the market. But not to worry, we are again here with one of the best franchise WordPress themes.

It is the Cakery WordPress theme that turns out to be the best in terms of having a business website. The theme has a unique, colorful texture, leading to great user engagement. It is made to deliver the best web design standards with its pleasing templates and responsive layouts. That means your website can be easily accessed on every screen. It carries the best retina-ready image display that suits all your bakery and cakery products. Apart from this, you can add video and GIF content for an enhanced look. Gallery sliders hold your cakery products well organized, along with specifications to hold. Plus, WooCommerce helps flourish the business by facilitating online ordering and conversions.

6. Chocolate WordPress Theme

A top-notch, quality website for your chocolate business is the right way to expand it. Well, there are so many chocolate brands that already have their place in the market. If you are one of them looking to expand as a franchise partner, then we have got you. Here’s to the last but the best franchise WordPress themes that count chocolate websites on the go.

The premium Chocolate WordPress theme comes with a charming homepage design to use. The design is so fresh that visitors would love to buy from your website. It has the best templates that contribute to deriving the best standards for your chocolate brand in the market. You can design your unique website using various custom features supported by Gutenberg blocks. It holds your website well by adding blocks, too, with no codes. So that beginners would love to bring their chocolate brands to the market. But there is more to hear; it holds the responsive layouts that websites can easily fit on every screen. The theme calls for the finest business tactics using WooCommerce. Also, you can allow online ordering services, followed by landing pages and payment gateways. Additionally, it has social media integration, widgets, and menu integration.

7. Food Theme Bundle

Above all the recently discussed themes, we have come up with a great offer. Presenting one of the best products so that you can get all the above themes in a single go. We have the best collection of the Food Theme Bundle, which helps in grabbing all the food-oriented themes. Those having multiple food businesses or trying to explore all food-oriented themes can surely go with this.

The bundle is a complete solution, getting all the themes under a single roof. We have the best collection of food-related themes to help you raise a franchise. Therefore, we have counted them among the best franchise WordPress themes. The themes are overall the best in terms of speed, performance, functionality, and appearance.


Premium WordPress themes offer a plethora of advantages for anyone looking to establish a successful food-related website, whether it be a franchise or a personal food business. These themes are meticulously designed with a focus on functionality, aesthetics, and user experience. They often come equipped with advanced features, robust customization options, and dedicated support, providing a solid foundation for your online presence. Additionally, premium themes typically receive regular updates, ensuring compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and security patches. This level of professional support and ongoing development can be crucial for a thriving food website, especially in the competitive culinary industry. By investing in a premium WordPress theme, you're not only gaining access to a visually stunning and user-friendly design but also a reliable framework that can help streamline your business operations and elevate your online brand presence.

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