Best Facebook Tips And Tutorials For WordPress Users

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media platforms that can help you reach out to more new customers as well as drive more targeted traffic to your website. However, merely posting content and hoping facebook to do the rest is not going to help, you need to harness its power effectively. Luckily, there are Best Facebook Tips and Tutorials for WordPress Users that you can deploy for ensuring that you enjoy the maximum reach possible. Also check out our Popular WordPress Themes.

Sharing The Best Facebook Tips And Tutorials For WordPress Users

Tip 1: Creating a Facebook Profile & Business Page

This is such an obvious step for any business. However, in reality, there are still a lot of people that are yet to venture into the Facebook world. Till April 2015, only 41% businesses of US were using Facebook for their marketing. Also, many of them were using their personal profile other than creating a dedicated business page for advertising on Facebook.

Tip 2: Adding Social Share & Follow Buttons to Your Website

In Best Facebook Tips and Tutorials for WordPress Users The reach of your posts is decided by the Facebook algorithms. The term ‘Reach’ refers to the number of Facebook newsfeeds where your content appears after it is posted. You can do a lot of things that will help boost your reach.

Getting more people like your page is a good way to boost your reach. You can make it easier for your reader to like your Facebook page by including social media buttons on your website. We can do this by showing a dedicated Facebook Widget in the sidebar. It is up to you if you want to use a large widget or not. Instead of that, you can simply add a Facebook follow button along with many other social media buttons. There are a lot of options available with Facebook or you can always use a plugin. 

Apart from adding a new follower, another way of boosting reach is to encourage visitors to share your content on their profiles using the social share buttons. By including customized buttons in various locations on your pages, posts, and image pages, you can do that.

You will get plenty of plugins available that can help you add various social media and follow buttons. There are two popular ones such as Jetpack Sharing ( which is included with the Jetpack plugin) and the SumoMe Share app (which is included with the SumoMe plugin). There are a lot of good premium plugins as well.

Tip 3: Setting up your Website to Post to Facebook Automatically

By setting up your site for automatically posting to Facebook, you can save the time and effort of logging in and creative posts manually on Facebook. It can be done using Jetpack’s Publicise module or using the Facebook Auto Publish plugin.

For the Jetpack plugin installed,

Go to Settings > Engagement > Publicize > Configure your Publicize settings. Here you will be able to connect to Facebook and other social media accounts in order to be able to publish new content automatically.

Tip 4: Adding Open Graph Meta Tags to Your Website

Adding OG tags allows you to have control over how your content appears by identifying the various parts of the content like title, description, and image.

You may add the OG tags manually or use a plugin such as Yoast SEO.

Tip 5: Joining & Creating Groups on Facebook

In Best Facebook Tips and Tutorials for WordPress Users for Connecting or joining Facebook groups that are somehow relevant to your business and contributing to them is another way to create new connections and get more leads. There are many new strategies that you can employ when it comes to using Facebook groups. Only you need to make sure that you read the group rules well and follow Facebook etiquette. You can consider the thought of creating your own Facebook group if you want as this will help you establish yourself as an authority figure in your business niche. The only downside of having a Facebook group is that it is time-consuming so need to continuously evaluate and see what you are getting in return.

Tip 6: Using Facebook Ads

You can start Facebook Ads at a very modest and affordable cost because Facebook offers you a very large platform. It is useful for deploying highly targeted campaigns that are dependent on various things such as location, age, and interests.

As Facebook Ads have become a popular way of marketing, there are tons of great resources available now that will help you create refined advertising campaigns.

Tip 7: Stay Up to Date with Facebook’s Updates

As Facebook constantly evolves, there is always a chance that some strategies become less effective or obsolete with new opportunities arising. So, subscribe to Facebook News and other social media news sites such as Social Media Today as you won’t miss anything.


Facebook has huge potential for businesses. However, with so many businesses out there, there is always a chance to get lost so it is important to implement better strategies. Hope this article has given you the best Facebook tips and tutorials for WordPress users that you can implement.

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