Follow The Top 10 Tips To Buy An Excellent WordPress Theme

Follow The Top 10 Tips To Buy An Excellent WordPress Theme

The WordPress theme you choose for your business largely impacts the success and failure of your online business. Your WordPress theme is the driving factor of your online business. How tough is it to choose an excellent WordPress theme for your business? It’s not that tough. All it requires is your complete involvement in doing the best research regarding the WordPress theme.

It happens many a time that the theme you purchase does not come out to be the same as it seemed to be at the time of purchase. So, you need to take care of every detail of what you are going to receive to build your business name online. We have jotted down some of the essential tips which you should give a glance at while purchasing the WordPress theme.

Be clear about your objectives

Before spending money on a Premium WordPress theme, be clear about the objective of your website. What are your expectations with your website in the long run? If you already have an established website, why do you want to redesign it? Choosing an excellent WordPress theme depends on the purpose of your business. If you are looking for a fitness website, your search could be like “An Excellent WordPress Theme for Fitness website”. The Google search results will bring “n” number of different results. You need to pick the best based on certain standard principles. Choose the best 5, note their features and select the best 3 out of them. Now determine more precisely which theme will serve your website the best. Go through the demo and the enlisted features in the themes.

Appealing Look

Mostly, the WordPress themes appear quite appealing, but they lack in quality features and functionalities. Other WordPress themes have a bulk of features but don’t have appealing looks. Your aim should be to find an excellent WordPress Theme that makes a perfect balance between its appearance and functionalities.

If a WordPress theme is unsuccessful in visually delighting a person, you can hardly do anything with that. If you choose to make it attractive, you may end up spoiling the design and writing a countless number of codes. On contrary, an awesome design which provides the options to fully customize a theme could be great even though it has limited features. Nevertheless, you are always free to extend the functionalities of your theme using plugins.

Easy WordPress Theme Customizations

Before purchasing any WordPress theme, make sure that it offers easy customizations. See that it has a user-friendly WordPress Theme Customizer or custom theme options panel. This would be very beneficial for you when you are stuck in coding. You should find it easy to customize the logos, colors, typography, etc. in an excellent WordPress theme. See that it’s not complex to customize the header. Ensure that it offers the option to add different navigation links as well as banners in the header section. Is it easy to customize the theme layout as per your requirement?

Pricing Policy & Licensing

While purchasing a theme, go through several questions. Is the theme suitable for your business purpose? Does it have a good pricing and licensing policy? Is the theme flexible with multiple websites? Does it offer free updates and WordPress support or you are supposed to pay for them? Are you getting any additional stuff with it? What about WordPress plugins and after sale service?

Check the pricing and licensing policies, find out whether they go well with your business needs and then take any decision regarding theme purchase. At present, VWThemes offers each of its Premium WordPress Themes just at $39! Also, we offer a package of our Premium WordPress Themes just at $99!

There are some WordPress plugins that can be purchased separately. However, they are used in some themes and this makes a great value for your money. You don’t need to purchase them separately as they are already installed in the theme you purchased.

WordPress Theme Reviews

WordPress Theme Reviews and Ratings

Theme reviews and ratings work great in helping a person decide whether to purchase a particular theme or not. The actual words said by the customers about a theme give an insight about the theme. You should search for reviews about the theme that you are going to purchase. Go through the star rating given by customers. Thus, you come to know about the popularity of a theme.

Integration of Social Media Platforms

There are numerous social accounts you can share your business identity on. For adding the different social accounts to your business website, use social media buttons. There are many WordPress themes that have inbuilt social media buttons. Thus, you do not have to buy social media plugins separately. The social media buttons are helpful in offering a consistent user experience. The Premium WordPress Themes at VWThemes offers the feature of social media integration. Through the dashboard, you can simply insert your social media links and your source of web traffic generation is up.

Search Engine Optimization Friendly Theme

SEO friendly theme

Would you like to market your business to a large audience? Of course, yes. SEO plays an important part in marketing your business. The SEO friendly WordPress themes have many search engine friendly elements. They have semantic codes that are based on principle web standards. You should look for the headings, tags, categories, titles & meta descriptions in blog posts and pages, some SEO plugins, and many other things in an SEO friendly WordPress theme.

Responsive WordPress Theme

Fitness WordPress Theme

Fitness WordPress Theme

What type of a theme would you choose? Would you buy a responsive theme or a one that is rigid? You may prefer a fixed width theme if your target audience only comprises of only desktop users. But, let me tell you that if you don’t have a responsive theme, you’ll be losing almost 61% of online traffic to your site. We are aware that almost every person in this time an era access website on their mobile phones. With a Responsive WordPress Theme, there won’t be any problem to display your site on handy gadgets properly.

Cross Browser Compatible WordPress Theme

The visitors could view your website from any browser. It could be Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or any other. If your business website is not compatible with the top browsers, it will create a bad impression about your business. Pick an excellent WordPress theme that works great on every browser. For that, you need to test the theme thoroughly on different browsers.

Theme Documentation and Support Forum

Check out how user-friendly and efficient the WordPress forum is. Determine whether you should rely on them or not. WordPress support is free and the developers should not charge you anything for the support you require. Also, see that you are getting detailed documentation about the theme that you are buying. Afterall, a user manual is a must to provide whenever you are launching any technical product.

Theme Updates

You need to be safe regarding the future aspects of your site. Your WordPress theme provider should provide timely updates ensuring that you are nowhere behind in using the latest version of the WordPress theme. Also, the provider should not charge you for providing the updates.

Wrapping up

You are now exposed to the most primary requirements when buying an excellent WordPress Theme to build an awesome website. So, next time you are deciding to pick up a theme, do consider all the above points and get the best theme. It’s better to begin the search with full preparation and this post will help you out in making the best decision regarding your online business. Go ahead and discover the best for yourself.

If you are looking to get a WordPress theme for your business, you need to have a clear objective with respect to the theme. You need to be very clear about the functionalities that you are looking for. Plus, the theme should have an attractive look and defines your business well. Also, if you are paying for something, make sure that it justifies the price. Themes provided by VWThemes are professionally built, fully responsive and provide easy customization. They are integrated with social media platforms and work perfectly on various browsers. Take look at our WordPress Theme Bundle that has alluring themes for several businesses.

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