Ecommerce Checkout Page Design Tips to Turn Browsers into Buyers

Ecommerce Checkout Page Design Tips to Turn Browsers into Buyers


You’ve seen your website traffic doing well, but your sales, not so much. Web analytics show that around 70% of carts do not make it to the checkout page. That is every ten consumers who add an item to their shopping cart and seven of those who do not reach the checkout page. What does it take to make a constantly eyeing visitor turn into a purchasing customer? The number of sales you will eventually achieve depends highly on your ecommerce checkout page design.

 You are in the right place if you are looking to decrease cart abandonments on your shopping website. Making your checkout page standout is the one way you can win in this battle of getting more sales. Keep reading to understand more about how conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy will increase sales of your online business

8 Ways To Make Your Ecommerce Checkout Page Design Stand Out

1. Credibility Sets the Tone Ahead 

Shopping online is a business of assurance. Consumers purchase online from brands they know and trust. This trust does not end when they have filled the cart. Instead, it continues till they make the online payment. It is essential you keep reassuring the shoppers that your ecommerce website can be trusted with sensitive and confidential information like bank details. 

Ideal ecommerce check page design has trust signals, so the shoppers are convinced to make the payment. Trust signals during checkout include-

  1. Customer testimonials
  2. Details of shipping
  3. Mention of return policies
  4. SSL Certificates
  5. Associated payment mode logos

 2. The More the Merrier

Shoppers love options, as many of those as you can provide them with, the better. This applies to payment methods as well. Statistics show that around 70% of total customers end their shopping journey because they can’t find their preferred mode on the ecommerce checkout page design.  

To improve conversions, allow customers with as many payment methods as you can, including-

  1. Credit or debit cards
  2. Cash on delivery (COD)
  3. Digital wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Paytm. 
  4. EMI options
  5. Cryptocurrencies

3. Easy, Breezy

No customer likes filling in their details each time they make a purchase, it is a hassle if you are a frequent shopper. No one has that much amount of time to spare. The longer the checkout process, the more customers rethink their purchasing decision. Take help from autofill and ease your ecommerce checkout process.  

Incorporate Google Autocomplete on your ecommerce checkout page design. It prefills your customer’s billing and shipping address when they begin typing, this saves them time and effort,  reduces mobile errors, and increases your conversion rate. Remove all unnecessary fields at checkout that would cause shoppers to lose interest.  

Another way to make this process easy is by including a one tap checkout. This is the fastest way to speed up the customer's checkout process. 

 4. Comfort Over Everything

Technological advancements have made convenience the need of the hour.  Studies show more people own a mobile phone than a computer or a laptop, so it only makes sense you use this information to your benefit. A mobile-friendly checkout on ecommerce checkout page design is a sure shot way to convert potentials to customers. 

Checkout page automatically resizes itself to fit a small screen size when viewing the site on a phone. Design buttons and fonts that encourage shoppers to complete a purchase through their smartphone. Checkout page design plays the most important role here. 

5. Save their Money, Increase Your Sale

Shoppers love offers, discounts and coupon codes more than you can imagine. If you have a free shipping threshold, let them know with a visually tempting banner. Show customers at what amount they can unlock free shipping and if you have any discounts available. Sites with free shipping options have shown an increase in their AOV and revenue in comparison to sites that do not have free shipping available.

Around 55% of shoppers don’t progress with purchase once they see extra charges on the checkout page. Show them what they are paying for and keep no costs hidden. 

6. Recommend Them All You Can

Shoppers love consideration. Help them get more value from their purchase with the help of upsells and cross-sells while they are filling the cart. 

Include a section of similar products and complement product recommendations to customers on your ecommerce checkout page design. This will increase your AOV and this way you can squeeze in more revenue from one customer. If a customer has added a $14.99 2-piece shower in their cart, recommend them a 3-piece shower set of $17.99, or a $10 towel set. 

7. Free Them of Too Many Accounts

More than half of shoppers abandon their shopping carts because sites won’t let them move forward without having a customer create an account on their site. Let the forced account creation go, and keep your customers hooked by offering either or both of these- 

  1.  Guest checkout allows shoppers to make a purchase without going through the hassle of creating an account. This process uses either the customer's email address or a phone number where they can receive updates on their product delivery. 
  2. Social media account logins like Meta, X, or Instagram involves no extra work from customers end but will still help you reap the benefits from accessing their needed data. 
Checkout some of the best Woocommerce abandoned cart plugins to decrease abandoned cart rate of your site in our previous blog. 

    8. Support is a Must

    Ecommerce websites with chat support do better than those without it. Ease online shoppers with the “Chat with Us” option with any of their last-minute concerns when going through the checkout page. If a customer has been on the checkout page for a while, let them know that you can help them with their questions with live chat support. 

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