Do's And Don'ts Of Content Writing


Content Writing is something a lot of people prefer as a career today. Where some know about it & choose it as a long term career, others stumble on it while exploring their love for writing & choose to make a career in it. Though the ultimate skill is practicing, knowing a few insights doesn’t really hurt. So, if you wish to add your content to the world, this is the simplest checklist for you to know what you must or mustn’t do in order to write quality content.


The Do’s

Do's of Content Writing

1. Understand The Writing Style

Content writing includes a number of writing styles, which differ according to your piece of writing. Blogs, PR articles, social media content, website content, etc. all require a certain style of writing. The level of casualty or formality changes in each case. Before you get down to writing, understand the writing style well in advance.

2. Research Well

Research is the base of every worthy article. Make sure to look up to good & reliable sources of information on the internet. A good way is to look up to the blogs of industry leaders in every niche for inspiration. You can also take help from studies from Google Scholar to help make your case.

3. Keyword Research

Your writing isn’t good enough till it helps your content rank better & keywords are quintessential for doing that. You can use Google Keyword Planner for good keyword research before writing your piece.

4. Use Pictures

Only words can make your content look bland & uninteresting. Add more colour to it with the help of images. You can find free & paid stock images online on sites like Pexels, Freepik & more.

5. Break It Down

Always remember to break down your text into multiple parts to make it more readable. Before you start writing, plan your content & break it down into multiple parts. This makes the content smaller as a whole making it easier for the readers to read the complete piece.


6. Take Inspiration

This one is more of a pro-tip. Before you write, take inspiration from good relevant content pieces on the internet. This will help you understand your audience & their conscience better. This in turn will guide you in writing in the perfect manner so as to reach your audience better.

7. Use Tools

When you are a writer, a few things are never to be taken for granted. To help you ensure that, I suggest you look up to tools to help you out. There are a bunch of tools out there that will help you write impeccable content. Some include-

  • Grammarly to ensure perfect grammar.
  • Hemingway editor to enhance readability
  • Keyword planner to research relevant keywords

The Don'ts

Don'ts of Content Writing

1. Plagiarism

Never ever copy paste text from any website. Plagiarism is the worst blame any writer can get. To be a good writer authenticity is of prime importance. As mentioned earlier, take inspiration, but never copy. Also, to ensure that your content doesn’t contain even a trace of copied content, check it using plagiarism checkers available online.

2. Write Long Text

Long texts are possibly the more repulsive factor of writing. It makes your writing look unimaginably long & thus almost impossible to read through. Avoid this at any cost.

3. Use Rewriting Tools

A boring trick used by many out there, this is something every writer must avoid. Using a rewriting tool is like cheating on your skills. If you use a rewriting tool, your writing might become plagiarism free, but it won’t be perfect. The algorithm used by these tools simply changes words to their synonyms & changes the voice of sentences. This often messes up the grammar & tone of writing.

4. Stuff Keywords

This one is a BIG NO NO! Though keywords are important, stuffing them too many times can get you in trouble. Keyword stuffing can actually cause your writing to rank worse on google & even be marked spam. So, never use a keyword more than 4-5 times in every 1000 words of writing.

5. Forget Sources

This is more of a practice than a mandate. Whenever you write something, remember to mention the sources of your information at the end. This gives more credibility to your writing & provides backlinks to those sites.

6. Use Google Images Directly

As mentioned before, using stock images is necessary. But never use Google images for any topic directly. This is because most images are licensed & cannot be used without permission. In case you do use them, remember to mention their source below them.

This was all we wished to tell our fellow writers. Follow these Do’s & Don’ts & you will definitely flourish as a writer. But above all, remember to be original & authentic. Express your thoughts in your own unique way.

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