Reasons Why You Need To Keep Domains And WordPress Separately

Reasons Why You Need To Keep Domains And WordPress Separately

In this article, we'll go over the most compelling reasons why domains and WordPress should be kept apart, regardless of the kind of platform, hosting, or domain you use. Having domains and WordPress kept separately is always a better practice and an ideal recommendation by experts. Many hosting companies provide user-friendly applications and enticing domain registration options in addition to hosting. Choosing WordPress themes from VW themes will be beneficial to you as they provide 24*7 support if you run into any problem or have queries.

As a result, it could be fair for certain WordPress users to save money by buying both a domain and hosting from the same vendor at a cheaper price rather than shopping around for competitive deals.

If you need our help, we recommend keeping them apart rather than buying a domain and adding it to your WordPress hosting.

In this post, we'll go through the most logical explanations why domains and WordPress should still be kept apart, regardless of the kind of website, hosting, or domain you use. Also, you can Try the best WordPress themes from here.

1. Changing Your Host

You are highly likely to experience more difficulties to switch your host later on and will affect your domain if you have your domain and WordPress registered with the same provider. In addition, providers offer a free domain in most cases if you agree to buy their hosting in advance for some time. It means you won't be reimbursed for advance payment if you feel the need to change your host during that time. Therefore, keeping domains and WordPress separate is always a better idea.

2. Unnecessary Costs

The next justification as to why you need to keep your domains and WordPress separate is to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.  Registrars' and providers' would give you  favourable deals can turn out to be a source of unnecessary costs in the future. Although you might be given a free one-year plan, they demand excessively higher prices in the following years.

Furthermore, as already said, there is no assurance that you can get your money back if you want to change your host in the mid of the year for that you have already by now paid.

3. Maintaining Good Balance

There are a range of reliable hosts of experienced workers with several years of digital experience. And there are top-class hosts who are incredibly good at what they do.

Moreover, some top-ranking WordPress or web hosting firms offer file storage and advanced DNS settings, security, and certain domain registrars with other protection options.

As a result, you can merge better file management with protection when reviewing the existing marketplace for open domains and hosting to find a perfect match.

4. Exit Strategy Without Distress And Improved Technical Assistance

One of the primary reasons to stop merging domains and hosting under the same roof is that you would have a greater escape strategy and technical assistance if the website domain and hosting are kept separate. When something goes wrong with your WordPress website and you suspect it is due to a problem with your server, you would automatically turn to your hosting company for assistance.

So, if things worsen and you have to switch your hosting, the hosting company might be wise enough to retain your domain as a recompense. As a result, in both situations, the domains and WordPress should be kept separately to improve the chances of "smoothing" potential problems.

5. Reliability And Quality

Domain registrars are, to some degree, limited. The problem is that they are overseen and governed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN. Its aim is to ensure the global network's stability and safety.

Overall, by registering your domain with an ICANN-accredited registrar while having your hosting separate, you can provide ICANN access to your site's backup if necessary without losing your domain.

In addition, let us emphasize another critical point. If you have not merged domain and hosting into the same service, changing domain registrars would be much simpler.

Web hosting companies, on the other hand, have complete control of the sites they host. They will also use unique restrictions and limits to manage what you are and are not allowed to do. As a result, removing your domain from your hosting service and keeping it safe and easy to transfer is a safer option.

When selecting hosting services and domain registration, it is critical to conduct thorough analysis. You should look through reviews and understand the company's overall image as well as its business standing.

It's worth being careful whether they're brand new or have a bad reputation in the industry or WordPress culture. After all, it's not worth it if they don't exist in a year or two and you lose your site along with your domain. That is why it is important to weigh all options before making a final decision; however, having the site separated will help if your host goes out of business. Your domains will not be misplaced.

6. Safety Is Important

Getting a dedicated domain and hosting is one of the most prudent security steps to take. Nothing is more frightening than seeing your website converted or completely washed out by "unwanted visitors." As a result, regardless of the importance or existence of the site, protecting your WordPress site from hacks and unexpected intrusions is a top priority. If you decide to keep the WordPress domain  and host together, be certain that you are supplying future hackers with decent working environments so that they can accomplish their target with less time and effort. With fewer steps, the road to overall control of your platform, hosting, and domain would be simpler and easier to navigate. Also keeps your chances of being hacked to low.

If a hacker gains access to the account where the WordPress domain name and hosting are both registered? Unfortunately, they will have complete control of the platform and domain and will be able to do whatever they want with them. They could even disrupt the email service if it is linked to that domain. This is not so if the hacker just has access to your web hosting or domain name. And if they only obtain access to one, you will have options for rescuing any or all of your web property.

7. Improved Consistency, Stability And Control

Keep your domains and WordPress separate, since this tactic decreases the downtime your website visitors can face if there is an error on your site. Having your domain registered separately allows you to redirect your domain to the management mode page or another backup tab. It's critical to understand who manages your domain and hosting because problems will occur that jeopardise your internet property, particularly if you get your hosting and domain within the same provider.

It is possible to conduct research and choose a respectable hosting provider, only to be completely dissatisfied later on by their policy, hosting, or customer support.

If you insist that there is a problem with your hosting and the customer service department refuses, you can find yourself in a issue where they want to cancel your domain or hosting before the issue is resolved.

The ease of having your domains and web together suddenly becomes a burden. If you keep your domains and hosting separate, you'll have a lot of control, particularly in these circumstances or if you attempt to remove your host.

You will not be restricted by your hosting service, and you will be able to change your domain's address and DNS settings at any time to point to a new server where you can move your site as soon as possible.


For all of the reasons mentioned above, it is also recommended practice to keep your domains and WordPress separate; however, this isn't a one-size-fits-all solution since conditions differ between users. Nevertheless, this article provides with better understanding as to why you need to keep domains WordPress separately. Also, have a look at VPS vs Shared Web Hosting by VWTHEMES.

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