Cost To Build A WordPress Website And Benefits Of Having One!


Websites are the integral part of business and services. Having a website means having a face for your work. WordPress website building is easy and tough too. It doesn’t matter if you know about coding and programming or not. It doesn’t matter if you use ready-made WordPress theme or not. You will have to pay some cost to build WordPress website.

The whole world knows that WordPress is the best platform for website establishment. The website made with WordPress work efficiently. You need to study about things to keep the website safe and updated. There are several steps to create various types of WordPress websites.      

WordPress is not as easy as it may look like. It is a lot complicated when it comes to coding. That’s why people use WordPress Themes to avoid tension. First things first, you have to create a domain on WordPress. For this you need to choose a host. There are two hosts, and!


Here you need to make a wise choice. This choice can cost you your money. Choose a theme according to your profession. A WordPress theme must have 3 basic and important features. Choose a theme with SEO optimization, responsive design and strong coding. See if you can get a customer support from the company for back up support if something goes wrong. Then add content and images in the WP theme and there you go!


Cost To Build WordPress Website

WordPress is initially a free platform. You need to pay for other necessary things for building a website. You will need to get WordPress hosting, domain name, design and plugins/extensions. As explained above, you are going to need these things. If you are building a business website or a personal portfolio, these things are must. The cost to build WordPress website depends on these.

For personal websites you won’t need a lot of plugins and ecommerce related features. That’s why managing the expense of this website can be a bit easy. But with the professional business website, you will have to get the plugins. You will have to install some additional features to make it secure. For example, you will need Woocommerce plugin for securing online store. You will have to get SSL certificate of safe HTTPS. These things need money!

When it comes to low budget WordPress website, you can set in 100$ only. For setting up any website you need domain name. You can get it for about 14.99$ per year. For perfect hosting you will have to spend 7.99$ per month. After setting up domain name and host, you can get a free WordPress theme from any trusted company. Here you can also get some basic free plugins and these will cost you under 100$.

But if you want to use all premium things for your website, then it can get expensive. After domain name and host, you will have to spend half of the budget on WordPress theme. There are WordPress themes costing from 40$ to 29,999$. You need to choose wisely and remember expensive doesn’t always guarantee perfection. The cost of building high budget WordPress website can range from 1000$ to 30,000$.

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