How To Set Up A Contact Form On WordPress Website?



Do you want your users to be in touch with you via the contact form?

Set up a Contact form on the WordPress website and establish a clutter-free connection with your site visitants.  

Contact Form is just a form that is built to input the user details along with their valuable suggestions, feedback, and product or service-related queries if any. It produces a better user experience. Visitants can find a convenient way to contact you directly.

Today, in this blog, we will be sharing the best guide delivering the knowledge about setting up a Contact form on WordPress website.

Need of Create Contact form on the Website

Conversion rate optimization is one of the important concepts of the SEO process.  The contact form on the WordPress website plays a vital role to enhance the user experience and assisting in improving the conversion rates of the site. Here we are listing some of the reasons to embed a contact form on the WordPress website and showing how it is friendly and convenient to connect your audiences to you.

Easily Operated: If you just pass an email ID to your business website to get in touch with your audiences, it would create a problem while copying and pasting that to your compose mail section.

Also, it involves a long procedure with several phases. In contrast, a contact form gives consumers a ready-to-use space to write their message and instantly push submit. It is far more practical and prevents people from leaving your website. Besides, it is very easy to operate and user-friendly.

Spam Protection: Use a well-crafted contact form to protect yourself from bothersome spambots. Eliminate the spam before it reaches your inbox!

Information Sorting: People utilize their own distinctive tone and format to communicate with you when they email you. It may be difficult to absorb and interpret it. More standardized and sorted information is provided through a contact form. Since you created the form fields and information flow, users only provide you with the information you require.

How do you construct a contact form on the WordPress website?

Now track your submission with the embedded contact form on the WordPress website.

Setting up a contact form on a WordPress website doesn’t require any kind of complex code or technical programming knowledge. Here we are issuing the steps that can deliver the best outcome in zero time. Let’s go ahead and learn the process to embed a Contact Form on WordPress Website.

Step 1: Handpick the finest Contact form plugin

Selection of the best WordPress Contact form plugins for your websites must be the top priority. Exploring the best form plugin for your business website and suitable to your requirements might be a laborious task with so many options available. Hence, we have evaluated and handpicked the top contact form plugins for your convenience. You can obtain numerous plugins to add a contact form in WordPress, but the most popular is WPForm. Because-

  • It's the most feature-rich, beginner-friendly contact form plugin currently available. 
  • You can simply develop basic contact forms to complex forms without having to touch any code.
  • You have a variety of alternatives for selecting an appropriate plan because it is available in both a free and a paid edition.

Step 2: How to install the WPForm plugin to your WordPress website?

To get started, enter your WordPress dashboard and click Plugins » Add New to add the WPForms Lite plugin.

To find the plugin, put WPForms into the search box.

Click the Install Now button after you've located the best one.

To finish the installation procedure when it has been installed, click Activate.

A welcome page will then show up on your screen, along with a WPForms menu in your WordPress admin area. for installation of the contact form plugin, you can also read our blog 'Installation of Contact Form 7 Plugin' for more information.

Step 3: Create a Contact form on the WordPress website

You may now create a contact form in WordPress after successfully installing WPForms.

In the WordPress admin area, select WPForms » Add New.

Enter the name of your form and then select Simple Contact Form when the form setup page will appear.

This will launch a drag-and-drop form builder for WPForms, where you can find a ready-to-use straightforward contact form. It’s a pre-designed form in WPForms.

The pre-made form comes with the following default fields: Name, Email, and Message box. You can proceed and click the Save button at the top of this meets your needs.

Additionally, you can add more fields to your contact form on WordPress website by dragging them from the left-side panel to the right-side panel in this area.

You can only access the default form fields if you're using WPForms Lite. It is always better to get WPForms Pro if you want to use Fancy Fields and Payment Fields. You may use it to construct complex forms like contribution forms, survey forms, and order forms.

You can easily move the fields and reorganize them to customize the form.

Furthermore, by selecting the Field Options, you may edit the Form fields

You may save it when you've finished customizing it.

Step 4: Create Confirmations and Notifications for Forms

After building your contact form, you must appropriately configure form notifications and confirmations. An Email you receive when a user writes a message via the contact form on your website is called a form notification.

For this, Go to Settings » Notifications in your form creator to set up your form notifications.

If you want the administrator email to get the messages, you may just keep the default 

settings as they are. It’s simple for novices because of this feature.  

Also of relevance is a form confirmation that a website visitor sees after submitting a message using the form on your page.

You may send them a thank-you email, show them a page, or send them to a certain URL. Go to Settings » Confirmation in your form creation section to set up your form confirmation.

You may keep the form's default confirmation type of Message alone or modify it to Show page or Go to URL.

Please be sure you click the Save button if you made any changes.

Step 5: Embed Your Contact Form on a Page

After configuring your contact form setting, let’s look at how to set up a Contact Form on WordPress Website. Create a new page or amend an existing page where the contact form will be added. If you're using the Classic editor, navigate to the ‘Add Form’ button in your post or page editor, and then click it.

A pop-up window will show up.

Hit the ‘Add Form’; button after selecting the contact form that you wish to include.

The content of your page will now include a shortcode for a contact form.

Right now, save your page.    

The page may then be opened or previewed to see how your contact form on WordPress website appears.

Here is how it appears when using the Minimalist WordPress Theme.

In the Gutenberg block editor, insert the widget for WPForms.

A drop-down is available to Select the form that you want. It will easily include a contact form on your webpage.

Step 6: Embed the contact form on the sidebars

The WPForms widget may now be used to bring your contact form to sidebars or other widget-ready places on your website, such as the footer. Go to the WPForms widget under Appearance » Widgets in your WordPress dashboard.

The widget should now be moved to the sidebar section on the right side of the page.

Click the Save button after adding a title for your widget and choosing your form from the drop-down box.

Know how your contact forms are working?

Knowing how your contact form on WordPress website is performing is a crucial task.

You can check the overall number of views and conversions your WordPress contact forms are generating as well as the conversion rate for your forms by tracking them. Additionally, you can check the conversion rates of the forms that are receiving the most views and submissions. The MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin is the ideal option if you want to start tracking forms.

It's an easy-to-use tool that you can customize without touching any code in just a few clicks. Simply install and turn on MonsterInsights Forms, and the plugin will begin automatically tracking your forms.

Raising a bar for your contact form on WordPress website

In addition to making simple contact forms, WPForms Pro includes more than 800 pre-made form templates that you can use to make any sort of WordPress Form that you want in a flash.



Conditional logic, surveys and polls, electronic signature collecting, form abandonment, geolocation data, configurable coupon codes, and many stronger features are available. Additionally, it makes it simple to take payments online with Square, PayPal,, and Stripe. WPForms' free edition even enables you to accept Stripe payments.Not to mention that it interfaces with hundreds of marketing and business applications, like HubSpot, Google Sheets, and others, to make your workflow more efficient. Additionally, WPForms now has form modification features that help you add interactive elements to forms like lead forms, conversational forms, and landing pages.Every website needs to obtain a contact form so that customers may quickly inquire about your products and services.

WordPress does not by default have an inbuilt contact form, but with the help of premium WordPress themes, you can easily add one to your website.

We hope you may find this article practically useful to embed a contact form on the WordPress website.

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