Change WordPress Username In No Time

Have you at any point attempted to change your WordPress username to discover that it can't be changed? If you are, indeed, then, at that point, this article is for you. This article will show you three unique methods to change your WordPress username.

Below are the three simple to follow techniques or methods, using which you will be able to change WordPress username. Also, have a look at our Best WordPress Themes, which will help you to make your business stand out.

Method 1: Create A New User And Delete The Old One

The least demanding method for changing WordPress username is making another user with your perfect username and administrator user role. You should utilize an alternate email address than the one used by the old record.

You have to log out and sign in with the new user account you recently made. Go to the Users area and click on the Delete link under your old username.

While erasing your old user, WordPress will ask how you need to manage their content. Ensure that you click on 'Attribute all content to:' choice and afterward select the new user you recently made. Click on the 'Confirm Deletion' button to erase the old user account.

That is all you have effectively changed WordPress username. If you need, you can change the email address of the new user to utilize the old email address related to the old username.

Method 2: Change WordPress Username By Using A Plugin

One more basic method for changing WordPress username is utilizing a plugin. Assuming you are one of those users who would instead not introduce a plugin for each seemingly insignificant detail, then, at that point, let us guarantee you that you can securely erase the plugin whenever you have changed WordPress username.

The first thing you have to do is introduce and activate the Username Changer plugin. Upon enactment, go to the Users » Username Changer page.

Select the username you need to change, and afterward, enter the new username. Click on the Save changes button, and you are sorted.

Method 3: Change WordPress Username Using phpMyAdmin

This technique is somewhat chaotic as it requires rolling out immediate improvements to your WordPress data set. We typically don't prescribe users to roll out direct improvements to their WordPress data set. Be that as it may, sometimes you might not have some other choice. Like for instance, if you have failed to remember WordPress username and email address, then, at that point, you cannot get to the administrator dashboard to change your username.

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Utilizing this technique, you can find your username and likewise transform it.

The first thing you have to do is log in to your cPanel. Look down to the data sets area and click-on phpMyAdmin.

Next, you have to choose the date set that your blog is hosted in.

You will see your WordPress date set tables. As a matter of course, WordPress data set tables use wp_ as a prefix before each table's name. It is conceivable that you might have been utilizing another prefix.

Click on the table wp_users on the left-hand side. Then, at that point, click edit on the username that you need to change.

Change the user_login worth to anything you desire. For instance, you can supplant 'admin' to 'bob'.

Hit the Go button, and you are done.

So, these are the basic methods to change your WordPress user name in few minutes. Hope this article assisted you with figuring out how to Change WordPress Username. Now, if you want, then start Change WordPress Username and create the other desired name.

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