9 Best WordPress Recipe Plugins for Food Bloggers

WordPress recipe plugins

Recipes are the main part of any food blog or restaurant website’s content strategy. Sharing them helps you increase the engagement rate of your WordPress website. But posting recipes and displaying them in a well-optimized format seems like a hassle.

To help you with that, the best recipe WordPress plugins come into the picture. The WordPress recipe plugins simplify the work of posting and formatting recipes for you. The good thing is you don’t need to be tech-savvy or possess any prior knowledge of coding to use the recipe plugins.

WordPress official directory offers various recipe plugins for paid as well as free. It might be difficult to choose the best working plugin when there are multiple choices given to you.

To make it easier to choose the best recipe plugin for your WordPress website. We have brought some of the best recipe plugins for you in this blog. All the plugins, we are going to discuss are equipped with various features. So, if you don’t want to miss out on their features make sure to read this blog till the end.

Benefits of a Recipe Plugin

Recipe WordPress plugins offer a variety of benefits for food bloggers looking to enhance their content and engage with their audience. These plugins make it easy to create, organize, and display recipes on your blog, which can improve your website's search engine optimization, and user experience.

Additionally, recipe plugins often include features like nutritional information and ingredient conversions, making it easy for readers to adapt recipes to their individual needs. Recipe WordPress plugins come up with the ability to ensure whether your recipe content is optimized or not for search engines.

These plugins also offer customizable styling options, enabling bloggers to create a consistent visual identity across their recipe posts.

With all of these benefits, it's no wonder that recipe WordPress plugins are a popular tool among food bloggers looking to take their content to the next level.

Best Recipe Plugins for WordPress

After knowing the benefits of WordPress recipe plugins, you must be eager to install them on your website. To help you with that, here are the best recipe WordPress plugins.

  • Tasty Recipes
  • Recipe Card Blocks
  • WP Recipe Maker
  • Zip Recipes
  • Cooked
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Meal Planner Pro
  • Blossom Recipe Maker
  • Total Recipe Generator

Let’s take a look at all of them in detail.

Tasty Recipes

The Tasty Recipes WordPress plugin is a great plugin that helps food bloggers and recipe websites create attractive and functional recipe cards for their content. The plugin offers a range of features that make it easy for you to format recipes for display on both desktop and mobile devices.

It comes up with customizable recipe card templates. You can choose from a variety of pre-designed templates or create your own using the plugin's drag-and-drop editor. The templates are fully customizable; hence you can easily change the fonts, colors, and layout of their recipe cards to give them a personalized look.

In addition, the schema markup feature of this plugin will assist search engines to understand the content of recipes posted on your website. It will improve the visibility and rankings of your website on Google search results. Additionally, the plugin provides options for adding nutritional information to recipes, making it easy for your website visitors to see the nutritional content of a dish.

Another useful feature of the Tasty Recipes plugin is its integration with social media platforms. It allows you to add social sharing buttons to your recipe cards, allowing visitors to share recipes on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This can help to increase your website's reach and engagement.

The Tasty Recipes plugin is also optimized for performance and speed. Hence it will not negatively impact the loading speed of your website. Plugin is designed to be lightweight and optimized for minimal impact on website speed. It uses lazy loading to ensure that recipe images only load when they are needed.

If you are a food blogger and looking forward to creating attractive and functional recipe cards on your website, then make sure to install the tasty recipes WordPress plugin on your website.

Recipe Card Blocks

recipe card blocks plugin

Recipe card blocks is a Gutenberg block-based plugin that makes it easy for you to create and post attractive recipe cards on your website. Unlike other recipe plugins, you can edit and avail the customization features of the recipe card block plugins from the native WordPress editor.

With Recipe Card Blocks, you can add ingredients, instructions, cooking time, and nutrition information to your recipe cards. You can also add images and videos to make your recipes more visually appealing.

The best feature of the Recipe Card Blocks is its integration with Schema.org. It is a structured data markup that assists search engines in better understanding your content. It will increase help to increase the visibility and rankings of your website in Google search results.

The recipe card block plugins are available in free and premium version. Both of them are listed in the official WordPress directory. The premium version consists of features such as a nutrition factor tool, varied color scheme and recipe card styles, advanced Pinterest settings etc.

You can go with the free version of the recipe card blocks plugin to try out its features first. If it appeals to you then you can purchase the premium version if it suits your needs or budget.

WP Recipe Maker

The WP recipe maker is one of the most popular recipe plugins available at WordPress.org . This plugin has over 40,000 active users.  It allows you to present recipes on your website in the most attractive and presentable way.

SEO optimization of the plugin ensures good visibility and rankings for your site’s content in Google search results. It will help you to showcase your content to a wider audience base and increase the reach of your brand.

It has also got a social media integration feature, which will allow you and your website visitors to share your site’s content across various social media platforms. With the print feature of the WP recipe maker plugin, your website visitors can also print your recipes.

Taking feedback from your website visitors about the recipes becomes easy with this plugin. With the rating feature of this plugin, your website visitors can rate the recipes that will help you to stand out and improve.

You can also upload videos and images of recipes easily with the assistance of the WP recipe maker plugin. It also has a free and paid version, all the features we discussed above are available in the free version. You can purchase the pro version to unlock more of its features.

Zip Recipes

Zip recipes is another WordPress recipe plugin that makes it easy for you to display recipes o your website in the best possible formatting. Google search view feature of this plugin lets you optimize the content of your website for search engines. The zip recipe plugin ensures that every recipe you post on your website should be search engine optimized and look attractive.

The zip recipe plugin allows you to add important details about the recipes such as the list of ingredients, serving style, method of preparation and photos and videos of the same to help visitors understand your content in a better way.

It provides a well-organized interface that keeps the recipes separated from the other content of your website. Just like the recipe card blocks, this plugin doesn't provide you with a separate shortcode editor. Instead, it allows you to edit with the default WordPress block editor.

One of the best features plugins is its integration with social media. It allows you to add Pinterest sharing buttons to recipe images posted on your website, which is an easy way to market your recipes and gain a new audience. In addition, visitors can also print photos of recipes with the print button included in this plugin.

So, if you want a full-fledged solution for posting attractive recipes on your WordPress website, then don’t forget to install the zip recipes plugin on your website.


Know how to cook great recipes but struggling to present them on your website? In that case, the cooked recipe plugin can become your best companion. The cooked is a WordPress recipe plugin that is packed with various useful features.

Cooked makes it hassle-free to post recipes on your website. At the same time, it also makes those recipes look good with the help of its retina-ready templates. The drag-and-drop interface of this plugin gives you full control over the layout of your recipes. 

It also consists of a search tool that allows easy navigation for your website visitors through your site’s content. Just like every other plugin we discussed; it is also an SEO-optimized plugin that helps to improve the rankings of your website in the Google search results.

One of the best features of the cooked plugin is its responsive nature. It makes your recipes accessible to every internet user irrespective of the device they’re using to access your website.

If you don’t want to miss out on displaying recipes on your website in the most attractive way, then do give a try to the cooked WordPress recipe plugin a.

Delicious Recipes

delicious recipe plugin

Delicious recipes is  free recipe WordPress plugin that is equipped with a schema-friendly design. Schema-friendly design make sure that your recipe’s content is well-optimized to appear in search engines. It will also show extra information such as recipe details along with snippets of the recipes in the Google search results.

The extra information will help you to catch the attention of more internet users and drive more traffic towards your website. The website traffic is more likely to engage more with your recipes because of the well-structured arrangement provided by the delicious recipes WordPress plugin.

With this plugin, you can easily add images and videos to compliment your recipe content and help the readers to grasp the content in a better way. In addition, the readers can also print the image with the help of the print button.

The delicious recipes plugin also allows your website visitors to rate your recipes with the help of its rating feature. The most rated recipes will stand out and are more likely to rank higher in Google. The least-rated recipes will help you understand the taste of your website visitors and the room for improvement.

The best thing about this plugin is it's easy to use interface. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to access this plugin. If somehow you face issues while using the plugin, then its video tutorials and a walk-through wizard are always there to help you.

If you are willing to display your delicious recipes on your website in the most attractive ways, then don’t forget to install the delicious recipes WordPress plugins on your website.

Meal Planner Pro

meal planner pro plugin

Meal Planner Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that helps you to create meal packages. This feature allows your user to purchase the meal plans according to their needs. The plugin allows users to create custom meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists.

It includes features such as drag-and-drop meal planning, nutrition tracking, and the ability to import recipes from popular websites. The plugin is compactible for WooCommerce integration to sell meal plans and recipes as a product on the website.

Plugin is formatted for maximum Search engine optimization of your website for higher recipe ranking in search engines. Plugin is packed with recipe action features like printing, and saving recipes. Meal planner brings your blog recipes right to the readers tables.

Blossom Recipe Maker

blossom recipe maker

The Blossom Recipe Maker is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create and publish professional-looking recipes on their websites. This plugin enables users to add ingredients, directions, and nutrition information for each recipe.

The plugin includes a recipe filtering system that allows users to search for recipes by category, cuisine, or ingredient. Blossom Recipe Maker allows users to print out a recipe in a clear and easy-to-read format, making it perfect for use in the kitchen.

The plugin creates a visually appealing recipe card that includes all the important information for the recipe, including an image, cooking time, servings, and difficulty level.

This plugin is ideal for food bloggers, recipe creators, and website owners who want to share their recipes with their audience. With this plugin, users can customize their recipes' appearance, add images, and allow their audience to print or save recipes.

Blossom Recipe Maker is easy to use, and its interface is user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced users alike.

Total Recipe Generator

Total Recipe Generator is a WordPress plugin that helps users to create, organize, and display recipes on their website. It offers various customizable options for recipe creation, including adding ingredients, preparation time, cooking time, serving size, nutrition facts, and much more.

Plugin helps to improves your food blog posts presence in search results and personalized media platforms like Pinterest.

With this plugin, users can create unlimited recipe categories, and display recipes using shortcodes, widgets, or Gutenberg blocks. The Total Recipe Generator plugin also comes with a built-in recipe search feature, and it is compatible with most popular food blogging WordPress theme.


As a restaurant owner or a food blogger creating tasty recipes might not be hard but displaying them on your website is, if you aren’t familiar with coding and tech stuff. For such scenarios, the recipe WordPress plugins are a one-stop solution to grow your audience.

All above listed plugins are packed with various useful food blog features to simplify displaying recipes. You can try out various plugins as they’re free to install and choose the one that works the best for your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Go test out different options, you'll be able to find the plugin that works best for your blog and audience.

FAQs on WordPress Recipe Plugins

What features should I look for in a recipe plugin?

To make your food blogging smooth, you should check recipe plugin for certain checks before installing. The ideal recipe plugin should have features like easy-to-use interface, customization options, nutritional information, photo/video support, social sharing feature.

Also check if it has recipe creation, recipe indexing, recipe schema markup, and integration with social media platforms.

Can I import recipes from other platforms using recipe WordPress plugins?

Some WordPress recipe plugins allow importing recipes from other platforms. Some plugins support importing recipes from popular recipe websites like Allrecipes, Epicurious, and Food.com.

It's important to note that the process of importing recipes may vary depending on the plugin and the source platform. If your planning to install any recipe plugin then it is advisable to check documentation that plugin.

Are recipe WordPress plugins easy to use?

Yes, most recipe plugins have a user-friendly interface and are easy to use. Additionally, most plugins have documentation and support teams that can assist you in case of any difficulties.

Can I use recipe WordPress plugins with any WordPress theme?

Yes, recipe plugins are designed to be compatible with most WordPress themes. However, it's always advisable to check the plugin's compatibility before installation.

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