8 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins in 2023

drag and drop WordPress page builders

Do you want to start building your website but need coding knowledge? This task can feel burdensome if you need more advanced knowledge about website building. However, you no longer need to feel left out. Now, you can create and modify your website using drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin.

As the best option for beginners, you can start designing your web pages and publish them today. However, considering several tell the same "we are the best" story, you might wonder about the top options.

Therefore, we are here to help you. We have created this article to list all the top page builder plugins for your WordPress website. However, before we move on, let us discuss what really page builders are and why you should use them.

What is WordPress Page Builder Plugin

WordPress offers you the assistance of plugins for building your web pages. These page builder plugins are tools used for building, editing and modifying the layout of your WordPress site. Thus, you won’t have to code your pages.

WordPress page builders contribute to making your website customization experience flexible and effortless. You can use their editor interface to follow quickly through the building process.

The user-friendly design of these drag-and-drop tools promotes functionality. They provide you with structured layouts, templates and design components. Another attribute of these builders enables you to view the look and aesthetic of your page before publishing it.

Make sure page builders are distinct from the customizer or block editor. These instruments offer better options to monitor what will best suit your page's layout. Moreover, some tools provide the choice to use layout sections, photos, and pre-designed blocks instantly.

Reason For Using WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Are you planning on starting your very first website with WordPress? If yes, then you might face difficulty modifying your web page layout. WordPress themes are ideally responsible for deciding your website's design.

Additionally, you may also have multiple features to alter your website. Nevertheless, these features can be complicated to understand and use for changing your website to your heart's content.

Hence, your best page builder plugin with a drag-and-drop option will supply multiple features, making your website customization fun and easy. You can build eye-catching landing pages and unique layouts for your website. You do not need to invest a large sum in website developers.

These WordPress page builders offer you the functionality to add, move, rearrange, and change multiple elements to your layouts simply by dragging and dropping them. These include widgets, blocks, and modules. And you can do all of this without knowing to code.

Additionally, developers take advantage of page builders for custom designing your page layouts considerably faster. 

Top 7 Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders

Considering you know what page builders are and why you need them, it is time to proceed to popular page builders for you. In this section, we will be discussing builders and their features.


A popularly known page builder plugin for WordPress is Elementor. It has over 2 million installations and is a user-friendly drag-and-drop tool that enables quick and easy website building. You can watch the changes live on your web pages as you edit and modify them. As it is flexible, you can move and place elements however you want.

To give you the best experience, this builder is open source, thus, giving you the right to use its codes freely. Therefore, you do not need to learn coding to alter the page layout as you want.


  • It features over 100 aesthetically appealing templates for your landing page. These are available for all kinds of niches.
  • They have more than 90 widgets that help increase your leads and online traffic.
  • The widgets are compatible with WPForms allowing to add forms to various pages.
  • Elementor includes blocks for over 300 elements that you can employ to present refined and elegant pages.
  • To make your web pages mobile-friendly, Elementor features capabilities that allow you to customize the elements’ visibility, font size, column order, etc.
  • If you want to go back and make changes, the element allows you to undo or redo changes.
  • Elementor also informs users about a page under construction by displaying a 'coming soon' with maintenance mode.

Elementor also offers a premium footer and header customization version, 50+ widgets (pro version), WooCommerce builder, and Typekit fonts.

Why to Choose Elementor WordPress Page Builder ?

If you are a beginner and looking for an intuitive option, then Elementor should be your top pick. Its interface is interactive and easy to learn for creating stunning web pages. As a small business that is new in the market, investing in Elementor’s lite version

Beaver Builder


Do you want to start your blogging journey or create an e-commerce space? Then your ideal solution is Beaver Page Builder. Amongst several options, this page builder plugin is highly intuitive. Using a single license, you have the liberty to create several WordPress websites.

Builder Beaver is an excellent solution for checking the changes they made to their website in actual time. Its multiple features ensure that you have a top-notch website-building experience.

Additionally, it features excellent landing pages that will help attract traffic to website and generate leads. You can drag various elements to your landing page, such as testimonials, counters, sliders, etc. 


  • Modules of this builder grant you to add buttons, sliders, content blocks, carousels, backgrounds, etc.
  • Beaver Builder offers 30+ pre-designed templates for creating pages for landing and content.
  • You can create multiple pages for your content, including an about us page, team pages, pricing tables, portfolio and services.
  • Apart from real-time customization, you can use the live demo to try each feature before applying.
  • The plugin gives users the option for widgets and shortcodes with which you can add subscription forms to your web page and add users to your email list.
  • You can also integrate Beaver Builder with various WordPress plugins.
  • The plugin is also Gutenberg-read and compatible with various mobile devices.

Why to Choose Beaver WordPress Page Builder?

Like our last option, Beaver Builder is also an excellent choice for users with little to no clue about website building and customization. You can pick this tool as an affordable solution for your WordPress site. If you are looking forward to designing specific landing pages, the free Beaver Builder version is a good choice.


Next in line is the Divi page builder. Favoured by many, Elegant Themes offers you an authentic visual builder for your web pages. Its elementary interface with a drag-and-drop option for actualizing a website with beautiful designs and layouts.

To enable you to view the changes as you customize your site, it offers real-time customization. Further, it offers users to use a visual editor with the option to drag and drop elements. Catering to a variety of websites, this builder features numerous layout packs.


  • It enables users to customize numerous page elements such as colour, font, spacing sizing, etc.
  • You can find a total of 46 elements for your content page. These include CTA, accordion, galleries, buttons, audio player, forms, pricing table, etc.
  • For your convenience, it consists of 20+ pre-built templates to begin designing your layout as fast as possible.
  • You do not need to visit the settings panel to edit your page layout since it allows editing from its front end.
  • If you like a layout, you can save and use it in the future. You can also import and export website layouts from one installation to another.
  • If you are aware of CSS and how to use it, you get the option to combine a custom CSS code with your elements.
  • Divi also features numerous web page widgets, theme sections and listings for the WooCommerce store.

Although this page builder plugin offers numerous features and functionality, it only has a premium version. The live demo is available for you to try this builder. However, you must purchase its annual membership to enjoy all the best features.

Why to Choose Divi WordPress Page Builder?

Despite Divi not being a free option, it has several users who mostly have positive things to say about this plugin. You can use various plugins and themes provided by Elegant Themes upon purchase. It makes a great alternative to Beaver Builder.


Sitting among the top contenders for the best WordPress plugin for page building is SeedProd. Its visual page builder with drag-and-drop functionality to design unique web pages or a complete website makes this tool stand out.

SeedProd should be number one on your list if you seek user-friendly, powerful, and speedy options. With the assistance of its fantastic visual builder, it will take seconds to build, edit and customize your landing page.


  • It offers over 200 templates that are available for you to use.
  • By using SeedProd, you will receive plentiful options for landing pages that increase conversion rate. These include sales, thank you page, opt-in, webinars, etc.
  • The intuitive visual builder with the option to drag and drop will help you quickly create web pages.
  • For ensuring that your website looks stunning across all devices, this plugin for page building is mobile-friendly and quick to respond.
  • Its functionality to integrate with various landing pages expedites the entire process of website building.
  • Thanks to its multiple content blocks available for customization, you can add numerous elements to your landing page.
  • Another incredible feature of this tool is its Coming Soon' page which helps your website rank on search engines.

Why to Choose SeedProd WordPress Page Builder?

Beginners and developers can employ this page builder's full function to drag-and-drop elements and quickly design web pages. Apart from unlimited options to customize your web pages, you can create highly responsive pages. Among the multiple features of SeedProd, you can also integrate with third-party plugins and protect your site from spam.

Visual Composer 

visual composer page builder

Another stunning solution for accessible website building with a drag-and-drop page builder is Visual Composer. A favorite of many users, this tool has a user-friendly interface. It gives beginners a chance to develop their websites without hiring professionals. TEDx is also one of the many users.

You can customize your website while viewing the changes as you make them with the live editor. Another great functionality of this builder allows you to click anywhere on your page and edit or customize your page's content.


  • Visual Composer offers compatibility with approximately all themes and block editors for WordPress.
  • It offers compatibility with SEO plugins and Google Fonts
  • Apart from creating your usual pages and posts, you can create post types yourself.
  • You can customize any element of your page and control your page’s borders, parallax effects, background, spaces, etc. to match up your website to latest web design trends.
  • With Visual Composer, you can customize your website’s sidebars, menu, footer, logo, header, and more.
  • As a WordPress page builder plugin, it is compatible with all free and premium WordPress themes.
  • If you want to build a grid layout, you can employ its adjustable columns and rows.
  • To build gorgeous and captivating pages, this page builder features templates and components created by professionals.

Why to Choose Visual Composure WordPress Page Builder ?

Visual Composure page builder enables completely transforming your website's design from customization options to numerous templates. You can fully edit and customize your website pages from header to footer and every other page element.

Thrive Architect

Loaded with charming features, Thrive Architect is a page-builder plugin that will help you develop a stunning website. You can drag and drop several elements to enhance your website's appeal and traffic.

Beginners who do not know coding can also utilize this page builder tool and can create magnificent content, pages, layouts, and more.


  • More than 300 layouts are ready for you to create multiple web pages for home, webinar, application, sales, lead generation, etc.
  • The plugin offers testimonials, countdown timers, buttons, forms for lead generation, etc., for conversions.
  • Its visual editor allows you to customize from the front end by simply clicking and starting editing, rearranging and removing elements.
  • To increase your engagement, you can add customized blog post layouts and include styled lists, highlight boxes, or click-to-tweet options.
  • Users can establish websites with exquisite designs thanks to their customizable design elements like custom fonts, background images, columns, text overlays, hover effects, etc.
  • It offers integration for email marketing and features a responsive design.

Why to Choose Thrive Architect WordPress Page Builder?

This WordPress page builder plugin for straightforward designing of your business websites. The visual front-end editor, together with numerous template choices, makes it beginner friendly. You can easily design layouts and custom pages.


If you want a free option for developing, editing, and customizing your website, you can explore Brizy. With this next-generation WordPress page building capabilities, you will not have to learn coding to create a website.

Opening doors to increase your productivity and simplifying tasks, this web page builder is user-friendly, robust and swift.


  • The drag-and-drop page builder ensures you can prepare multiple stunning web pages quickly.
  • Its visual editor lets you see the changes displayed live on your website.
  • Brizy features global fonts and colours.
  • It is responsive and ensures your web pages look stunning on all mobile devices.
  • There are over 100 design templates with appealing designs with options to create light and elegant or dark and bold web pages.
  • You can also use WooCommerce block to create the best business website.
  • It also has blocks for animated sliders to attract the audience's attention.

Why to Choose Brizy WordPress Page Builder?

Non-techies can make a website using this website builder plugin in no time, thanks to its visual editor and the drag-and-drop option. It is fast and user-friendly and ensures a gorgeous website is ready to use within an hour. Additionally, its simplicity, stunning templates, and responsiveness make it unique.

Themify Builder

Themify builder is a drag-and-drop page builder plugin compatible with various stunning WordPress themes. It is the most robust and user-friendly designer for your web page.

Additionally, thanks to this free plugin, you do not have to learn to code. It allows you to select different elements to drag and drop and watch the real-time transformation.


  • This plugin has more than 40 designs for professional purposes.
  • You can easily import the layout to add text or media and build a landing page in a few minutes.
  • It features a backend interface for quickly dragging and dropping modules where you need them.
  • If you make a mistake, you can edit freely and easily redo or undo any changes.
  • For increased functionality, you can use over 25 plugins like Typewriter, Progress Bar, Slider Pro, WooCommerce, Maps Pro, etc.

Why to Choose Themify WordPress Page Builder ?

Themify Builder is a page builder WordPress plugin that is a free option to drag-and-drop elements. You can customize exquisite web pages as well as preview the changes live. You can also undo or redo the changes to alter the website. Additionally, the premium option is also available for an excellent price.


Website building poses a complicated process for beginners who need to learn how to code. However, users no longer need to worry about this problem with multiple feature-rich WordPress page builders. You can choose the best suitable option for your website from the above-listed options.

FAQs on WordPress Page Builders

Features To Look for In a Drag-And-Drop WordPress Page Builder Plugin ?

Although page builder plugins come loaded with several features for you. However, the following are a few you absolutely cannot miss:

First, for search engine optimization, you require a compatible builder. Thus, choose a builder that supports SEO.

A theme and builder should be compatible with streamlining the customization process.

With responsiveness, your web pages will work smoothly on all mobile devices and help boost your reach and user interaction.

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