10 Best WordPress Coupon Plugins In 2022

A coupon code is an excellent method for changing over forsaking site visitors into clients and incrementing the sales of your online store. You can offer coupons and discounts to persuade clients to make a buy right away. If you have a coupon field on your cart page, then individuals will probably pass on your cart to look for a coupon code before making the buy so that they can save money. This implies that to diminish cart surrender you should show the coupon on your site conspicuously. We will see some best WordPress coupon plugins in this article.

Moreover, you ought to use this chance by advancing your discount codes on third-party coupon sites so that you can rank for your "brand name coupon" keywords in Google and other web search tools.

While WooCommerce accompanies an implicit coupon include, you genuinely need to utilize third-party plugins to open progressed coupon features like mass creating coupons, adding gift voucher features, showing coupons in popups, scroll bars, and so on.

We have accumulated a rundown of the best WooCommerce coupon code plugins that you can use to develop your sales. A portion of the plugins in this article will likewise work with other WordPress eCommerce plugins also. Our Easy To Use WordPress Themes are ideal for creating a website and are compatible with WordPress Coupon Plugins that are quick, simple, and effective. These themes contain a lot of features that make it easy for a non-programmer to establish a website. You just select your preferred theme and begin the process of building your website.

Now, let’s see the best WordPress coupon code plugins that you can use to make coupons for your online store.

1. Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator is a well-known WordPress coupon code plugin. It empowers you to make coupons and effortlessly add them to your online store. You can utilize the Coupon Creator shortcode to include coupons in your posts and pages. It has the end date choice, which permits you to set an end date for the coupons.

Best WordPress coupon plugins completely incorporate WooCommerce, and you can likewise make WooCommerce coupons utilizing their incredible choices.

2. Coupon Code

best WordPress coupon plugins is an incredible WordPress coupon plugin that empowers you to sell coupons, vouchers, and licenses straightforwardly on your site. It connects consistently with payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Stripe and embeds effectively into any WordPress page utilizing a shortcode. It even acknowledges bitcoins using Blockchain.info API.

As a simple method for adapting your present site, Coupon Code for WordPress is a powerful WordPress coupon code plugin that you can use for limitless missions. It allows you to convey coupons, vouchers, or permit codes using email and converts into numerous dialects to contact a worldwide crowd and create more income.

Extra features include:

  • Support for quite a long time
  • Acknowledgment of significant credit and check cards
  •  Adaptable value support for visitors to set their costs
  • The choice to convey free coupons and vouchers
  • Email conveyance of coupons to clients

3. VoucherPress

A lot of online stores will have different retail channels to sell items. On the off chance that you have an online store and an actual store, you might need to utilize printed gift vouchers once in a while. This plugin will assist you with making PDF gift vouchers, which clients can download. Clients can profit from them for their next buy either online or offline. It tends to be an incredible choice for online help appointments or events where clients are more likely to benefit them at a store or scene. The gift vouchers are adjustable, so clients can buy them as presents for their loved ones.


  • Offer downloadable PDF vouchers, which clients can reclaim at an actual area or online as store credits.
  • Permit clients to make customized vouchers, which they can consequently email to the beneficiary.
  • Make voucher reclamation simpler by adding a QR code to the PDF voucher.
  • Great choices to customize the vouchers with six diverse foundation styles and add pictures as foundations.
  • Control how clients use vouchers with halfway reclamation as well as block vouchers to forestall further recovery.

4. Social Coupon For WordPress

The social coupon is the best WordPress coupon plugins that show motivators like PDFs, music, layouts, vouchers, or videos as remunerations for explicit social activities taken by your site visitors. This presents you with a chance to fabricate your Facebook or Twitter users while growing your brand to new client bases.

This plugin likewise upholds extra premium applications, such as an email list developer for expanding endorsers or a Live Chat work that utilizes Slack to help clients with different kinds of feedback. It even accompanies a Conversion Popup account included.

Extra elements include:

  • Repeating or once use offers
  • Custom focusing on rules
  • Programmed popup with exit design innovation
  • Adaptable background pictures and proposition subtleties
  • Custom logo and marking support
  • Reconciliation with significant internet business platforms, including Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Magento
  • Support for all significant email specialist co-ops

5. WooCommerce Coupon

Continue to peruse to find incredible elements you'll get with Smart Coupons. In any case, it incorporates everything from selling store credits and gift vouchers, progressed coupon discounts, programmed coupon issuance, unconditional gift coupons, producing coupons in mass, pleasant plans, speedy administration, and much more.

WooCommerce Coupon is an unsurpassed top-of-the-line plugin on WooCommerce. More than 15,000 clients depend on it to maintain their organizations.

People love the plugin and leave five-star reviews. You'll observe genuine reviews from individuals like you as you look through this page.

The Coupons doesn't dial back your site or checkout process. Probably the biggest WooCommerce stores use it, and you also can depend on its quality.

It's adaptable yet instinctive. Store administrators and junior staff can undoubtedly run advancements using WooCommerce Coupons – without requiring engineer help.

You're getting 100% authentic and unique plugins when you purchase today. These WooCommerce Coupons have been tried with well-known other plugins, and we continue to develop them consistently. No dangers here!

Also, Learn about the Best Free WordPress chat plugins for website support which works great with coupon plugins so you can simply communicate with your customers and address their concerns. Chat plugins include not just a support tool, but also traffic tracking and quicker response alternatives. These conversation plugins can set your site apart from the competition and attract new visitors.

6. Discount Coupon

Discount coupon is one more WooCommerce augmentation for giving programmed discounts to site visitors dependent on the number of items in their carts. To help with ensuring your clients outwardly see the accessible investment funds, this plugin shows discounts straightforwardly on things on your checkout page.

You can set discounts and coupons to seem dependent on the most minor or most excellent buy sums. Likewise, you can apply coupons to explicit classifications of items to support deals. You should embed a basic shortcode and watch your tweaked discounts show up.

Extra features include:

  • Make coupons and vouchers in WooCommerce
  • Pick precisely where to show voucher data
  • Render discounts consequently
  • Empower limited mass purchasing of products and services
  • Join inline styles for fast customizations

7. Coupon Store

To track down a fundamental choice to deal with store credits on your store, this plugin could be a great choice. It will assist you with making a customized insight for your clients and will, by and large, work on the possibilities of client reliability. When store credit is added to clients' records, they can make various buys utilizing that. You can earn store credits so that you can quantify the number of credits in each purchase. Also, you can use store credits when managing discounts, which will guarantee that you are not losing a deal.


  • Assists you with making and offering store credits to clients.
  • Control how you need clients to utilize their store credits.
  • Discount store credit coupons to direct products or classifications or use them for delivery discounts.
  • Pick whether to permit clients to use store credits alongside different offers.
  • Coordinate with other eCommerce plugins and external devices without any problem.

8. JC Coupon Lite

JC Coupon Lite is one of the best WordPress coupon plugins accessible in the WordPress Directory. This plugin is basic and straightforward to use for WordPress users. It permits them to alter, make and distribute various styles of coupons.

It isn't required for the users to know about coding. JC Coupon Lite offers coupons to the management that can be included in your posts and pages. The coupon is accessible in 4 tones.


  • Effectively Add Coupons to Web pages and Blogs
  • Customization Coupons that fit your site.
  • Live Preview of Coupons
  • Concealed Destiny URLs
  • You can add coupons that never lapse with the custom Expiry text choice.
  • Extremely convenient Coupon management
  • Custom date design
  • Capacity to lessen bounce rate and some more.

9. Magic WP Coupons

Another of the best free WordPress coupon plugins accessible is the Magic WP Coupon. It is accessible in free and premium forms. The Magic WP Coupon Lite is the free form of the plugin. It permits all the essential capacities expected to control coupon crusades.

Moreover, the new form of the plugin upholds widgets that are essential in all WordPress themes. Alongside this, it helps you follow the number of clicks and impressions made by the user.

Then again, the top-notch variant offers devoted support, shrouded URLs, definite announcing, and considerably more. Without much of a stretch, buyers can search and utilize the coupon codes when purchasing products.

10. Viral Coupon

The viral coupon is a fantastic WordPress plugin to tweak coupon codes remarkably. You can, without much of a stretch, showcase these promotion codes on your sites with stunning pictures and a spring-up window.

All of you want to show excellent arrangements for your products and sell them by discounts codes. Coupon codes are created to make this business interaction a very potential. It's an extraordinary savvy procedure to change over your visitors. An intelligent device to offer particular discounts and offers before your visitors. Intensify your deals with an attractive showcase of coupon codes on your site. WordPress Viral coupon plugin made it simple for you.

With Viral Plugin, You can tweak your coupon code without much of a stretch and style it with pictures and various tones. It is easily configurable for any of your sites.

What happens is, when clients land on your site page and stay briefly, a window will seem to feature your extraordinary arrangement. You request that a client share this arrangement on friendly sites. When a client is finished with this activity, he will immediately divert to the coupon codes. A client will get the markdown code at the moment second.

If you're searching for an extraordinary method for drawing in expected users on your WordPress site and urging them to purchase from your WooCommerce store, offering coupons is a viable road. Notwithstanding, it assists with utilizing a plugin.

All the above plugins are easy to use with all the required features included in them. Try any of the plugins to offer discounts and coupons to increase your sales. Grab the eyes of more users and attract new clients also by giving them new coupons on their purchases.

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