5 Best Woocommerce Payment Options for Your E-Commerce Store



An online store website needs to have the best online payment solutions to run efficiently. People today are more on the web, urging them to find fast, secure, and professional payment solutions for online purchasing. Then comes the need to add the best woocommerce payment options to your website. Getting WooCommerce payments is the gateway to boosted revenue and user engagement on your site. You can add them anytime or anywhere by simply following their setup processes. Online payment solutions provide a layer of personal security too. So, if you are an online store owner and looking to add online payments to your site, then this blog will help out. Here, we have encountered the top-tiered Woocommerce payment options for your site.

Best Woocommerce Payment Options for Fast and Secured Payments

1. Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe is a WooCommerce plugin that has a strong impact on accepting online payments. It provides a fast and reliable solution for users choosing online payments for purchases. Stripe is made with user-friendly measures. This is completely responsive and easily fits on every screen size. This is why millions of users are using Stripe to accept online payments.

The plugin is a Woocommerce-integrated plugin that mostly benefits e-commerce businesses. It provides a professional yet impressive solution that users love to use. Thus, the site owners experience good revenue and traffic too. The plugin further integrates with Google Pay and Apple Pay, making it a versatile solution. It accepts various payment methods, like credit, debit, and all local payment methods. One more interesting fact is that Stripe requires no hidden charges to use. It charges only when you have started receiving payments online. Once the users have made the payment with Stripe, there is no need to add details every time. Stripe stores the addresses of the existing customers so that next time it is made simpler.


  • 12+ payment methods are integrated with Stripe.
  • It has a fully customizable design so that users can make it to suit their needs.
  • Available in 42+ countries all over the world.


  • The Stripe payment option is not available in all countries globally.

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2. PayPal Woocommerce Payments

How can we forget PayPal when it comes to having the best e-commerce payment options? PayPal Payment gateway is a top-ranking plugin that provides a one-stop solution for having online payments on your site. This one of the most powerful payment solutions provides a complete checkout solution that runs smoothly. Clients prefer using PayPal on e-commerce websites just because it is user-friendly. No hidden charges or setup charges are required. Its configuration is simpler and requires no developer knowledge to set up online payments with PayPal. It deals with various online payment options like credit, debit, pay later, and country-specific options. Its pay-later feature is included in the pro version, which boosts conversion rates for your website. It is one of the best Woocommerce payment options.

The plugin further offers country-specific payment options, making it easier for users belonging to different countries. Thus, it has made a huge place for e-commerce businesses working globally. The plugin further adds the best measures that boost the overall functionality by providing smoother and faster payment services. Money directly reaches your bank without any hidden costs.


  • PayPay is easy to set up and accepts payments globally.
  • You can access the money within minutes, right after the customer has made the payment.
  • It also has Woocommerce integration with various features to enhance the functionality.


  • The plugin is more user-friendly than developer-friendly.

3. Square Payment Gateway

Square is another said to be the most flexible payment option that sets your online stores in the top gear. It turns out to be a versatile solution to add online payment methods to your website.

Since this is a Woocommerce-powered plugin, you can easily sync your offline stores with it. Everything from sales, inventory, customer data, and more can be easily synced to your online store. It lets you manage every channel right from a single payment option across your site.

Coming to the setup, let me tell you that the setup is super easy. It provides a fast and reliable way to accept debit and credit card payments online. It consists of no long-term commitments, no hidden costs, or nothing. Payments are directly shown on your account in no time. It provides a safe and secure solution by providing advanced security and PCI protection. Further, inventory management and syncing are done automatically, like a professional. Users are not required to add items again and again with the payment option. Everything is managed to keep the customers’ place in mind.


  • This is a user-friendly solution providing automated solutions to accept online payments.
  • It even allows for the acceptance of in-person or online payments with safe security measures.
  • It works as a versatile solution, accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more options.


  • The plugin is not accessible in all countries. 

4. Amazon Pay

Now comes another most adaptive and creative online payment solution for online sellers. This Amazon Pay is for those with existing Amazon accounts and automatically syncs to pay online. This is a newly derived payment solution for only Amazon customers. It is one of the best Woocommerce Payment options that is used world wide.

This is again a remembered payment solution that gives fast and instant online payments. The biggest advantage is that existing Amazon users don’t need to add additional account details. They simply need to pass the checkout process without adding billing or other details. Since Amazon is a winning-heart platform for trading, it has a great place in online payments too. This has benefited their rise in revenue by keeping customers engaged on the website for the long run. This means clients will be safe from fraud and other breaches of payment online. It even leverages the latest technology services, like Alexa, and recurring payments on the site.

Giving the fastest solution, it never fails to keep the customer data secured on the site. It even gives an A-to-Z guarantee that customers have a safer online payment along with purchase, delivery, and order quality.


  • This online payment solution is a direct gateway to existing Amazon customers.
  • This is a completely user-friendly solution that even beginners can handle.
  • No extra hidden costs or monthly fees are charged to accept online payments.


  • The only drawback is that it can get more of your customer details than your payment method.

5. Authorize.Net

Here's another one of the best Woocommerce payment methods for your online stores. This is a subsidiary payment method powered by Visa, specially made for online stores. The plugin allows you to accept online payments through Authorize.Net merchant accounts globally on your site.

Authorize.net is a simple and efficient payment solution that is easy to set up and accept online payments. No hidden coding skills or developer help are required to use this. The setup is super easy and supports Woocommerce in depth. Right after installing, the plugin asks you to add some details, and you are good to accept credit card payments. There are so many ways to accept online payments, but this intuitive solution specializes in credit card payments. It even complies with the best security measures to secure customer data. It even allows us to set up logging to debug issues when they arise. In the case of refunds, it can be easily accessed directly from the dashboard. There is no need to visit every order page or check accounts for this.


  • The plugin accepts every type of online payment and specializes in Visa.
  • It turns out to be a barrier against fraud and other security breaches.
  • The plugin uses a simple and easy checkout process.


  • Its setup may hurt your brain and is only accessible for US and Canadian businesses.


Getting your online store supported with online payments is a form of upgrading your store services. People will recognize your online store more when you offer fast and secure payment options.

Accepting online payments on your website benefits your site by boosting the user experience too. This is a fast and reliable solution so that users can easily pass the checkout processes right on to your store. There is no need to visit any other page when you have online payments on your site.

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So I hope you have the direction and tools to let in the best woocommerce payment options on your site.

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