Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress That Perform Seamlessly

You want your website to have social media share buttons on your WordPress site but are struggling to find the right social media plugins among the thousands of plugins available on the internet, right? Sometimes, too much choice makes things really difficult. In this post, we have brought you the best social media plugins for WordPress that will satisfy your website's social sharing needs. Also, have a look at stunning and Popular WordPress Themes.

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Here we have tried to list down some of the best social media plugins for you. Let us go through them and see what they have for your website.

Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is definitely the top among the best social media plugins for WordPress. In fact, it is a complete suite of social media plugins allowing you to show feeds from the top four platforms on your website. The overview of each plugin is as follows:

  • Facebook Feed: This Shows Facebook posts, photos, videos, and live broadcasts videos from your WordPress site.
  • Instagram Feed: Links Instagram photos, and stories to WP and enables users to shop from your WP site
  • Twitter Feed: Showd Twitter cards, Twitter widgets, tweets mentioning you, etc.
  • YouTube Feed: Showing feeds of your favorite videos live streaming feeds, etc.
  • Social Wall: Combining Social feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube into a single wall of social media content.

These plugins include in-feed social follow & sharing buttons, highly customizable layouts, and most importantly, are easy to use.


RafflePress plugin gives you one of the fastest ways of increasing your social following and driving more traffic to your WordPress website. As a giveaway plugin, it allows you to create popular online contests that can help you to go viral on social media. You can easily create any content on your WP website that can be promoted on social media thanks to this plugin. Then, you can reward people that enter your content with extra entries if:

  • They share your post on social media
  • They like your post on social media
  • Follow your social media accounts
  • Refer friends to the contest and more.

There are pre-made giveaway templates also designed in order to help you grow the social media followers on these four social media platforms. In order to create a viral social media contest, each template includes give-away actions that will definitely help increase your followers’ count.


OptinMonster is the Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress lead generation software for small businesses and along with that, it also offers a fantastic way of increasing your social media presence. This is possible as OptinMoster includes tons of options campaigns such as:

  • Slider-in scroll boxes
  • Lightbox popups
  • Floating bars
  • Welcome mats and more.

Every single campaign includes templates specifically designed for increasing your followers on popular social media platforms. Here is an example

With campaigns such as this, you can easily make the most of it and take the advantage of OptinMonster’s powerful tools for lead generation. You can use them to benefit your efforts in social media marketing.

For example,

You can use the Exit-Intent Technology for targeting WOrdPress users while leaving your website with exit popups and asking them to visit your social profiles.

Add a slide-in timed to display when users finish reading a post and ask them for sharing it on social media, etc.

With this plugin, you will have a tool that can increase leads on your website as well as connect with more people through social media platforms.


Monarch is a wonderful plugin for WordPress that allows you to add social media share buttons for several different areas on your WordPress website. You will be able to add sharing buttons to:

Floating sidebars

On images and videos

Automatic sharing popups

Automatic popup fly-ins

Above or/and below content

Here you will get to choose from over 35 social media profiles and networks. You will be able to show follow buttons in any WP widget area or with a shortcode. This social media plugin is very much customizable and allows you to view your social media statistics in your dashboard.

Social Warfare

This plugin gives you control of what people share from your site on social media and how they share. You can add custom social media titles & images to your posts for each social media platform. This is helpful for improving the clicks and visits to your website's content. You can also make use of-

Popular posts widget for showing top posts based on the number of social shares.

Analytics tracking for seeing the performance of your social media posts through google analytics. And much more.

This plugin has a free version with everything loaded to add social sharing options to your website. With the premium version, there are extra social media networks, share counts, etc.


Hope this article gives you a lot of choices in terms of the best social media plugins for WordPress. Try any of these plugins to get the best results. Check out WooCommerce Product Add-Ons.

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