Top 15 Podcast WordPress themes for Podcasters

Podcast WordPress themes

Welcome to the world of podcasting! With the rise of audio content, having a website to host and showcase your podcast is now more important than ever. And what better platform to build your podcast website on than WordPress?

Here, we've compiled a list of the top Podcast WordPress themes specifically designed for podcasting websites. These themes offer an array of features, from custom player designs to episode management systems, to make your podcast website stand out and provide an excellent user experience for your listeners.

Top 15 Podcast WordPress themes for Podcasters

Aiming to simplify your work and help you find the best WordPress templates for podcaster, we have found a few of the best quality options below.

1. Audio Podcast

 Whatever you are looking for, it is here. Every material, every feature that you need is made available to you by Audio Podcast WordPress Theme. You will be able to create a well-furnished website with the assistance of its advanced functionalities. This means you no longer need to depend on add-ons or plugins.

You can get creative with its page builder that allows you to simply drag and drop. Yes, you would not need an extensive coding knowledge with this exciting theme. What is more? Your audience will be enticed by your websites captivating modern design.

Supporting all kinds of media, from podcasters to music bands, everyone can make use of this responsive and mobile friendly theme. Additionally, you can add blogs to your website and fully connect with your audience.

2. Roogan

Roogan is a beautifully designed WordPress theme specifically created for podcasters. With its clean and modern layout, Roogan is perfect for creating a professional and engaging website for your podcasting needs.

This theme features a prominent player for your audio files, allowing your listeners to easily access and enjoy your content. Roogan also includes a range of customization options, giving you complete control over the look and feel of your website. Choose from a selection of colors, fonts, and background images to create a unique and memorable online presence.

Roogan also integrates with popular podcasting tools such as SoundCloud and Castos, making it easy to publish and distribute your content to a wide audience. With its responsive design, Roogan ensures your website looks great on all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned podcaster, Roogan offers the perfect platform to showcase your content and connect with your listeners. So why wait? Get started with Roogan today and take your podcasting to the next level!

3. Radio Podcaster

Podcasts allow listeners to get lost in a world of imagination or engage themselves in stories and ideas. Would it not be a lovely idea to engage listeners in your episodes of worldly experiences and unexplored knowledge? Radio WordPress Theme enables you to do just that.

There are numerous podcasting WordPress themes present as a solution for developing a podcasting website. However, what makes this theme different is its unique features. This includes multiple slider options that let you add all kinds of media to capture the user’s attention.

From drag and drop tools to customization options such as for widgets, it enables you to design your web pages in the way you want. And all of this is possible without the need to learn coding. Additionally, if you do not want to build everything from scratch, you can make use of its multiple layouts ready to use. You can also add or remove multiple sections based on your liking.

4. VW Musician

 Are you still skeptical about whether investing in a website will be a success? And if you can really start a podcasting website for yourself? It is okay to have doubts, but it is not okay to give up without trying. For this reason, you can make the best use of Musician WordPress theme.

As one of the best WordPress podcast themes, it will assist you in creating a platform that is user-friendly. Moreover, it is compatible with all kinds of portable devices such as your laptop, mobile phones and tablet. This ensures that the search engine's bots crawl and index your website, making you rank higher. And you will not be spending a penny.

And if you find that you are enjoying podcasting, you can make use of its premium version. This option enables you to build a WooCommerce website and employ a variety of plugins. They also support all kinds of languages for users all around the world.

5. Resonator

The Resonator WordPress theme is designed specifically for podcast websites. It features a sleek and modern design with customizable options to showcase your podcast episodes and brand. The theme is fully responsive and optimized for all devices, providing an immersive experience for your listeners. The player integrates seamlessly into the site, allowing visitors to stream or download your episodes directly from your website.

Additionally, the theme includes support for popular podcasting plugins like PowerPress and Podlove Publisher, making it easy to manage your podcast content and distribute it to popular platforms. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, the Resonator WordPress theme is a great choice for anyone looking to create a professional and engaging podcast website.

6. VW Music

 Who does not enjoy a free option this theme can render you with a stunning website that loads much more quickly is the Music WordPress Theme. But free does not mean it lacks. Thus, it offers several features that ensure that your website is not only looking great but also performing efficiently.

Podcasters can make use of its WooCommerce and deliver special content to their fans. Talking of fans, this user-friendly theme ensures that your user is treated right. Hence, it delivers a responsive platform that your users will be able to view on any browser.

A premium version for this theme offers search engine optimization and helps you stay in touch with the regular updates. You can also add social media links to your website. Moreover, it allows you to customize your website’s color, background, etc., to fit your style.

7. Video Blog

Would you not love knowing how people absolutely enjoy the content that you put out into the world? Would it not be nice to hear stories about how people found your podcast and how it entertained or helped them? There is no other best way than allowing your listeners to find you through your personal website for podcast.

Video Blog WordPress Theme is designed to for users to not only listen to your audio but also stream your videos. This option is unavailable in a podcast app such as Spotify. Or if you use YouTube, your videos can easily get lost under a million others. But this theme’s stunning layout style does not let your videos go unnoticed.

Your users will easily access all the videos showcased in a structural manner along with an engaging sticky header. Your users won’t have to fight a battle with your website to find their favorite podcast. If you would want, you can add social buttons on your website to increase the engagement of other channels.

8. Podcast Master

Everything that you have been searching for in terms of podcasting WordPress themes, is provided to you by the Podcast Master. From the top podcast essentials to features that will make your website stand out, this theme will be your best pick. It is contemporary, fluid, multipurpose and refined.

As a podcaster, you may add unlimited episodes and create post type or add an archive section. You will receive three styles for podcast that you can customize accordingly. Further, you may upload transcripts for your podcasts. Apart from this, it gives you the freedom to embed your podcasts present on platforms such as Podbean or BuzzSprout.

Supplementarily, it features more than thirty players or titles, testimonials, over eight pre-designed blocks, and more. As an important tool for increasing your listener base, it comes with buttons for social media. You can also use blocks for post and homepage to capture leads. Once you have built a good audience for your podcast, you can start selling merch with its WooCommerce option.

9. Video Podcast

It is not necessary to build a podcast on your own. You can always start one with a friend, share fun stories and have a great conversation. However, the most important thing about the content you are creating is the audience. Without an audience you may be talking to a void.

For this specific reason, you must create a platform to drive regular listeners. And the best WordPress templates for podcaster such as the Video Podcast WordPress Theme which allows you to do just that. Moreover, you can let go of your fear that making a website is difficult with this user-friendly theme.

From adding audio to creating playlists for your listeners, you can make your website a fun place. You may even add videos or single episodes to your website. There are all kinds of tools for you to make use of.

10. Oscillator

Oscillator is a WordPress theme designed specifically for podcast websites. It comes with a sleek and modern design that will make your content stand out. The theme is fully responsive, meaning that it looks great on all devices, from desktops to smartphones. The layout is clean and well organized, making it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.

One of the standout features of Oscillator is its integration with popular podcasting platforms, such as Soundcloud and iTunes. This makes it easy to upload and manage your podcasts directly from your WordPress dashboard. The theme also includes a custom player, allowing visitors to listen to your podcasts directly on your website.

Oscillator comes with a number of customization options, including a variety of color schemes and fonts. You can also choose from a selection of header and footer styles, as well as select from different home page layouts. The theme also includes a built-in blog, making it easy to share news and updates with your audience.

11. Gumbo

Gumbo is adorned with multiple features, they are designed especially for podcasters. As a novice, you can easily use this theme. Moreover, it comes with contemporary designs for layout along with an audio slider that will display on your user’s full screen. They can easily move from one episode to another with this feature.

If you wish to add podcasting plugins to your website, it supports Seriously Simple Podcasting. You can also embed content from other hosts such as YouTube and SoundCloud. Additionally, Gumbo allows you to upload your episodes on iTunes with the auto generation of RSS feeds.

Furthermore, Gumbo allows you to showcase your content wherever you prefer on your web page. Listeners can easily download your podcasts with the download button. They can also open their favorite podcast on a different window.

12. Tusant

The Tusant podcast specifically caters to podcasters, vloggers, musicians and more. The modern layout for your homepage allows your content to be on full display.

For making the player for your podcast visible to the users, you can place it anywhere on the web page. It also supports playlists for audio and video. You can also add individual episodes to your website. Moreover, it is supportive for multiple formats.

From fonts to colors, you can also easily customize your website with Tusant. When it comes to showcasing the player, you get a variety of layout options. These include the one-column list, a carousel, or a masonry grid.

13. Obsidian

When in search of WordPress templates for podcaster, it is crucial to not simply give in to appearance but assure that the solution renders practical use. With this idea, Obsidian theme came into existence featuring a dark scheme for color and full background display.

It is easier to build your identity with the several customization options. It enables you to incorporate your logo to give it a personalized touch along with taglines. You can play around with background color and images. The numerous eye-catching fonts offered inside Obsidian theme ensure that your users have the best experience.

Further, its audio player allows users to immerse themselves in your stories due to their sticky nature. From your latest episodes to the podcast playlists, you can showcase all your content. You can also add links to external websites. If you have video content, the video library allows you to manage all your video podcasts.

14. Dixie

Dixie another stunning WordPress theme suitable to build stunning podcasting website. As a podcaster, you will enjoy using this theme specially designed for podcasting. The moment your users come onto your website’s homepage, they will be welcomed by its refined and tasteful design. The first thing they will notice is an audio player displayed on the full screen enticing your users to play your content.

Therefore, from the very first moment your visitor will be hooked. To create this effect, Dixie supports drag and drop option for building your website. It is also compatible with one of the best page builder tools named Elementor.

In addition, various podcasting plugins by WordPress are supported by this theme. It also enables you to embed media from external platforms such as SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.

Several features accompanying this theme make this one of the most popular WordPress templates for podcaster. You can choose from several layouts as well as create a page for the podcast hosts. Additionally, to build better connections with your users you have the option to add a signup form for your listeners. This allows you to grow your newsletter list.

15. Namya

If you want to take on the world with a bolder step and create a special space for your podcast, then Namya theme is the best solution. Your content is the key, and this WordPress theme makes sure that it does not go unnoticed. The designs are powerful and attract users in huge numbers. For a website with casual energy, this theme delivers most sincerely.

The features offered by this theme set it apart from other WordPress podcast themes. The goal of this theme is to make website building easy. With Namya, you will receive modules such as blogs, CTA, featured post, gallery, slider, and more. These enable you to design intricate layouts without any coding skills.

Moreover, Namya is furnished with a variety of smart tools to help create a fantastic website for podcasting. However, it does not stop here. You can open a store for your merchandise with its WooCommerce compatibility. Also, to give you numerous benefits, this theme offers support for a variety of WordPress plugins.


In conclusion, the podcast WordPress themes mentioned in this article are some of the best options for creating a professional and visually appealing podcasting website. Each theme has unique features and customization options that cater to different podcasting niches and audiences.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned podcaster, these free and premium WordPress themes options are sure to take your podcasting website to the next level. So, choose wisely and make the most of your online presence.

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