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Your WordPress website needs an attractive menu. This menu will show the items of your business website or blogging website. You will already have WordPress’ default menu. But they are not enough to impress the world. That’s why you need to have designed menus. For this, you will need menu plugins for WordPress free and premium. In this Best Menu Plugins WordPress, There are a lot of such plugins in the market. It's really tricky to choose one for your website. While looking for such plugins you should look for templates, responsive menu design, media and icon support, customizing tools, and drop-down menu options.

Best Menu Plugins WordPress


In this Best Menu Plugins WordPress, This is one of the most efficient menu plugin for WordPress in the industry. It is free WordPress plugin. My Header Footer menu plugin for WordPress for free has simple drag and drop functionality. This makes the job so easy that you won’t have to worry about programming.

Also, Buy WordPress Themes from VW Themes at its best prices. With the help of this plugin you will be able to create your own menu with headers. It has an amazing intuitive content builder as well. Along with the header, you can create your own footer as well. It will help you to create some complicated menus as well. You will have tools like columns, rows, sliders, maps, and more.

WP Responsive Menu:-

This menu plugin for WordPress is one that specially focuses on the responsiveness of the page. The WP Responsive Menu plugin gives you a customizable and responsive menu. This plugin allows you to customize the menu easily just from the settings page. To operate this menu plugin for WordPress you don’t need to know about coding and programming.

In Best Menu Plugins WordPress, This menu plugin enables you to create a slider menu. This slider menu works better for mobile phones. So this way your website menu will be device-friendly. With this plugin, you will also be able to create logos as well. You can add a bit of animation in it as well.

Groovy Menu:-

It is the best choice in menu plugins for WordPress free and premium. The Groovy Menu plugin is one of the most efficient plugins. Being a free plugin it offers a lot of premium features. With this plugin you can add a lot of attractive menus into your WordPress website. These menus will make it easy for users to navigate through your website.

This menu plugin also gives you easy customization options. Here you can create logos either by uploading the image or creating it with tools. Tools like font, color and size will help you with it. It comes with DIVI compatibility also.

Mega Menu Plugin For WordPress-AP Mega Menu:-

This menu plugin is totally free to use. This AP Mega menu plugin is one of the best in the industry. This plugin specifically works towards creating attractive mega menus for the website. With this plugin you can create widgets, columns and use them to create vertical, horizontal mega menu on the website.

In this Best Menu Plugins WordPress, The plugin has easy drag and drop functionality. It also supports the Flyout function. Despite of being a free plugin, this menu plugin has some amazing premium features. You can even put an effect to the opening of menu. It has hover and trigger effects as well.

WordPress Mega Menu-QuadMenu:-

This QuadMenu plugin is known for the creating the best mega menus for WordPress. This menu plugin for WordPress will provide you responsive and customizable layout. This plugin is mostly used by web developer companies to design WordPress themes. But with the drag-and-drop functionality any non-coder can handle it.

This Quadmenu plugin can integrate menus on your new project theme. With the help of this plugin you can easily create simple menu, mega menu, carrousel menu by simply converting the existing menu. It has an intuitive design which helps you set the menu in no time. It is mobile friendly too.  

WP Mobile Menu:-

This menu plugin for WordPress free and premium is especially for mobile phones. This plugin helps you create a menu for your website which will be easily visible from smartphones as well. This mobile-friendliness can boost your website viewership and give better results. But it doesn’t stop there. This plugin helps you to create 3-depth menu levels and a naked header.

You can create an overlay mask with this plugin too. Here you will get options for logo and text branding. If you want you can easily add a background image for the menu. You can even hide the mobile menu if you want.

WP Mega Menu:-

This WP Mega menu plugin is a very efficient one in the industry. It comes with a lot of exciting features and options with which you can create an impressive menu. This menu plugin for WordPress has an easy customization option. With drag and drop functionality you won’t need to code or program anything.

You have the option to add fonts, texts, and colors of any kind into the menu. In this plugin you will get a drag and drop menu builder panel, different themes, skin options, importing, exporting themes, search bar, dash icon, and font icon support. It also works well with Google fonts.

Max Mega Menu:-

This is one of the most feature-rich menu plugins for WordPress. It is powerful, well-supported and also user-friendly. It has a completely responsive layout. This will give you and your users a perfect professional web experience. It doesn’t matter which device is used to access the website. This menu plugin will give the same results.

In this Best Menu Plugins WordPress, This Max Mega Menu plugin is the ultimate menu extension for WordPress. It is easy to use plugin component,  it has more than 100 customization options, a drag, and drop menu layout, Flyout support, and one-click sub-menu inclusion. You can even add diverse icons to menu items.

Responsive Menu:-

This Responsive Menu plugin for WordPress is a free plugin. This plugin is specially designed to be the customizable eye candy for your website. It has more than 70 customization and management options. It provides the best look and comfort for your website. As the name suggests this menu plugin for WordPress works great for providing the responsive menu.

With this menu plugin for WordPress, you will be able to change the menu title, image, button title, button image, menu, and sub-menu as well. You can even hide certain items with the CSS options. If you want you can even get the premium version of this plugin. Also, have a look at WordPress Contact Forms Plugins from VW Themes.

WR Mega Menu:-

The WR Mega Menu plugin is one of the most dependable plugins in the industry. It is highly customizable and you can make it look the way you want with a few simple clicks. It is a completely free plugin. It will give you several different customization tools and unlimited relevant options.

This menu plugin for WordPress will turn your website menu into a useful tool. With the menu, you can control your profile pretty easily. It has a live preview option with which you can take a brief look at changes that you have made. You can even decide if you want to show the icons or not.

DW Menu:-

This menu plugin for WordPress will give all the satisfaction you need from the website menu. The DW Menu plugin has a lot of potentials to gain maximum results from the website menu. It will make your visitors admire the beauty of the menu. Not just the looks, but it improves the functionality and content of the webpage as well.

It is also known as the perfect template for a website menu. It lets you add menu items, select the submenu view, insert shortcodes and HTML into menu description, use transition effects, choose from given 4 columns or activate the full drop-down navigation.s

Uber Menu:-

This is another most recommended menu plugin for WordPress. Uber Menu has all the tools and features you may need to create a menu. It is a free menu plugin for WordPress. This Uber Menu is the most suitable and hand-crafted slideout menu builder. With this plugin, you can create unlimited items and menus for your website.

In Best Menu Plugins WordPress, You can locate the menu items on the right and left sides of the page, you can activate social share print and back to top buttons. You can design, style your menu, colors, transparency, insert links in the menu and open them into new window.

Hero Menu:-

This menu plugin for WordPress is one of the perfect plugins for designing menus on a website. It’s the tool that will enhance your skills and improve the results. It is a premium plugin with all features that you need. This Hero Menu plugin has perfect optimization tools. It is totally device-friendly. It will make your website look impressive on all devices.

Here you can enable and disable anything you want. Its totally up to you how you want the menu look like. In this plugin you will get 60 color options to choose from and almost 270 suggested icons.


It is one of the best premium menu plugins for WordPress. Superfly menu plugin is the most intuitive and responsive plugin. It is responsive and with this plugin, your menu will improve its functioning. It is totally device-friendly. This plugin has polished scrolling, easy navigation, content and shortcodes to add and design availabilities. You can even add some animations in it with CSS3.

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