30+ Best Artist WordPress Themes For Art Performers

30+ Best WordPress Themes For Artists You Will Absolutely Love

In every civilization, art has flourished. It has become an inseparable part of all cultures. Every generation has added something extra and brought something new to the art. But we need to understand that art needs a medium to proliferate and a conducive environment to make sure that it survives. Artists play a key role in carrying any art from generation to generation and they need patrons for the promotion of their art. In today’s modern era, where the invention of the internet had made the conventional promotional strategies obsolete; artists are also adopting the modern ways of art promotion, and having a website is one such effective and modern solution that takes promoting art to an altogether different level. Now when it comes to websites, WordPress Themes for artists give you the best way to create a website without getting indulged in tedious coding procedures or approaching a professional web developer.

WordPress themes provide a great solution to bring a highly creative, noticeable, and functional website for depicting your art and work as an artist. These themes also have modern innovative tools that make it possible for you to create your own web page. The Popular WordPress Themes for artists listed here are created specifically for artists and artwork. These themes contain every single element to project your art in an appealing manner. The different customization options included in the theme are beginner-friendly and with these, you can easily bring changes in the default design of the theme in just a snap of your fingers. These themes are absolutely easy to install and use. WordPress themes prove that you really don’t have to be a coder or a programmer to create a website in order to be a successful artist. Have a look at some of the best WordPress themes for artists as well as their artwork.

The Main Features In Our VW Artist Pro Theme Are:

Live Drag & Drop Editor

The live drag and drop editor makes page making easy as it provides you with easy section or page creation. For that, it makes use of the pre-built block. All you have to do is select the block you want to include on your page and drag and drop it. It makes mak making that simple and quick. A variety of blocks are there for making outstanding pages with minimum effort. Apart from page creation, there are several customization options and settings provided for each block which also includes reordering. Its multiblock slider facilitates adding multiple blocks in it. This means you can add many other blocks to a single block.

Pixel-Perfect Design

Pixel perfect design is great for showing the details on your site. Keeping this in mind, the developers have designed each block with great attention and to give an outstanding display of the content that you put up on your website. Every element of your website will reflect utmost clarity and perfection as you will be able to create the cleanest and sharpest design. The content depicted n the site will be free from unnecessary blurring and aberrations. Though you will be able to create most of the sections pixel perfect, for some you have to go a step ahead and use additional CSS.

Advanced Web Creation

Forget about the conventional methods of web creation that involved doing things from scratch and needed plenty of codes to be written in order to create a web page. The new drag and drop editor of this theme comes with a modern approach to page making and makes use of pre-built blocks that you can easily drag and drop for web page creation. This advanced web creation is a boon for beginners and novices who hardly have any experience in web designing. It has completely made writing codes obsolete for designing a website.

Enhancing WordPress

This theme can be said as an enhancement to WordPress. This is because of fact that along with the ease of work that WordPress offers to freshers, it also gives you modern tools and ready-made content elements to work with without even writing codes. Themes enhance the page-making capability thanks to the customization options and pre-built content offered. The best thing about using the theme is you can have a ready-made design that you do not need to create from ground zero. If you are lacking time, you can straightaway start creating your website using the demo content included. Or you may tweak it using the customization options and start your website in no time.

Documentation available

Though it is quite easy for users to work with these themes, developers have left no chance to make you feel stuck while working with them. That is why they have included well-written detailed documentation in the themes that explains everything regarding it including the setup as well as functionalities. You can always refer to the theme documentation while doing its setup or while using its features for your website. So as a beginner, referring to theme documentation will make this really easy and you will be able to create your own website without asking for any professional’s help.

Free Support available

Even though there is a great convenience offered to the users while creating a website, there might be some possibility that users or any user may face trouble while dealing with a certain part of the website. If such things happen, the support team is always there to help you. Along with that, you can approach the support if you are unable to do the setup of the theme and they will happily do it for you without asking for additional costs. A highly efficient team of WordPress experts is always there to give you a prompt solution for every issue that you face while working with the theme.

Mobile-Friendly Options

Responsive is the biggest must these days as people are accessing most of the websites through their mobile phones and tablets. So if you are creating any website, you need to take care of the mobile-friendly part. This simply means that the website you design should scale perfectly and adjust its layout according to the size of the device being used. As these themes are made responsive and mobile-friendly, these websites created with themes are bound to look stunning on all the screens no matter what their sizes and resolutions are.

Super Fast Site Development

A modern approach for website development is what these themes bring. Earlier where you used to write codes and needed to begin things from ground zero, today they offer you a readymade skin that is designed specifically according to the type of website you want to create. These themes are full of ready-made templates, pre-built pages, customization options, and settings for every individual section in order to let you design your website asap and with minimum effort. You can’t skip the demo as it can be a savior when it comes to creating a website within minutes.

Design Your Website Independently

As these themes have enough pre-built data and plenty of tweaking options that completely eliminate coding, you can straightaway start creating your website as you do not need to write codes. By using the pre-built content, you are able to design a web page on your own without seeking anyone’s help. The modern drag and drop page builder tools and single click personalization options make it possible to have a fully customized design ready. You may use the shortcodes included as a part of these themes to add additional elements to your website.

Perfect For Any Level Of Users

Do not bother if you are not from a coding background as these themes make sure that anyone including non-experienced and experienced developers will be able to use them to perfection. The simple drag and drop interface of the theme makes it an absolute breeze for beginners and novices to start creating a website and achieve great results in no time. Experienced developers can also try modifying the codes as well as adding CSS for additional customization. However, with the options offered by the live theme customizer, beginners will also be able to achieve great results.

Customize Font Styles And Colors

The live theme customizer provided with the themes gives you easy customization options as you do not have to learn to code and write HTML codes for doing any changes in the default design. From color variations to Google font options and typography options, you will get plenty of choices to work with. Apart from that, there are settings provided for the sider and each section so that you can modify them the way you want your website to look. A range of shortcodes makes it easy to add any content block or element to your page.

Best Artist WordPress Themes

Artist WordPress Theme gives a fantastic choice to those who are professional artists and into creative art. It brings an impressive collection of website templates typically designed for artists, to the table. This theme has a great color combination with all the technical aspects rightly taken care of by the developers. The retina-ready design gives a great projection of your work as an artist and makes things appear really professional. A wonderfully designed demo and live theme customizer give you enough resources to build a stunning website on your own. It supports plugins and shows compatibility with different popular web browsers.

- Cross-browser compatibility

- Responsive design

- Single click demo importer

Portfolio Best Artist WordPress Themes

Portfolio WordPress Theme is yet another good creation by the developers as it gives you a good design that builds a great online portfolio. Your website is going to make a mark and stand apart from the crowd thanks to the incredible design. It is quite easy to install and make desired changes in the layout. As an artist also, you will be able to showcase your profile in a professional way. Graphic designers, creative artists, and other art workers will find the design absolutely conducive. This theme has a single-click demo importer and live theme customizer for allowing you to make the desired changes in the layout without needing to write even a single line of code.

- 100% responsive

- Retina-ready

- Cross-browser compatible

Theatre WordPress Theme

Performing artists and theatre performers will find the Theatre WordPress Theme absolutely suitable for showcasing your work. It is great for showing acting schools and drama workshops on online platforms. The color scheme is very catchy and gives a dramatic appearance to your site. The design elements blend wonderfully and its SEO-friendly codes work perfectly for your website’s SEO allowing your website to fetch more organic traffic thus improving the conversions eventually. If you are into performing arts, you will probably want to feature your upcoming shows, calendar, and online tickets. All this is possible with this one of the best WordPress themes for artists. 

-SEO friendly codes

-Highly optimized design

- Woocmmerce compatible

WordPress Video Theme

Spreading a word about your art through videos is such an innovative idea to bring your work into the limelight. With such a theme, you do find an easy way to establish a video-centered website that stuns your audience with amazing videos of your performing artwork. To improve conversions, Call To Action buttons are placed on different locations as they guide the visitors and prompt them to take several actions. There are advanced color options, font, and typography choices to make the most of the theme’s potential and to further simplify things for you, there is detailed documentation that accompanies this theme. CSS animations are added to make your website look impactful and lively.

- Live Theme Customizer

- Demo Data

- Supports add-ons and plugins

Blog Best Artist WordPress Themes

Blog WordPress Theme is yet another highly efficient and impactful WordPress themes for artists or a group of performing artists to show your art and skills to the world. Through your blogs, you can connect with people and get more dedicated readers and audiences that have a similar liking. You can bring more innovation through your blogs when it comes to promoting your art as the social media icons included in this theme let you share the blogposts on several social media platforms in order to make you reach a wider audience. It comes with a responsive design and pixel-perfect imagery.

- Compatible with third-party plugins

- highly optimized HTML codes

- Completely customizable

Feminine WordPress Theme

As the design of this Feminine WordPress Theme makes use of softer colors and beautiful imagery, you will find it ideal for female artists and any female-oriented artwork. On the technical aspects, it works really fast all because of the highly optimized HTML codes. It performs well on various devices as well as browsers as this theme is designed to be responsive, mobile-friendly, and cross-browser compatible. This theme has amazing eCommerce capabilities as well since it is well integrated with Woocommerce. Shortcodes, the customizable layout including footer and custom widgets gives you all the freedom to create a highly professional website.

- Social media option

- Cross-browser compatible

- Intuitive Theme Options Panel

Different Addons Available To Make It Better

1) Woocommerce Product add-ons

With Woocommerce product add-ons, creating and designing a customized page is a walk in the park. It gives you the comfort of designing your pages for featuring your products in the way you want. As the needs of every product are different, Woocommerce product add-ons let you create a custom-made product page that features each product with great detailing and giving a fantastic shopping experience to the buyers. The main concern was to give your shoppers ease to comfort while shopping and if similar is your point of concern then along with outstanding design, your focus should be on delivering product-oriented pages. These Woocommerce product add-ons not only give you a new simplifies the way of making product pages but also give you the benefits of Gutenberg editor. Your page will be converted into a Gutenberg editor and then things become really simple as you can add elements by drag and drop. With multiple editing options enabling you to get a customized page, you are free to do anything.

2) Mega Menu

For building your website’s menus, you don’t have to follow the conventional procedures as this Mega Menu plugin gives you a user-friendly way to create menus. Simple drag and drop technique is utilized which makes it friendly for beginners and novices while creating the mega menus. This mobile-friendly and responsive plugin facilities the creation of navigable menus for any of your WordPress websites. You can also restyle the pre-existing menus of your website as the built-in settings give you the steering in your hand for having complete control of the menus. With his plugin, you can not only create mega menus but also add sub-menus to it. You will spot various settings for adding organizing the menus into rows and columns. If you want to bring more user engagement, adding animations to the menu items will do the trick.

3) VW Gallery Plugin

Adding a gallery to your WordPress website is always a good step as it not only makes your website look interesting but also adds the engaging part since visitors get a glimpse of your work and projects you have accomplished. Adding a gallery to your website is now easy with the VW Gallery Plugin. You don’t need to write complex codes and tweak the code files in order to add a gallery as this plugin lets you create and add a beautiful gallery to your website within a single click. Developers have given complete weightage to provide impressive images and photo galleries to make the website look more interesting. There are options for managing the gallery at the backend making it possible for you to add an individual gallery or even multiple galleries to the page. Quick upload options are inclusive in the plugin letting you add pictures in batches and sort and delete options are provided for easy management.


Vocal is a functional WordPress themes for artists. With a little modification, you will be able to use the theme for other artists as well.  It best shows your skills as a voice artist and gives you a fully customizable design including the various necessary elements such as contact and registration forms. There are options available for you to create advanced custom search filters and other useful features. The theme is responsive and gives a splendid display on different devices including smartphones and tablets. There is an email subscription form that can also generate leads for you.


The name of this theme itself tells you about the purpose behind its creation. It gives a sensational layout to project your work as an artist. Whether you are a painter, sketch designer, handicraft artist, or any kind of performing artist; you will find a great online space once you create your website with this theme. A multipage responsive theme that is built on a powerful REDUX framework gives fast and easy loading pages. It is created in compliance with the latest WordPress standards and completely gives you a one-stop solution and also grants you free support and updates at regular intervals.


If you are a music artist or a musical performer, you will definitely like Musico. As this WordPress themes is specifically created for artists from music backgrounds, there is every possible content space included to sow the songs, videos, details about the upcoming shows and performances, and more. It supports a responsive layout that will look great on every device no matter what the screen resolution or size is. There are ready-to-use layouts and demo data that can be imported with just a single click. You will find 40+ pre-defined templates and 5 menu layouts along with a page builder and fully integrated WordPress customizer.


This WordPress themes for artists belonging to the music industry, Herion is a great theme. Band performers, singers, musicians will find the layout extremely conducive to create an online appearance in a much professional way. For getting started asap, you can import the demo content quickly and start a website just like that. This theme included an extended version of the WPBakery page builder and Slider Revolution plugin. The design is out of the box and offers high customization options to get an out-of-the-box website that loads fast and automatically adjusts itself according to the different sizes of the screen.

Shade Best Artist WordPress Themes

Photography is no less than art and if you are an artist at clicking pictures, then you will love Shade. It has an easy-to-use admin interface with a lot of demo content ready to be imported at just a single click. There are 15 diverse homepages included each having a beautiful design. Shortcodes are also included to include content spaces. Various CSS animations and hover effects are provided with a retina-ready design to show your work with utmost clarity. There are social media icons and plenty of custom widgets included in the design. You will also be able to integrate Google Maps.

Arte Best Artist WordPress Themes

Though Arte is a theme designed for museums and art galleries, you can use its amazing layout to show your work as an artist or a performer. It includes stylish carousels, and there are custom functionalities such as collection grids, and displaying the schedule of your events, etc. there are custom shortcodes for sidebars and buttons, custom widgets options available for the footer. There is a responsive and mobile-friendly design that makes your website seamlessly adjust to every screen and deliver outstanding perform

Halogen Best Artist WordPress Themes

For every creative artist, innovation in the art matters a lot and so in the case of website. This WordPress themes for artists is a perfect toolkit as it gives you vibrant homepages and a fully customizable design. Its artistic layout impresses every visitor and illustrator. With this, you will be able to show your art to the world. The theme is responsive, cross-browser compatible, and works impressively well with the different browsers. Tremendous personalization options, shortcodes, a large collection of pre-built pages, and stunning parallax effects make it a great theme to work with. It also includes a sticky header, editable footer, and a lot of shortcodes.


For anyone related to the music industry, Swingster is going to give a great flexible website that will represent you online. Music bands, band artists, and performing artists will like the theme as it offers everything you need to showcase your profile. From showing your tour dates to managing playlists and accepting online bookings; everything can be done through your website.  There is a slider revolution plugin, demo content that can be imported with a single click, and plenty of shortcodes to create your website with. All the PSD files are included in the theme and you will also enjoy the benefits of free support from its developers.


A creative personal portfolio theme is Zev allowing you to get creative with your ideas and create an outstanding portfolio for you as an artist as well as others to show their artistry skills. The WordPress themes for artists is built on Elementor and ensures that anyone can design a website just like that without causing much headache. The SEO score of your website will be high if you decide to use this SEO-friendly theme. When we talk about optimization, everything is available with the theme and performance-wise, your website will perform amazingly and gives you tremendous loading speed resulting in fast loading pages that do not cause any loading delay.


If you want to design a modern, minimalist, and creative portfolio that primarily focuses on your work and skills as an artist and performer, then you should try Gracey. It gives you an easy way to create and compile your own site. The stunning graphic design and creative animated templates add to its features. It comes with a powerful admin panel, 10 homepage designs, a one-click demo importer, and Woocommerce plugin compatibility. Theme customizer lets you create a website that you will fancy. There is a large collection of custom shortcodes and multiple layouts available for you to pick any of them and kickstart your portfolio website.


Galatea is yet another wonderful portfolio theme built for creating impressive portfolios online. Whether you have a personal artistry studio, or a stage performer artist, or into any art-related profession; you will find the design extremely suitable and easy to modify for beginners as well as novices. Once you import the demo, you are only left with replacing the content with yours, and if you want you can add images further and make the design completely your own. High customization is offered by the theme and users don’t need to write codes for the same. Multiple customizable layouts are going to give you a lot of choices.


As a rock band performer, you will be able to impress the audience with the design that RoadRunners offer. This WordPress themes for artists is purely created for music and artists related to music resulting in great websites that easily steals the attention. With its sleek design and unique effects, you can get an impressive layout in no time. Show off your musical talent through your website and market your skills by using the social media icons included. Stunning CSS animations and useful shortcodes are included as a part of this theme to be able to add different content elements to your website and plugin compatibility always leaves scope for expansion.

Flow Best Artist WordPress Themes

You can get a bit more creative and make use of your blog to show your artistic skills and work to the audience. For that, Flow will be a perfect option. With nine distinct designs for the layout, you have a huge variety to pick the ideal one and start doing things your own way. It has AJAX functionality and supports SoundCloud audio links and has many other astounding features and functionality making it your ideal match for blogging websites. Its fully responsive design makes the website work really well on different devices including small screens as well. Try Flow now!


Marceau is a creative theme for building an online portfolio. It lets you create an amazing representation of your skills and gives a stunning gallery for giving you what you need. Practical inner pages and inner pages have been designed to work really well for the portfolio. Your experience, work, and client feedback, everything is shown in an appealing manner. In case you have already created a website, you can anytime switch to this premium theme and stand apart from the crowd. It is responsive, retina-ready, and works immensely well with all the different web browsers.


Though it is a theme dedicated to artistic photographers, any artist can use its responsive layout to portray the artwork and get the limelight. It gives you a simple, classic way that will help create outstanding websites. Gallery slider introduces you to the world with amazing images, templates are provided to work with simple sliders as well as lightbox, portfolio templates, quote form, etc are also included. You won’t find unnecessary mess but include a simple theme admin panel that offers easy customization tools and options. The .xml file is also included as a part of this theme so that you will be able to import the demo and start working asap.

Tacon Best Artist WordPress Themes

With Tacon, you can bring something truly unique to the table as it will result in a stunning portfolio. It serves as a creative showcase for your work. The animation included in this theme is very genuine and that is why you will notice that your web page looks full of life and exceptionally matchless. Optimized code results in lightning-fast websites for making your pages load at a quick speed and without causing any waiting time. The layout choices are plenty with each one taking you to the new horizons of creativity. Mouse hover effects and other animations give a new style to the website.


SoundRise is a functional theme for talented artists and art workers for making your art reach a broader audience through your website. Producers, talent agencies, artist organizations, and performing artists will find the theme really suitable for websites for making your presence count. The theme is Woocommerce compatible to make your website have all the commercial capabilities. Once you import the content, there is no looking back as you can straightaway get things ready by simply uploading your content. You can use the multiple post types, the inbuilt shortcodes for adding content elements, and widgets for managing your content in an easy way.

FullScreen Artist Best Artist WordPress Themes

FullScreen Artist is an amazingly crafted portfolio theme with plenty of creative spaces given to showcase your work.  Your work as an artist will get praised once you get a solid web presence using this theme’s layout as this will help you reach a larger group of people.  Easy configuration settings are made available with the theme options panel and most importantly, the responsive layout is going to resize itself according to the given screen size. With all such things done, you will see the end result as an astounding website that works seamlessly on any web browser and gives an outstanding web experience.

The Artist

This super awesome portfolio theme called The Artist, provides you with a stunning, clean, sleek, and trendy design with a wonderfully customizable layout that matches every need of artist related website. Moreover, the theme is created responsive so that you don’t have to design a device-specific version of your website and get a stunning web page that resizes itself according to every screen size. With an intuitive admin panel offering customization options, you will be able to explore what this theme can do for your website. Localization is supported by this theme as .pot files are included to make the website translation ready.

Bard Best Artist WordPress Themes

Bard is WordPress themes for artists if you are looking for something specifically designed for Performing artists, stage performers, and theatre artists. As it comes with a user-friendly theme options panel, you will never have to know to code or write new codes to implement anything. The demo supports the creation of a fully professional website and a simple drag and drop page builder gives enough room to create customized pages in no time. For theatre artists, they can show their upcoming plays, previous work experience, and other details to people and for adding additional spaces for accommodating the content, you can have shortcodes and other details.


OsTende has a wonderfully crafted layout which is a great match for theatre drama school and other performing artist websites. It is great for contemporary theatre artists, and performers related to cinema and music. It implements neatly written codes and has crisp and useful features to make your website work incredibly well. The events calendar will display what is coming up and the email subscription form can be utilized to notify users about the time, pace and entry fee, etc. You will see that you are provided with all plugins and includes Revolution Slider, Booked Appointments, Instagram Feed as well as a contact form in it.  

Theater Best Artist WordPress Themes

The theater is a fine theme in the list of WordPress themes for representing artists performing in theaters, operas, concerts, and other art events. There is a custom admin panel that provides you with more functionality and features. The variety of options it brings and the settings provided in the layout let you get the best of the theme’s potential. Event calendar functionality is really helpful for advertising the theater and other art events organized, performances, and much more.  Maximum customization flexibility is offered to give the possible look. Valid CSS3 and HTML5 codes that are greatly optimized for speed and performance make your website work really well.

With such incredible themes available, you are bound to get a mesmerizing website. And in case you are looking for more variation, getting a WP theme bundle is the best option. Our WordPress Theme Bundle offers you with a huge collection of incredibly designed themes that will fit the diverse needs of niche businesses and professions. Developers will find it the most convenient choice they will get access to 100+ incredibly well-designed themes well created and inclusive of highly optimized and commented codes. Theme bundle from VWThemes gives a huge variety of themes all being responsive and user-friendly. The most important thing is, you will have all these premium quality themes at just nominal investment. Pre-built pages, demo content and a lot of incredible features are/ incorporated into the theme.

Why Should You Go For The WP Theme Bundle?

- Every theme in this bundle is responsive and mobile-friendly.

- Multi-browser support

- Shows Woocommerce compatibility and extendable functionality

- highly SEO optimized

- Supports translation feature

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