9 Best 404 Page Templates for Errors on the Website in 2024



Are you trying to build innovative 404 pages on your website? If yes, then this is the right place you have landed. The blog is all about addressing the best 404 page templates on the most certified platform, VW Themes. Here, we are listing some of the best WordPress themes with the most innovative 404-page templates. 

However, the 404 page is the most unnoticed, even for website owners. But, to a greater extent, it is beneficial to match every part of the website. And so the 404 error page impacts when a user lands on that page. Users will be engaged to stay even on the error page and stare if it is compelling and impactful. So, if you are looking to build a unique 404 page on your website, then here are some of the best considerations. 

Top 9 Best 404 Page Templates in WordPress to Build Error Pages on Your Website 

Bored with normal 404 error page designs? Let's find out some of the best WordPress themes with 404-page templates to help you along the way:

1. Business Consultant WordPress Theme 

The premium Business Consultant WordPress Theme is a top-tiered solution for all your consulting businesses. This modern theme can build up your consulting business from ground level to better heights. Getting this intuitive theme can be a fair game if you are a beginner or a developer. This theme suits your way of providing a fully customized and easy-to-use interface. The theme is built using Bootstrap, giving it the best responsive design. Also, it has visually compelling colour schemes and custom styling options to add. Various plugins, like Woocommerce, are the right way to run your business consulting services well on the web. 

Talking about its 404 Error page template, which can be a frustrating element for users. But this time, users will get a cool and compelling 404 error page design with this theme. Not the ordinary and classic error design, but its design completely matches your theme design. Also, it comes with a back or homepage button to push things back. Most 404 error page templates have no media usage or less, but this theme allows users to add media so that they won’t regret reaching this page. Rich text and complete customization are offered when you are designing the 404 error page for your site. 

2. Pet Shop WordPress Theme 

This brings on another highly familiar theme when it comes to having online pet businesses. This premium Pet Shop WordPress theme is a perfect solution if you want your pet business to flourish well on the web. It holds a complete woven design that attracts pet lovers and starts their pet blogging or businesses. The backgrounds are clean, with a combo of visually appealing media and font styles. The content alignment is unique and even adds media features to your website. You can use transitions to place content or services on your site. Apart from this, the theme is fully responsive, integrated with WooCommerce, and has more features. 

Designing a 404 error page is again a crucial task for you and the visitors landing on your page. Nobody likes to enter the 404 error page, but what if your site’s error page plays a good game in the presentation? Well, this theme not only plays well in overall design, but the best 404 page templates are also dignified. This time, users wouldn’t leave the error page, as the design is a treat to watch. The wavy colour design follows your current theme design and adapts easily. It has a homepage button that immediately takes you to the homepage. Also, it follows the pet-style media addition, which is easy to customize. 

3. Home Renovation WordPress Theme 

A superb digital punch with style and statements to conquer for your renovation business. This is what this home renovation theme is all about. Get your renovation and home decor businesses settled well using this sophisticated theme. This premium theme holds a stunning range of templates and features. The theme follows its interface, giving it an aesthetic look that graces your business in all its forms. It is built using the latest WordPress versions, giving it the trendiest theme designs. Features are easily unlocked just by using the drag-and-drop feature. Also, you can explore a wider range of creative templates to move ahead. It lets you customize the entire design without using any codes. The interface is fully responsive and suits any of your devices and cross-browsers. Businesses run efficiently through its integration with Woocommerce and more plugins. 

Jumping on its 404 Error page template, it follows how your theme is designed and easily adapts to the design. Yes, your website’s error page can be a compelling part that is not as boring as always. All you have is this theme. Just like other pages can be customized, its 404 error page can also be customized. You can see how gracefully it slays the home renovation media tag just below the 404 error. You can even customize the background, font styles, and size of this section. The homepage button comes with smooth functioning that immediately takes you to the homepage. 

4. Vacation Rental WordPress Theme 

This is the premium vacation rental theme that brings hands-on experience to hospitality businesses. Endorsing your hospitality and management services is a thing of the past when you have this theme. The theme excels in every section that brings greater heights to your business. Simply visit the demo content and look at the best designs for your website. The theme channels a spacious and luxurious interface, alluring your business in its best form. Trendy designs and templates are tailored according to modern principles. Above this, there is customization allotted to the peaks carrying unique features and elements to add. Then there are the integrated WooCommerce and other plugins to cater to the best functionality. You can find more alluring features and styling elements to customize your site. 

While going through the entire theme, you might jump to the 404 error page. It might frustrate you, but its design is super cool and has clean backgrounds. It follows a classic font style with a highlighted back-to-home page button. Unlike others, there is a little bit written about how you can skip this page. It directs you to tap the homepage button under the huge tagline, Page Not Found. 

5. Bidding WordPress theme

Bidding can be made digitally active using this premium bidding WordPress theme. Organizing online auctions will surely boost your bidding sales, bringing more clients to your site. This theme is made with the most modern and captivating designs to cater to more users. It sets a new standard when it comes to organizing online auctions, along with proper presentation. It is made with the latest WordPress versions and creative templates to put in. You can see how innovatively the theme is crafted so that users will engage in online auctions. Its unique slider and sidebar layouts are there to put in the latest auction details and more. The theme is all set to be customized for users, even those with zero coding skills. Also, there are stunning layouts that build up your content perfectly. For running online businesses, there is integrated Woocommerce. 

Striking and the on-point 404 Error page again make a good impression when it comes to clean design. Having an innovative error page is as important as your website’s other pages. You can’t ignore its appearance just because it's a frustrating element. No, but this theme perfectly gets it done for you. The theme brings a pre-built best 404 page templates that keeps up with your website’s actual design. It is responsive so that if a user visits, they will not make that terrible face. The page is designed with simple fonts and buttons to push you back to the homepage. 

6. Garage WordPress Theme 

Here’s a theme to describe your car dealing and garage business online with an appealing website. It is the premium Garage WordPress theme that brings you the finest features and templates to work with. Getting this theme is a complete treasure that unlocks robust design elements and modern features. The theme is designed using the latest WordPress versions and clean codes. It is decked using the most customizable layouts that turn out to be the most creative website. The theme’s flexible design completely suits all auto parts and car-dealing websites. Users can have great control over almost every part of the theme. It comes integrated with various plugins, like WooCommerce and more. The SEO factor is highly appreciated when it comes to higher search engine ranks. The theme further engages more users with its responsive design. 

Even if there should be a few calls to the error page, the design should match the overall website. Errors are mostly the spoiling elements that every site owner avoids. With this premium Garage theme, the 404 error page is designed just like your entire website. You can either go with a clean background or one that comes with a garage-filled image. Here, you can see that the initials “404 Page not found” are styled uniquely, giving it a wild feel. A message is supposed to occur about broken links that can be customized. Also, you can customize the back-to-home page button within no time.

7. Car Dealership WordPress Theme 

Gearing up your car-dealing business is only possible when you opt for a robust website. And this premium car dealership The WordPress theme is a perfect way to accelerate your business. The theme is infused with modern and advanced web design elements. The homepage design gives a stylish and captivating look that every car dealer looks for. You can get your car-dealing website done in no time with this theme. The theme holds your business in such a way as professionals do. Whether you are a web designer or a beginner, the theme reacts evenly. There is no need to write heavy code or hire a developer for web design. The theme is made with pre-built templates to make your work easier. Then it adds a complete layer of the finest plugins to raise the functionality. 

Sometimes, websites drive you to unexpected error pages that might dishearten you while reaching a page. It is completely understood that error pages are highly brain-crushing, but wait, have you seen a unique 404 error page? You will find a truly cool and striking best 404 page templates that isn’t very frustrating. The theme has designed a 404 error page that completely resembles the entire design. Also, they’ve used new floating font elements to innovate the look. Let me tell you that the page is easy to customize and responsive, too.

8. Therapist WordPress Theme 


Bringing on a versatile tool that makes a huge contribution to therapists and health counsellors. You should have this theme if you want your business to roll out perfectly on web. The theme is designed with the motive of supporting therapists who look for change and upgrading in their niche. The theme is best tool for you because you get a professional range of features and templates. It works best on every device with its responsive design. It has a modern and classy interface that perfectly suits niche. The backgrounds are clean and easy to customize. Even the entire interface is easy to customize without any codes. Not to worry, if you are a beginner or non-developer, the theme gives you hands-on experience. To help you out with the design, it has templates with pre-made inner pages. Various plugins and navigation controls can be added using the drag-and-drop feature. 

Just in case the user enters the error page, it should match the website design. The premium Therapist theme keeps this in mind. You can see how innovatively the 404 error page is designed with a cool and flashy design. The “404 page not found” itself covers the entire page with a bright colour scheme. The logo representing the therapist is used so that the page matches the entire design. Above all this, it can be customized and put in unique features using drag and drop. Further, you can see how the “Back to Homepage” button is highlighted to direct the users. This part of the theme also follows the same responsive design. 

9. Audio Podcast WordPress Theme 


Keep this bang-on theme crafted for podcast and music websites. This is the audio podcast theme that comes with a complete treasure trove of online music websites. The theme is all set to provide the best audio and video experience for users. Its unique and dusky appearance itself creates a magic that sticks users on your site. The theme allows full control over how your website appears. The design is super enchanting and mesmerizing, which makes for a great appearance. Also, there are the best templates, which are filled with pre-built inner pages. You can design various web pages to organize your site content using drag and drop. The theme runs on the Bootstrap framework, giving a fully responsive site. Also, it comes with various navigation controls that ease your web design. It even supports multiple languages that build up more audiences from different sectors. 

While designing the website, hitting the error page is like a common jump. It becomes frustrating even when the design is boring. But this audio podcast theme concludes the most stylish error page. The sleek and stylish best 404 page templates is not as boring or grudge-worthy as users think. There are unique fonts added with visually appealing media interaction. The error page is properly responsive and fits on every device. Also, there is the highlighting back to the homepage button that enables a single click to move out of the page. 


The ultimate place to find the best 404 page templates for WordPress is right here in this blog. That’s quite a weird thought that not every web designer focuses on. An error page is something that most frustrates the user’s mind. But the urge to make it look like staring at it matters the most. 

You can design innovative 404 error pages with a simple idea. Prefer the above blog, and you will find the best 404-page templates along with their features. The best part is that the templates define their appearance and how your site is designed. Not only this but there is full customization allowed so that users can get what they need. Responsive design is allowed overall, covering the error page. So that even if you are using a mobile device and reach the error page, it will appear without any clutter. You will never find such beautifully designed 404 templates with cool and pleasant colours. So hurry and pick up the 404-page template. 

Our WP theme bundle is full of surprises. Each design has uniquely designed pages, with sleek functionalities. With variety of page designs and layout you get your theme in a very affordable rate. VW Theme is a great deal!

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