All You Need To Know About Amazon Woocommerce Integration

All You Need To Know About Amazon Woocommerce Integration


An online store does not reach its right place until it diversifies to another platform. You are selling products in a single place with the same gross. It's time to take a bigger and better step. 

As said, getting your online store integrated with a bigger platform is valued more. With that said, Amazon is the biggest and most profitable place to sell products. Millions of active sellers are getting their businesses done right with it. Are you one of the passionate ones looking for the store upliftment? If yes, this blog is for you. We, in this blog, will let you know about how your Woocommerce store can be integrated with Amazon. Also, there are some great insights into the Amazon Woocommerce integration. Let’s begin. 

What is the Need to Sell Products on Amazon? 

You should know the benefits of Amazon Woocommerce integration on your website. This has many benefits that will help you boost your woocommerce site. Let us know: 

1. Lower Investment Plans 

Selling on Amazon is nearly the most effective solution if you are a new seller. Even if you are a beginner, there are no hidden costs. It can be operated from home even if you are selling refurbished and used items. 

Amazon does not ask for any extra installation or store setup charges. Even when you are an individual seller, Amazon charges once you start selling or earning. Once it is found that you have reached a professional stage of selling, there comes the monthly payment schedule. It starts at only $39.99 per month, along with smart selling features for your store. 

2. Get Potential Customers 

Amazon Woocommerce integration can be a door to potential customers from all over the world. This is the one-stop port for millions of sellers and buyers to get perfect dealing and shopping options. Customers love buying from Amazon for its effective product pricing, and this applies to the sellers too. 

There is a simple logic when the sale is getting raised; eventually, sellers can have their desired profit margins on it. What this means is that Amazon charges fees based on the product category. This further helps in setting the desired profit margins on every product category you are selling. 

3. You get an advantage of Amazon’s Reputation. 

Being a part of the Amazon family, you get that reputed place even when you are a new seller on the web. As said, millions of active users are counted on Amazon for shopping and selling. With that said, Amazon has built a huge reputation on them. 

Similarly, it implies to you that if you are a new seller on Amazon, you are earning that same reputation without any doubt. This is the safest and most secure platform to start earning from your store. Your store’s integration with Amazon is itself a reputed gratification, as you are counted as its own. So, the new customers will be assured and will continue purchasing. 

4. Bang-on Shipping Fulfilment Facilities Provided 

As a seller on Amazon, you are completely relieved. This is because Amazon, being a grounded platform for millions of active sellers and buyers, takes care of the sellers. 

As a seller, you can use the Fulfillment by Amazon service that makes trading easier. Here, your work is only to send the inventory to Amazon, and Amazon does the rest essentials. Everything comes under Amazon from picking, packing, and shipment, and the products are shipped directly from the warehouse. 

Even the policy becomes the same for the Amazon Prime members. In case of any mishap like late delivery, damaged product, or any other, Amazon will not bother the seller. This means your reputation as a seller is not harmed at all. Amazon takes the entire responsibility, and you are relieved. Also, this is the simplest platform to start selling and requires no extra knowledge to begin your store. 

Apart from this, being a seller on Amazon gives immense peaks to your business. Also, this becomes a huge gateway to new and drastic opportunities for your venture. 

Does Woocommerce Integrate with Amazon and How? 

This becomes a big question: is Amazon Woocommerce integration possible? Though Amazon and Woocommerce don’t work together, it can be possible when you have Woocommerce integrated into your site. This will help in connecting your store to Amazon’s API to pull the product data and their prices. 

WordPress alone does not support integration with WooCommerce. Here are some of the queries to help you in the efficient integration of Woocommerce and Amazon. 

1. Adding Amazon Affiliate Links to the WooCommerce Site 

This is the simplest form of integrating Amazon into your Woocommerce site, as there are no codes required. As an affiliate, Amazon does not charge to sign up as a seller, but you are only paid if users click on your description link. 

This is click-based selling if somebody clicks on your provided link and makes a purchase. However, you don’t need to bother about the product listing or the shipment. Affiliate marketing can be done perfectly using this process. 

2. Using Amazon Logistics 

Another way to Amazon Woocommerce integration is by using the logistics service from Amazon. You are a seller selling your products on Amazon, so you can easily optimize the logistics by using Amazon’s shipment services. Amazon provides the most reliable and safe delivery options than others. 

Just like you integrated your inventory with Amazon to sell products, shipment is even allowed without much hassle. This way the cycle will go on from sending inventory to using Amazon’s fulfillment service to enable safe deliveries. 

3. Listing Products on Amazon 

Now comes the most successive type to integrate woocommerce with Amazon. This is the listing type that allows adding and managing products using Woocommerce plugins and selling on Amazon. 

By using plugins, you can easily sell products to a wider extent along with the inventory. This procedure becomes automated and helps in minimizing the effort to manage the inventory. 

To learn about some of the best products to sell on Amazon, check out our previous blog post. It provides a detailed description and valuable insights to help you choose the right products for your Amazon store.

Best Plugins for Integrating Woocommerce and Amazon 

Here are some of the best-considered woocommerce plugins that will help you with Amazon Woocommerce integration. Note that these plugins are only useful when you have chosen the right query from above. 

1. CTX Feed: Woocommerce Product Feed 

Our topmost consideration lies in this qualitative CTX Feed-Woocommerce Product Feed plugin. This professional plugin assists you in building the most significant Woocommerce product feeds for the Amazon marketplace. Not only this, the plugin has a great gateway for 100+ more marketplaces for your online store. 

Creating and uploading all the products one by one might seem crucial and time-consuming. It could make a mess as well, resulting in the wrong product presentation. To avoid this, this plugin automates this process with a single click. The CTX feed for woocommerce products is the most effective way to upload as many products in no time. Also, it helps in managing the inventory under the Manage feeds option. To make this smoother, you will find a set of 100+ pre-built templates to build product feeds innovatively. This is a superb plugin requiring no codes. 

2. WP-Lister for Amazon 

WP-Lister for Amazon is another dignified solution to providing product listing features for your site. This plugin provides a double-decker solution where sellers can sell on both Woocommerce and Amazon. It specifies sellers to store all the inventory in a single product detail stream. This proves beneficial as users don’t need to enter the product information twice. Also, WP-lister manages the amount of inventory on both platforms significantly. So, if the products are sold on a single platform, it will immediately reflect on the inventory. Also, it can be used in multiple ways to make selling better. WP-lister can be used to import Amazon products to the Woocommerce store, connect them to the Amazon marketplace, and more. 

Apart from all this, this outstanding plugin comes in free and paid versions with sophisticated features to look at. 

3. Omnichannel for WooCommerce: Google, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Integration 

Powered by Codisto, the Omnichannel for Woocommerce plugin allows superb Amazon Woocommerce integration. Not only Amazon, but this plugin allows integration with other listing platforms like eBay, Walmart, and more. When working with this plugin, it ensures real-time connection of products between both platforms. From inventory, orders, and prices to product descriptions, everything is synced easily. If you are looking to get this plugin, then let me tell you it comes with a 14-day trial offer. 

Build Your Amazon Website Using VW themes:

When building a Woocommerce website that will further reach Amazon, you need a perfect theme to begin with. WordPress is the biggest haul to thousands of themes, creating a huge state of confusion among the designers to choose from. They urge to get the right theme from the right platform for their website’s reputation and future. And let me tell you, among the finest platforms selling their themes, VW Themes comes out as a good competition. 

Premium WordPress themes designed by VW themes have a separate fan base. These themes are perfect in all terms. You are getting everything that suits your desires for your website bundled with VW Themes. The themes hold the best functionality, designs, templates, plugins, and whatnot. Here are some of the best considerations if you are looking for an Amazon website building: 


Selling your products on the biggest retail platform is itself a complete treasure to new opportunities. You can have your business on top peaks when selling with Amazon. This is the most ideal place to sell, even if you are a beginner. Also, even if you are an existing online store owner, integrating WooCommerce with Amazon gives so many benefits. 

Many online store owners are unreachable, and Amazon can be their door to business expansion. But in this blog, we have made a complete guide to help with this. Amazon Woocommerce integration simply helps in flourishing your firm. To get the right benefits of your online store, you must start selling on Amazon. 

To further enhance your WooCommerce store, consider utilizing a WP theme bundle specifically designed for e-commerce. These theme bundles come with a variety of pre-designed templates and features tailored for online stores, ensuring a professional and user-friendly interface. Popular WP theme bundles like VW Themes, Astra, Divi, and OceanWP offer extensive customization options, mobile responsiveness, and integration capabilities with WooCommerce, making them ideal choices for creating a cohesive and attractive online store.

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