Things To Do After Installing WordPress!


Our journey is to find what we want to do and do it till we die! But we need to take care of some-things in between. Just like that establishing website is one step. There are many things that you need to take care afterwards. Everyone knows the fact that WordPress is the best platform for creating website. At WordPress you would get all the tools to make perfect website. All these tools work efficiently and give the best results. After installing WordPress you need to take care of some-things, but first let’s know how to create the website.

There are several steps you need follow to create website on WordPress. Creating a website on WordPress is easy and tough too. You need to know about coding and programming. If not then you can create website using a ready-made WordPress theme.

WordPress is has a lot of tricks that can make you go wild. It is a lot complicated when it comes to coding. That’s why people use WordPress Themes! These ready-to-use WordPress themes make it easy to manage website.  

Steps to Create a Website On WordPress

First, you have to get a domain name for WordPress website. Then you need to install WordPress.  After this you need to choose a host. WordPress has two hosts, and! is where you will get free and premium WordPress theme. But you will lose the right over your own website. is recommended because it gives you complete authority over your website.

After choosing the host, you need to decide if you want to build this on your own. If your confidence answers against, don’t worry! Now you need a right WordPress Theme. WordPress has its own collection of themes. There are several companies who sell WordPress themes for different professions. It’s a very wise choice to make here. You will find WordPress themes ranging from 40$ to 29,000$. You are investing money, so it has to be for good.

But after installing WordPress, you need to look after these things. These 7 things will make your website perfect. And maintain its glory!


7 Things to Make Your WordPress Website Look Perfect:

Basic info

While establishing your WordPress website, you need to put some basic information in it. After installing WordPress, this information must be filled carefully. This information will be about your work for viewers.

First, you need to set the time zone on your website. The date and time should be set that will be displayed on the website. You can find the options to manage that in general settings in the dashboard.

Just like that you need to set the Title and tagline of the website. This tagline and title will be held as the definition of your work. It should be catchy and informative too. In the general settings, you will find a tab for ‘add name’. There write the title and tagline for the website.

Then you need to set up your profile. WordPress version has the option for profile settings. There you need to put up some basic information about your website. For this go to dashboard and go into user options. There select profile section. Here put the username, contact number, display image and other information.


In agriculture, to let the healthy crop grow you need to pluck out the unnecessary weed. Just like that after installing WordPress, you need to delete some unwanted things. On WordPress some things are put for demonstration. But to make the website run finely, you need to delete these things.

Sample pages and posts are one of them. To alter them, go to dashboard and select ‘Post section’. There you will find these extra posts. To delete them, select the posts and choose trash option for them. For sample pages, go to dashboard again and select ‘page menu’. There select all pages and click on ‘remove’.

Just like this you need to remove default theme as well. For this go to dashboard and select ‘Appearance’. On the bottom right you will find a section for unwanted themes. There select the delete option. If the default theme is active you will need to deactivate it first and then delete.



A right WordPress theme must have these 3 features. The WP theme must have responsive design, it must be supportive to SEO and the company must provide customer service or technical support for this. Look for these 3 and you will find your match!

We recommend you to take a look at VWThemes’ WordPress theme collection. Choose a theme according to your profession. Choose a theme with SEO optimization, responsive design and strong coding. See if you can get a customer support from the company for back up support if something goes wrong.

At VWThemes you can get over 110 types of WordPress business themes for different professions. You need to choose a top WordPress Themes for your business or service and Install it. After that, you just have to set the layout as you want and add content in it. You don’t need to set codes or program anything. It’s a ready-to-use WordPress theme. Just like that, you will set up your own website on WordPress.


In every WordPress theme or WordPress website plugins play an important role. They make the website run smoothly with added functions. Each theme from this WordPress theme has Woocommerce plugin. This helps in opening an online store and making the transactions safe and secure.

The WordPress themes should be compatible with third party plugins. You can add as many plugins as you want in the website. But adding multiple plugins and not using them can make your website run slow. Browsers give places for fast loading websites only. If your website will be lagging behind, it will cost you your whole work.

Plugins may not seem like but they are integral part of a website. Before buying, you have to be sure that the WordPress theme is compatible with the plugins.

Some WordPress themes come with in-built plugins and in some you have to add. Buy the plugins only if you will to use it.

At VWThemes, the WordPress themes come with multiple plugins. Woocommerce and contact form7 plugins are one of them. These plugin help you in making the transactions secure and forming a nice contact page. Many companies don’t allow the WordPress themes to be compatible with third party plugins. But at VWThemes, you can add any third party plugin to make the website run smoothly.



Security of your website must be your first priority. In this digital era, hackers are in search of weak websites. That’s why you need to protect your website from them. Plus there can be some internal issues. You need to figure them out too.

First, you must ensure that you and the people who log into your site have a strong password. Having weak password is like locking the house with thread. So strong password is necessary! You need to change the default ‘admin’ name. Because it is too easy to crack for the hackers out there. You need to change the default login URL too. Create a website URL with things no one can copy.

Move your wp-config files from directory to safer place. This is important for the security of website. Then get SSL certificate and always use HTTPS for safe file transfer.

Keep the your website’s core updated just like the WordPress versions. Keep updating the website settings. Check the ratings and reviews about the WordPress theme you are buying.

You can install security plugins to take care of these issues. There are SSL plugins too, which will take care of the security certificate. Having this certificate is important for safety of your website.


After installing WP, it’s important to maintain the quality. We strive for quality and that should be the focal point. You have to become your own critic in this process. You need to analyze your own content and figure out the way to keep it classy.

Also, you can take help from Google Analytics! This feature from Google helps you in analyzing the content. It monitors the activities on your website and tell you what to do! You just need to connect your website with Google Analytics. It looks after your content, viewer’s activity, their response and website traffic as well. It  provides operational data which will help you in making the website more influential.

To connect your website with Google Analytics, you need to install plugin from MonsterInsight.



Having a back-up of your WordPress website is very necessary. With this you will have the original version of your working website. First go to ‘dashboard’ and in ‘Plugins’. Click on ‘Add new’ and search for ‘UpdraftPlus WordPress backup plugin’. Click on ‘install’ and activate it.

Then, click on ‘settings’ and select ‘Backup’. Select all the boxes and read them carefully. Then click on ‘backup now’.  After installing WordPress you must look after this.



In summary, after installing WordPress, these essential tasks ensure a strong foundation for your website's success. Additionally, consider exploring the WP Theme Bundle, offering a diverse collection of themes to elevate your site's aesthetics and functionality. By implementing these post-installation actions and leveraging the WP Theme Bundle, you're equipped to create a compelling and optimized WordPress site that resonates with your audience and achieves your online goals.

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