How to Add YouTube Video to Woocommerce Product Gallery with Ease?

How to Add YouTube Video to Woocommerce Product Gallery with Ease?


Do you want your WooCommerce site to be innovative and visually appealing? Well, this itself implies that when you need an attractive presentation, media plays a vital role. 

Videos and images are not only productive properties, but they come with a lot of benefits on your site. Adding such content easily helps to pour in so much content that written scripts can’t convey. Of those, adding images sometimes fails to provide the overall details, videos do. 

Adding video content helps in conquering most of the content with appealing elements. WordPress allows this feature using third-party platforms or direct uploading. Adding or embedding videos from third-party platforms like YouTube is getting more space. This is where you can climb to bigger heights in presenting products well. Here in this blog, we are going to unlock the easiest guide on how to add YouTube video to Woocommerce Product Gallery.

Why is it Necessary to Add YouTube Video to Woocommerce Product Gallery? 

You are dealing with the e-commerce industry, where presentation matters the most. To display every product and its details, images, and videos play a pivotal role. 

Images can portray a lot when you must display the products and their details. But sometimes, images aren’t enough to please the customers and showcase every single detail. That time, you need video content that pulls up the entire show easily. Placing video content makes your site look more productive. Videos cover the utmost content that helps in building more trust among the users. 

What happens when you place the video content? Customers, apart from reading the entire description, would rather watch the product video that brings security. 

These are the SEO saplings that help in building good ranks on search engines. Also, these can boost conversion rates and bring loyal customers to your site. 

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How to Add YouTube Video to WooCommerce Product Gallery? 

Woocommerce support adding YouTube videos to the Woocommerce product gallery. It can be done using third-party plugins or codes. 

Adding codes is only a good choice for some, as you can be a non-coder looking to add YouTube videos to your site. Woocommerce itself provides a plugin Add Featured Videos in Product Gallery that can be used to add your videos in just few clicks. But if you are looking for a free plugin then we have the next option, which is to use third-party plugins. Although there are so many plugins ready for your site to add YouTube videos to your Woocommerce product gallery. Yet sticking to a single plugin is again a crucial task. 

Among some of the best options, we are going to use the Product Video Gallery for Woocommerce for this guide. 

The Product Video Gallery for Woocommerce lies in our top considerations when you need to add YouTube videos. This one brings out the most creative features to upload and add YouTube video to Woocommerce Product Gallery. Videos can be uploaded directly or from third-party platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and more. The plugin even allows multiple video embedding features, which makes it a wonderful choice. But first, it is required you have the Woocommerce plugin installed and activated on your site. 

While there are methods to embed YouTube videos, for a truly streamlined and feature-rich experience, explore the WP Theme Bundle by VW Themes. This incredible bundle offers a vast collection of premium WordPress themes, many designed specifically for WooCommerce. With their intuitive interfaces and drag-and-drop functionality, adding YouTube videos to your product galleries becomes a breeze. Plus, you'll gain access to a plethora of customization options to craft a unique and professional online store. The WP Theme Bundle empowers you to do it all without touching a single line of code.

So, let’s start bringing light on how to add YouTube videos using the Product Video Gallery for Woocommerce. 

Step 1: Install and Activate the Product Video Gallery for Woocommerce 

The foremost step is to get the Product Video Gallery for Woocommerce installed and activated on your site. 

  • For this, install  the plugin from the official WordPress site, and this will download a zip file of the plugin on your device. 
  • Head to the WordPress dashboard and tap the Plugins section. Hit the Add New option and simply select the zip file of the plugin to upload. 
  • Once the file is uploaded, tap the Install button and then the Activate button. 

Step 2: Configure the Plugin Settings 

After installing the plugin, we need to configure the settings. The configuration of the plugin implies two levels of settings: 

1. Product Level Configuration Setting 

  • You need to visit the Woocommerce admin space and tap the “Add a New Product” option under the Products section. 
  • Here, either you can add a new product or simply use the existing one to which you need to add a video. Here are the settings under the product level settings: 
  • Firstly, there is an option to enable the Product Video Gallery for Woocommerce. 
  • Then add the link to the video from YouTube. You can add links to any other video platforms too. 
  • Now, you need to tap the “Enable Gallery” option to add the video or simply replace the images. 
  • You can even add multiple videos at a time by just tapping the “Add Video Link” button. Or if you want to upload a video from your device, then simply tap the “Upload Video” button. 
  • Sometimes, you want to upload a video separately for each product. For this, head to the Settings section, tap “Product data,” and hit the variation. Here, you can choose the variation for which you need to add YouTube video to Woocommerce Product Gallery


2. General Settings 

  • To reach the general settings, move to the Woocommerce admin area and then the Settings section. Under the Settings tab, click the featured video tab. 
  • Under the featured video tab, you can find multiple settings to check or uncheck according to your preference. 
  • There is the Autoplay option, allowing you to enable video playing when a user lands on the product page. 
  • The mute video sound option mutes the sound by default. 
  • There is the Allow full-screen video option, letting you play video in full-screen mode. 
  • The loop video option enables the video to play even after the video has ended. 
  • The hiding video controls option lets you hide vital video controls like volume, full screen, and navigation. 
  • There is an option to set the height and width of the video on the shop page. 
  • Also, you can hide the video from the shop page using the Hide Video from Shop Page option. 
  • Once you have enabled all the settings, it's now time to save the changes. 


So, you have it all to add YouTube video to Woocommerce Product Gallery. We have made everything that sticks in your mind to get the process done for you. Adding video content is the smart decision you can take to make your online store productive. While WordPress does not support this feature by default in its configuration. But you can upload or embed videos using other platforms with the help of third-party plugins or codes. This time, we have focused on adding a YouTube video to your Woocommerce product gallery. We have used the Product Video Gallery for Woocommerce with delightful features to add video content. This plugin ensures safer and faster uploading and embedding of videos from third-party platforms. You can see how easily you can embed or upload videos without any codes applied. 

Showcasing product features with engaging videos can significantly elevate your WooCommerce store's conversion rates. While embedding YouTube videos is an option, for a truly professional and customizable experience, consider using a premium WordPress themes from VW Themes. Their themes are designed with WooCommerce in mind, offering seamless integration and user-friendly interfaces. This allows you to easily add YouTube videos to your product galleries, along with a multitude of other customization options, all without needing any coding knowledge. Take your WooCommerce store to the next level with a beautiful, user-friendly website built on a VW Themes foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Can I add YouTube videos to WooCommerce product gallery without a plugin?

Unfortunately, WooCommerce itself doesn't offer a built-in way to directly upload videos to the product gallery. However, you can achieve this by:

  • Editing theme files: This approach requires coding knowledge and can be complex. It also might not be compatible with all themes and can be overwritten by theme updates.
  • Embedding YouTube videos: You can copy the embed code from YouTube and paste it into your product page. This is simpler but offers less control over the video's appearance and behavior.

2. What are the benefits of using a plugin to add YouTube videos?

Plugins are generally the recommended approach for several reasons:

  • Ease of use: Plugins provide a user-friendly interface to upload, manage, and display videos in your product galleries. No coding required.
  • Customization: Plugins offer greater control over video placement, appearance (thumbnails), and playback options (autoplay, loop, etc.).
  • Performance: Many plugins handle video optimization to minimize the impact on website loading speed.

3. What if I want more features like video lightboxes or advanced controls?

Many premium plugins offer additional features beyond basic embedding. These might include:

  • Lightbox functionality for a more immersive video viewing experience.
  • Advanced control over video playback settings (mute, volume control, etc.).
  • Integration with third-party video hosting services like Vimeo.

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