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Modern And Best WordPress Themes For Bakeries

The smell of freshly baked bread is one of the best smells. The aroma is peculiar and attracting. It can pull individuals to your bakery shop in case they are strolling past your shop. However, how would you draw in clients that don’t drive through your bread shop’s area? The appropriate response is a search engine optimized and mobile friendly site. In this way, start a site quickly and take your business on the web. Allow individuals to discover how great you are at baking. To create a fresh and modern website you need the best WordPress themes for bakeries.

Beginning a site is an easy decision nowadays. Proper step by step guidance is available and you only have to follow the steps to make the website. After you assemble a WordPress site, you need to choose a design (WordPress theme) that will make people turn to your website and appeal them to explore deeper into the site to know more about your business and products.


An ideal bakery WP theme should show your location and contact information and have a tasteful color mix. Likewise, if you intend to sell your products on the web, WooCommerce plugin compatibility is an added advantage. You will discover a ton of bakery WordPress themes on the Internet, yet not all of them is acceptable (some are inadequately coded). So, choose the theme after proper research and as per your needs and necessities.

VW bakery WordPress themes are always a wise choice for you to start with. Our themes are feature rich and clean coded. Below are few significant features associated with our bakery WordPress theme:

  • 100% GPL Supported
  • Demo content available
  • Free updates up to one year from the date of purchase
  • Installation Support
  • Multilingual

Our bakery WordPress theme is modern, dynamic and fresh-looking, accompanied by the decision of brilliant tones and classy text styles. It is suitable for bakery shops, cake shops, cafes, juice centers etc. It has such countless eye-catching features and progressed usefulness that this bakery WP theme in the list of best WordPress themes for bakeries makes certain to give your rivals an extreme battle in all regards. Our theme is 100% GPL supported with free installation support. You will be eligible to get all the updates for entire one year from the date of purchase. It is translation-ready and multilingual. You can browse limitless tones to change their splendid and energetic tones into the one that suits your brand. Its adaptable format can be changed from boxed to full-width with the choice to club it with sidebars. Easy to use for everyone, even beginners can use and customize it without any coding knowledge. The bakery WordPress template is the best we have in our assortment.

best WordPress themes for bakeries

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Few more add-ons to elevate the functionality of the themes

  • Ibtana – Gutenberg Editor has instant eye-catching responsive formats that work with custom blocks and choices to broaden Gutenberg’s default abilities. You can undoubtedly import the demo content for the blocks or formats with a solitary chick. Once done, you can straight away beginning rolling out the ideal improvements. It likewise packs with singular parts and blocks to fabricate inward pages. Presently you don’t have to put a lot of time into altering or reproducing the format you love. Now it’s simply an intuitive and simple alter of your number one layout with only a couple of clicks. This Ibtana WordPress builder is associated with our VW bakery WordPress theme.
  • Live Customizer – The WordPress live customizer allows you to oversee and preview all the widgets on your site. To make changes to a specific widget region, click it. That takes you to that widget region, where you would now be able to alter the various widgets in it. Our smart theme has this intelligent feature to help you customizing your theme according to your need for your business.
  • Favicon, logo and tagline customization – Favicon or Site Icon is the little image that shows up close to your site title in the browser. It assists your users with distinguishing your site, and more continuous visitors of your site will construct a moment acknowledgment for that minuscule image. This expands your brand acknowledgment and assists you with building trust among your audience. Our bakery WordPress template has this favicon and logo customization option, which you can done in few clicks only.
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress – As WordPress makes changes and enhancements, in some cases, these affect WordPress Themes and their basic code and utilization of Template Tags. When another rendition is reported, WordPress users are prescribed to check the different WordPress Theme Compatibility files to guarantee their WordPress Theme is updated and ready for the new form. Most of our themes are already compatible with new versions and so as bakery WP theme.

  • Compatible with pluginsVW bakery WordPress theme is compatible with all the major plugins like Woocommerce, contact form 7, WCFM, Mailchimp, Yoast SEO etc. So, we have got you covered in every area.

Top Features Of Best WordPress Theme For Bakeries

Built on Ibtana Gutenberg Editor

Ibtana offers an incredible encounter while building pages with Gutenberg, as you have a whole assortment of page building blocks for WordPress available to you. Regardless of whether you don’t have sufficient design abilities, you don’t have to stress as this WordPress block editorial manager as of now has things rearranged for you. Its natural and easy-to-understand interface assists you with planning the pages without composing a solitary line of code. This block-based editor takes WordPress page working to a higher level by giving a proficient, quick, and straightforward way for making pages. Select the block you wish to add to your page by straightforward intuitive, change the settings using simple tweaking choices, and you are all set.

Its design adheres to the best coding guidelines; it conveys quick and better execution giving astounding outcomes. A lot of alternatives are there for modifying nearly everything to get a particular and special page. With simple simplified, you can make surprising pages very quickly. Incorporates nicely assembled site layouts and blocks for Gutenberg. These blocks can be utilized to make a scope of sites like online stores, cafés, restaurants, etc. VW bakery WordPress themes are compatible with ibtana, which is an added advantage for them.

As its design observes the best coding principles, it conveys quick and better execution giving stunning outcomes. A ton of choices are there for tweaking nearly everything to get an unmistakable and better looking page. Distinctive blocks settings are accommodated every block that incorporates settings for responsiveness, text styles, inclination tone, and so forth. With simple intuition, you can make dazzling website pages surprisingly fast. Incorporates insightfully fabricated site formats and blocks for Gutenberg. These blocks can be utilized for making a scope of sites for many different organizations and such organizations can get benefitted using these amazing sites. Alternative for reviewing each Gutenberg block-based format in the customizer view.

Live Customizer

 Live Customizer

With the WordPress Customizer, you can definitely change the appearance and usefulness of your WordPress site from one reasonable interface. That incorporates making changes to page components, including your site tagline, background picture, and menus. It enables you to do an assortment of site-changing assignments inside an extremely straightforward interface. In this way, if you’re not utilizing the WordPress Customizer, you might be wasting your valuable time while doing those equivalent customizations somewhere else on the WordPress back end.

The next time you launch a WordPress project, remember that you can utilize the Customizer to:

  • Design your site’s identity and appearance,
  • Oversee site menus,
  • Swap site tones,
  • Indicate single post alternatives,
  • Adjust a background picture,
  • Review your site in desktop, mobile, and tablet mode.

Using live customizer is not a tedious job; it’s just that you use it to enhance the look and feel of your website. You can add more options for your users in only a click and give them a great user experience, which will eventually gain you profits by diverting traffic to your site. Our bakery WordPress templates easily allow you to work with live customizer.

Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive

A responsive WordPress theme is like any normal theme with the capacity to naturally change your site content and pictures as per the screen size and gadget. It makes a superior user experience for your site. The vast majority use mobile phones to peruse sites rather than desktops. If you’re utilizing a non-responsive theme for your site, it’ll look amateurish and revolting. It might likewise struggle between the various browsers on desktop view. Responsive themes follow the responsive website architecture approach, which expects sites that offer ideal user experience across different gadgets and screen resolutions, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Responsive WordPress themes flawlessly changes its design dependent on the screen size and resolution. Responsive themes offer better meaningfulness and convenience on more modest screens like advanced mobiles. Before responsive themes, websites would need to make an alternate mobile rendition for every platform like iPhone, Android, etc. A responsive design permits a solitary site to be seen on different gadgets without extra themes or plugins.

A developing number of individuals are getting to the web through tablets and mobile phones. This is why we see an increment in the number of responsive themes that WordPress theme organizations are making. On the off chance that a huge extent of your site visitors is visiting your site utilizing a mobile phone, then, at that point, you ought to truly consider offering a mobile form or changing to a responsive WordPress theme. Then again, responsive WordPress themes are a need to make proficient sites. It’s additionally a positioning component for web crawlers like Google, which implies mobile sites rank quicker and higher than non-responsive sites. It develops your site traffic, and more traffic implies more business! VW bakery WordPress theme is completely responsive and hence eventually you will gain the profit in terms of traffic and business by using our theme.

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly

Whenever you make a site, you need your page to be found by users. To guarantee that, you need to have website streamlining SEO set up. The theme you decide for your WordPress site can fundamentally influence your SEO results, so you need to pick one ready for SEO. The theme should be web index crawlers friendly. In the wake of introducing the theme, you can browse completely included site demos, the demos can be brought into your site in only a couple of clicks. New site owners regularly commit the standard worn-out error. They start to ponder site improvement (SEO) after the site has been published. Tragically, as a rule, it is excessively late. Such locales wind up being worked with many mix-ups, which, thus, makes it hard or even incomprehensible for web search tools to discover and list the content of the webpage. Thus, Internet users don’t see the websites in list items and don’t discover them. A site without website improvement resembles a side of the road covered behind trees with no sign featuring it. It very well might be offering preferable assistance over its splendidly lit rivals not too far off, yet most explorers won’t ever know it’s even there. How are individuals going to discover you? That is the issue you, as a site designer, ought to request almost immediately in the platform from site arranging and afterward focus on it all through the entire site building measure.

Seeing how web crawlers work will assist with making your SEO methodology. The theme you will utilize must be created by exceptional coding guidelines for the site to rank higher in web indexes. Check it to ensure it is viable with all famous browsers, that it has substantial HTML, CSS, and functions admirably with mobile phones. Site load time is one of the fundamental standards in Google’s site positioning calculation since it assumes a significant part of what users would say. All in all, web indexes favor quicker websites. While picking a WordPress theme, recall about social media reconciliation. Stringently talking, social media isn’t essential for SEO; however, it is another vital channel for obtaining webpage traffic, firmly interrelated with SEO. Ensure the theme has an alternative to connect it to social media profiles like FaceBook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and so forth. VW bakery WordPress theme is a theme which you can try for sure because it is SEO friendly and tried and tested all these pointers.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts

Google Fonts makes it simple to carry character and execution to your sites and products. The catalog of open source textual styles and symbols makes it simple to incorporate expressive symbols consistently—regardless of where you are on the planet. Utilizing the code created by Google Fonts, google servers will naturally send the littlest conceivable record to each user, dependent on the technologies that their browser upholds. This makes the web quicker for all users—especially in regions where data transmission and availability are an issue. Presently everybody can partake in similar quality and plan trustworthiness in their products and website pages, regardless of where they are on the planet.

The Google Fonts library presently contains 998 one-of-a-kind textual styles. This plugin permits you to utilize any of them on your WordPress site effortlessly. You do not stay with one text style for the whole site; you can undoubtedly pick one textual style for headings and another for your content. It’s difficult to tell which font style will look great on your site; that is why we’ve incorporated a live view include. That implies you can test every textual style and see a live preview of how it will look with your content immediately. Whenever you’ve discovered a blend you like, you can press save and roll out the improvements freely noticeable to everyone. Our bakery WordPress template has fonts option to make your content attractive.

GPL Supported

GPL Supported

More or less, the General Public License (GPL) is one of the numerous product licenses you can use to convey your products. There are a couple of center ideas of the GPL that you need to know:

  • You can run a GPL-authorized browser for any reason, in any capacity you’d like.
  • You’re ready to figure out the product, dismantle it, study it, and change it however much you need.
  • You can reallocate duplicates without limitation.
  • You’re likewise ready to rearrange your modified duplicates of the browser to other people.

The GPL is the permit WordPress depends on. Because of its terms, this implies each theme and plugin made for the platform likewise utilizes this permit. Since you can’t pick an alternate permit, you’re allowed to all the more likely serve your users.

While our catalog is brimming with best WordPress themes for bakeries, in some cases, individuals need to utilize something that they know has support behind it and wouldn’t fret paying for that. The GPL doesn’t say that everything should be zero-cost, simply that when you get the product, it should not limit your opportunities by the way you use it. In light of that, an assortment of people furnishes GPL themes with extra paid services accessible around them. You might pay to get to some of them; some are membership websites, some might give you the theme for zero cost and charge for support. They all share for all intents and purpose individuals behind them who are backing open source, WordPress, and its GPL permit. Our bakery WP themes are GPL supported and no hidden charges are there.

Cleanly Coded

Cleanly Coded

Marketing sites and web engineers must be extra cautious about offering their products. The format and design of your site can have an indispensable impact on your marketing technique. One of the slip-ups advertisers and entrepreneurs make with their site is they go for extra bright designs. Recollect that additional shadings can be a major mood killer for your users, and this can reflect in sales also. While making changes to your current bakery site or planning another one without any preparation, recollect not exaggerating things. A clean and straightforward design is the thing that you ought to focus on.

An appealing site will get your attention with its content instead of excessively splendid and glossy tones. Keeping your site straightforward, unpretentious, and to the fact is critical to better sales. Often, visitors will, in general, be put off by data over-burden on home pages. They are debilitating to purchase from such sites. So it is important that you make sure your visitors will focus on the products you are offering and not the useless stuff. To assist site page owners, we have thought of the least complex and viable clean bakery WP themes. Because of effortlessness in the design, these sites by and large load faster and perform significantly more proficiently. Simple designs and supportive elements make it simpler for visitors to focus on the product.

On the off chance that you wish to plan a straightforward and powerful site for your business, we have aggregated for you probably the catchiest WordPress themes. These best WordPress themes for bakeries are outfitted with the best elements and assurance of productive usefulness, so your business moves along as expected. To know more you should check our assortment of these clean themes.

Professional Support

Professional Support

Having a devoted email address for support issues is an initial step, however giving incredible customer care takes more than that. You should ensure you are purchasing a theme where you get a proper support for each and every issue. Make sure that your vendor is reachable to tackle your issues. Extraordinary customer assistance can’t supercede an awful product or service.

Always check that your vendor answers all your queries without any hesitation and also if they have dedicated trained professionals in their customer care department or not.

If you buy VW bakery WordPress theme, then you can relax because we have a dedicated and devoted team of professional to help all our users and customers.


Documentation is significant for themes as it gives an approach to users to get what a theme does and what it does not. Similarly, reporting the code of your theme will make it simpler for other theme engineers to alter your theme, likely with a child theme. Themes are needed to give end-user documentation of any design constraints or uncommon establishment guidelines.

Documentation help users to set up the theme without any help or support. Bakery WordPress template from VWThemes have all the proper documentation, required to set up or customize a theme. If you already have chosen any theme from VWThemes then you have the proper guidance and support; but if you are still thinking to pick any of our themes then don’t waste time and choose the best WordPress themes for bakeries.

Although the bakery WordPress themes have all the required features to build a successful website for your bakery, café or restaurant; but if you want more add-ons; then they are available to make your theme more better and convenient. Few add-ons are:

WooCommerce product add-ons

A lightweight WooCommerce product add-on plugin that makes adding custom fields to your WooCommerce product page less difficult. With a simple to-utilize custom form builder, now, you can add additional product alternatives rapidly.

You can undoubtedly customize the WooCommerce product requesting page (with custom product alternatives or custom fields). This additional form data presented by users will be displayed in the site backend and will be encased alongside the request subtleties.

On the off chance that you need to gather more data from users on your WooCommerce product pages, you can easily collect it using WooCommerce product add-on. You can empower much more components like estimating alternatives, transfer field, contingent rationale, picture selector and shading bunch, add logo, pictures, and so on – yet these are accessible just in the premium form of the plugin now. This add-on is very useful if bakery or café business website.

Mega menu

Mega menus (sometimes spelled “megamenus”) are a sort of expandable menu wherein numerous choices are shown in a two-dimensional dropdown design. They are a phenomenal design choice for obliging countless options or for uncovering lower-level site pages initially.

Mega menus have the accompanying attributes:

  1. Huge, two-dimensional panels are separated into groups of navigation options.
  2. Navigation choices are organized through format, typography, and (some of the time) symbols.
  3. Everything apparent simultaneously — no looking over.
  4. Vertical or flat form factors when enacted from top navigation bars; when actuated from the left-hand navigation, they may show up as mega fly-outs (not shown).
  5. Menu alternatives uncovered on the hover, click, or tap.

Mega menus beat regular drop down options and give more interesting way to show your products or services. It could be a better option to use this add-on in your bakery WP theme to give your users better navigation option to show your products.

The VW Gallery Plugin is an astonishing WordPress gallery plugin. It helps you in making the rich gallery in a couple of moments. The VW Gallery plugin offers the upside of showing numerous displays on a solitary page or post. You should give a title to the gallery you need to add. Then, at that point, transfer the various pictures which you need to show on that specific segment. Through customizer, you need to add the shortcode of the gallery with a fitting id of the display post. You can supplant the shortcode id on numerous events, assuming you need to show the various galleries. It is a responsive plugin, and it offers ideal usefulness. The VW Gallery plugin is actually a decent choice to exhibit an assortment of mesmerizing display pictures on your site, including posts and pages. You can make your bakery site look alluring and incredible utilizing this WordPress plugin. You should introduce the plugin and ready to see the outcome.

There are so many bakery WP themes are available in the market to choose from. We have here few of our best WordPress themes for bakeries which you can pick without any doubt to get the huge profits via your bakery websites.

VW Café Pro

Cafe WordPress theme - best WordPress themes for bakeries

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Cafe WordPress theme is appropriate for café sites, and you don’t have to employ a coder or originator for this. You don’t have to begin without any preparation, and this WP theme has the background picture alternative and is incorporated with the current font awesome. It is useful for all organizations that are directly or indirectly related to the hospitality business, and the primary explanation is that it is multipurpose. With the WordPress café theme, you have the demo unit, which is predefined for use out of the case. You have the alternative to modify and calibrate the look according to your choice and appropriateness. It has web custom components and is viable with plugins like contact form 7 and WooCommerce. It has a worldwide shading choice and is responsive. You can make your bakery page the way you want. It has a social media element and slider with limitless slides.

With Cafe WordPress theme, you have the theme option panel that grants tweaking the site in a couple of clicks, and you needn’t bother with the information on coding as an essential. Cafe WordPress theme has full-width sidebars for acquiring an assortment the looks. You can stuff the sidebars with promotions and widgets to arrange the site further for dominating in business by acquiring higher incomes. It has segments that fill different needs, and you have the choice to impair the segments. You get the theme overhauls with premium one, and committed help is accessible. You can unexpectedly utilize the gallery to show the pictures of your cafe. This bakery WP theme is one of the best WordPress themes for bakeries in our assortment.

VW Restaurant Pro

Restaurant WordPress theme - best WordPress themes for bakeries

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Our top notch restaurant WordPress theme has a lofty design, ideal for restaurant and high end food based businesses. This premium Restaurant WordPress theme is spotless and precise. It takes into account the requirements of eatery proprietors having a place in this area. No business can make due without fulfilling their users and carelessness in a particularly basic region can prompt disappointment. So it becomes imperative to have an ideal-looking restaurant and an all-around fabricated site and a theme that can depict all that you have to bring to the table in a lovely way. Your users experience with your website page is of equivalent importance, so it becomes crucial to have the right theme introduced. Our best WordPress themes for bakeries and restaurant is the thing that you have been paying special mind to as we offer a wide scope of provisions, functionalities and a theme that guarantees to hoist client commitment and work on their experience. Neatness, glorious design, and guaranteed predominant user experience are all Jam-stuffed in this theme.

Establish that first connection with your users via your effective and efficient website, to guarantee the client’s re-visitation of your site and restaurant using our best theme. It is completely a responsive and multipurpose restaurant WP theme that is both user and SEO well disposed. It additionally has cross-browser compatibility and is designed to work quickly across all platforms. We additionally give broad customer care assistance with the help of our devoted team of professionals. They can expertly settle all your issues in a proper and targeted way.

VW Storefront Pro

Storefront WordPress Theme - best WordPress themes for bakeries

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This Storefront WordPress Theme is an instinctive and sagaciously planned theme that figures out how to make your store site look just astounding. You can create a site for single store and use it for making different merchant sites. It has countless valuable components utilizing which you will actually want to add so many shopping alternatives for your site. Storefront WordPress Theme has a pleasantly created header and top bar with shopping choices, for example, login or joins alternatives for users. There are a lot of pagination alternatives, and its sticky navigation will make your audience stay on your page for somewhat more and investigate more products. This best WordPress themes for bakeries likewise permits you to deal with the content of various areas and change the request as indicated by your need. You can list all your products classification astute and begin selling them online through your site.

This Storefront WordPress Theme is created by the most recent WordPress guidelines and is also sound on the specialized front. The CSS animations will show your products in a really fascinating way. The theme uses social media symbols to advance your store (café/ bakery/ restaurant) by connecting the social media profile. An email subscription form is incorporated with the goal that you will actually want to educate your endorsers and users about the offers and discounts. Alongside shortcodes and widgets, this Storefront WordPress Theme supports a few payment gateways that will make shopping simple for your users and clients.

VW Catering Pro

Catering WordPress theme - best WordPress themes for bakeries

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Catering WordPress theme is a multipurpose theme helpful for making an elite cooking food site of premium solicitation with an extraordinary use for the hotels, cafes, motels, and restaurants related business. You can make the astounding providing food site with the help of a solitary click demo background. The design of this top bakery WP theme is browser and mobile enhanced. It has a slider with boundless slides, and it accompanies contact form 7 and WooCommerce plugins, simplifying it to do the online food delivery through the convenience of delivery boys. WordPress theme for catering has the testimonial segment apart from a versatile landing page. It is known for its contemporary design, and you will find an ideal blend of different tones that are fulfilling to the eyes. WordPress catering theme is helpful for organizations that are directly or indirectly related to hospitality. It is SEO-friendly, and translation ready theme with more than 100 literary style family choices.

These are few best WordPress themes for bakeries. Choose any one of them to make an extraordinary website for your food business. You can also go for our WordPress theme bundle and get all these and so many other themes in a single collection and can utilize them all for different websites. Our theme bundle has all the multipurpose, SEO friendly and responsive themes in just $99. So that can be a smart choice too.

Our theme bundle is Search engine optimization ready. It is multipurpose, you can utilize any of these premium WordPress themes for some other business too. Each theme from this Premium WordPress theme group has a Woocommerce plugin and is viable with third-party plugins. All the themes are responsive with a quick loading time. Additionally, you can get free client assistance for longer than a year. What else would anybody need!

Either buy the theme bundle or choose any of the best WordPress themes for bakeries and enjoy the success of your online food business. Grab the deal today!