Adding Google Analytics In WordPress Website Made Easy And Simple
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Adding Google Analytics In WordPress Website Made Easy And Simple

Nowadays, many WordPress users misses out on collecting their user’s Data and Traffic to their Websites just because they are unable to connect Google Analytics to their WordPress Site. But It’s an easy and Simple task to add Google Analytics in WordPress. In this article We will see various methods using Plugins and without Plugins to add Google Analytics in WordPress Site. These methods are very useful and efficient in various different situations.

add google analytics in WordPress website

Before going to the methods we will discuss the following Table of Contents.

  • What is Google Analytics?
  • Why it is necessary in WordPress Sites?
  • Which is Best- To add Google Analytics with Plugins or without Plugins?
  • How to Sign up for Google Analytics?
  • How to add Google Analytics in WordPress Site with Plugins?
  • How to add Google Analytics in WordPress Site without Plugins?

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a Web Analytics Suite that actually helps the users to understand and analyse the web traffic of their websites. It tracks the different activities associated with the website and show in the form of statistics in Google Analytics account.

From Google Analytics we come to know about visitors to our websites. We come to know about which segment of users are visitors to our websites, how the visitors interact with the available content in the website, what they are doing with the content and how they located our website. This information helps us to understand the flaws and will directly lead to optimize our content and it will increase our Business.

Why Google Analytics Is Necessary In WordPress Sites?

When we start our WordPress Website, it becomes mandatory to know how our website is performing. Many times, it is also required to collect the Data that will be useful in various ways. The only best tool that will help here is Google Analytics. There are many benefits of using Google Analytics with WordPress websites like identification of Visitors Background, understanding the Audience and their behaviour, improvement of user experience, and many other useful things.

Which Is Best To Add Google Analytics In WordPress Site With Plugins Or Without Plugins?

There are Various Plugins available on the Web. But it’s not necessary that each and every Plugins are best. Some of the Poor Coded Plugins may slow down our WordPress Website. However, a properly coded Plugin would be useful and it will not have any Ill effects on our Website.

There are Different methods to add Google Analytics in WordPress using Plugins as well as without Plugins. However, it is always advised to add Google Analytics in WordPress using Plugins because the method to add Google Analytics in WordPress without Plugins is not an easy task. There will be High Risk of Losing Data and most Important thing that you will miss out variety of features too. So, it is highly advisable to use Plugins to add Google Analytics in WordPress Websites.

How To Sign Up For Google Analytics?

Signing Up for the Google Analytics is so Simple. All you need is Google Account for it.

If you don’t have one, just make it. Steps to Sign Up for Google Analytics:

  • Login to your Google Account.
  • Go to Google Analytics, click on Set up for Free Button.
  • Now, enter your Account Name, set your Account Data Sharing Settings and then click Next on Create Account Page.
  • Now, select how you want to measure your site. Then click on the Web option and proceed further to the next page.
  • In the next Page enter the Website details and then click on Create Button.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and then you will have your Google Analytics account created Successfully.

How To Add Google Analytics With Plugins?

There are Various Plugins available on the web. We will look at few Plugins.

1. Site Kit by Google

To add Google Analytics in WordPress Website, we have got a simple, robust and powerful tool provided by Google i.e. Site Kit by Google. This is a free Plugin that will add Google Analytics in WordPress site in just few clicks which is an easy task to do. The another useful thing of using Site Kit by Google is that it retrieves Data from other services provided by Google too like Google Search Console, Google AdSense and PageSpeed Insights.

Here Are The Steps To Get Started With Google Site Kit: –

1. Install the Site Kit by Google plugin and Activate it.

2. Click on Start setup Button.

3. Connect your WordPress website to your Analytics account.

4. Verify that you are owner of Domain and Grant Access to Google to its Data.

5. Setup the Services you would like to add to WordPress site. Here is How your Dashboard will look like.

2. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the Highly used and Best Google Analytics Plugin available for the WordPress. This Plugin will help you to add Google Analytics in WordPress and will Track the Site Traffic efficiently. Here you will not have to touch a single line of code and you will get access to all the Data provided by Google Analytics.

The features of using MonsterInsights are that you can setup universal event Tracking which will allow you to Collect data from any Device, you can see from where the users got your website and other details which will help you to understand the trends, you will know what keywords were used by the visitors, you will get Detailed report about the Visitors.

Overall, MonsterInsights is a very simple and powerful instrument to use to add Google Analytics to WordPress sites. It is used by majority of the Users.

3. Analytify

A very Simple Plugin to install and to add tracking code to your website. It is Free Premium Google Analytics Plugin. It comes with many features like sending the automated email reports, tracking the records of your sales, transactions and revenues, shows statistics of individual posts and pages too. It will allow you to view the reports inside The WordPress admin area.

4. GA Google Analytics

To add Google Analytics in WordPress Site, GA Google Analytics is another Plugin which can be used. It is very useful, efficient, lightweight and GDPR compliant WordPress plugin. But there is a drawback that you can’t use all the features of GA google analytics plugin to add Google Analytics to WordPress site without Premium Version. You can use free Version but with limited features.

You have to install it and activate it. Once you are done with it , you just have to paste in your Tracking ID. The Google analytics data tracking code will be placed on all the pages of the site. Some main Features of GA google analytics is that you can customize the tracking code and also it disables the tracking of admin level users so that you will get right data about the visitors. But GA Google Analytics does not display the site statistics in the Admin panel. You will have to login to your Google Analytics account and from there you can view the Data.

5. Google Analytics By ShareThis

The another Method to add Google Analytics in WordPress can be achieved by Google Analytics by ShareThis. By using this Plugin, you can directly see the visitor’s engagement from your WordPress dashboard. The user Interface is so convenient and all the things are easy to access. The Best Part of this Plugin is that you don’t have to pay a single penny for the upgrades and premium features. Everything is available for free.

Installation process is very simple and requires only few minutes. Anyone can install it. The only thing you have to do is to download the Plugin and then login to your Google Account, select your Website and the Code will automatically be included.

The Link to Download Plugin :-

6. Exact Metrics

Exact Metrics is one of the popular method to add Google Analytics to WordPress Site. It has more than Millions of active installs. And the most impressive thing about Exact Metrics is that it is Free of Cost with all the great features. For newbies and Start-ups, it is the best plugin to use for. Earlier it was named as Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress.

Some Features of Exact Metrics are that it will provide you with full event tracking for AMP i.e. accelerated mobile pages. It Displays real time statistics, including the number of visitors and traffic sources. It Provides in-depth reports so that we can optimize the Content time to time.

7. Google Analytics By 10 Web

Google Analytics by 10 Web is also a free premium plugin. It’s not mostly used but yes the job can be done with it too Free version is available and you have to pay some amount for premium version to get some additional features.

8. Google Tag Manager

First is Google Tag Manager. By using this you can add and update your own tags for tracking and analysis. You can easily add and change the tags as per your needs. You can also use Third Party Tags.

You just have to sign up, then download the Tag Manager WordPress plugin. On your WordPress site, go to Plugins, then go to Add new, search for Google Tag Manager and activate it

After Activating it you will have to enter your Google Tag ID into the plugin. For this you have to go to your Tag Manager site and click on Admin. There you will get an ID, just copy it. Afterwards go to your WordPress site and go to Settings. Click on Google Tag manager and paste it into the Goole Tag Manager ID box.

There are few more Plugins but that are not used by the large segments of users. Few more Plugins like Enhanced Ecommerce Google analytics Plugin and WP Google Analytics Events can be used to add Google Analytics to WordPress site but it’s not recommended as above methods are sufficient.

How To Add Google Analytics Without Plugins?

We already Discussed about how to add google analytics in WordPress website using different Plugins. Now we will Discuss about adding Google Analytics to WordPress without using Plugins.

1. functions.php Code

Just by adding Code you can add Google Analytics to WordPress Site. You have to follow simple steps for that.

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard and under the Appearance menu just find Theme Editor and Navigate it.
  • Now open the Theme Functions i.e. functions.php file from the right column.
  • Now just copy the following code and paste into it.
  • Replace tracking ID with your own ID.
  • After this just click on Update button file Button to save the Changes.

add_action(‘wp_head’,’my_analytics’, 20); function my_analytics() {


<!– Global site tag (gtag.js) – Google Analytics –>

<script async src=”″></script>


window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag(‘js’, new Date());

gtag(‘config’, ‘UA-26575989-48’);




2. header.php Code

You can also add the Google Analytics tracking code to the the Header i.e. header.php file.

1.  Go to the Theme Editor and Navigate it.

2.  Open the Theme  Header (header.php) file on the right column.

3.  Copy the code and Paste it in the header area i.e. above the </head> tag.

4.  Then click on the Update File button to save the changes.

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