Free Download Real Estate WordPress Themes

An online presence is what you need to make sure that you are providing your business the desired platform to flourish and succeed. Getting a website has not only become the fundamental and very basic business strategy but has also proven to be a great asset for your business promotion.  A real estate business is no exception in this regard. When you design an exceptional website, it gives a great impression on your visitors and makes your presence more professional. Not having a website means that you are allowing your competitors to go ahead and make more business.

Why Is There a Need For The Best Real Estate WordPress Themes?

They will have an advantage over you since more online exposure can bring more traffic and thus, more customers to them. However, with a stunning real estate website, you can make a difference and get more clients for yourself. And to create amazing websites, we present you with the best Real Estate WordPress Themes.

You can free download our real estate WordPress themes for getting an impressive website. The WordPress themes listed here are going to provide you with the following features:

  • Fantastic Landing Page: To create a strong first impression, our themes give you a well-designed and highly-attractive landing page.
  • Awesome Galleries: For making your website more impressive, you get awesome galleries. You may also add them using add-ons as well.
  • Plugin Compatibility: With the use of relevant plugins, you may add several additional features and functionalities to your website leaving scope for future expansion.
  • Responsive Design: A fantastic viewing experience is what your website must deliver while visitors access your website through mobile phones as well as laptops. This is ensured by our responsive designs.
  • SEO Optimized Codes: With SEO-friendly codes, you will never miss the audience and can get more traffic flows that will also reflect in the conversion rates.
  • Speedy Design: Fast websites are liked by everybody. So we have provided minimal and optimized designs that are lightweight and load at a quick speed.

Let us drive straight to the list of best real estate WordPress themes that you can download for free download.

Free Real Estate WordPress Theme


In this Free Download Real Estate WordPress Themes, every user has a choice when it comes to constructing a website. Whether he/she can start from scratch or make a smart move by using a WordPress theme. For real estate businesses, having a website is crucial in the initial stages. This Free Real Estate WordPress Theme comes with an absolutely suitable design for your website.

With this theme, there come a hundred choices for creating your website as you can easily customize the default images, font styles, etc. There is a wonderful collection of typography choices to help you build a landing page of your choice. With the responsive images and content fitting to the screens with perfection, your website is bound to look gorgeous on multiple screen sizes irrespective of the device being used to view it.

This real estate WordPress theme works great with Our list of Top Organization WordPress Themes. It has the best themes which are multipurpose and unique. This one-of-a-kind organization theme is ideal for corporate businesses, research, engineering, new businesses, and anybody involved in the corporate sector. Stuffed with amazing features it will make your website stand out from the rest.

Free Architect WordPress Theme

Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Designing an architectural structure as well as creating a website have plenty in common. And when it comes to creating a website for your architecture business, there is no way better than using a free theme. This Free Architect WordPress Theme brings in a wonderful structure that you will hardly find in any other free theme. With its design being ideal for the architecture and real estate industry, it gives you a ready-made layout that you can easily tweak on a few fronts by avoiding coding altogether.

With Call to Action and other buttons included for raising the conversion rates, there is hardly anything left that you can’t achieve with this free theme. To help you with the customization, there is well-written documentation explaining every detail regarding the setup, and other tweaking options. You can free download real estate WordPress themes to try out the lite version.

Free Construction WordPress Theme

You need a reliable website in the initial stages of your construction business as it has the potential to decide the future of your business. That is why we have brought this Free Construction WordPress Theme for you. With this wonderful free theme, anyone can easily design a stunning website for the construction and real estate business. With high-end tools incorporated in this theme, there is limited, but some scope to modify a few aspects of it.

This includes playing with the typography, trying out various color schemes, and using the various font styles available with the Google Font Awesome integration. You will be able to get the maximum benefit by using plugins as plugin integration makes the design expandable. The promotional aspect of your website is also taken care of by the social media icons included in the theme design. With this theme, you will never have the need to go for premium-level themes at the very beginning.

Free Interior Design WordPress Theme


Creating an interior design website can be challenging as well as touch especially if you do not have any idea about coding or web designing. However, we bring you an easy way to do so in the form of this Free Interior Design WordPress Theme. This free theme lets anyone with or without any skill level create a web page with no coding needed at all. Someone who is working or struggling with the web designing part should definitely try this theme as it is user-friendly and comes with Woocommerce integration that further helps you to start selling your products directly through your pages.

With the plugin integration of this theme, you get plenty of options meaning that adding features to your website in near future is a breeze and for that, you do not need to modify the existing code files. Responsiveness is another factor that makes this theme conducive for business as your website can be viewed on several devices with perfection.

Free Furniture WordPress Theme

Music Band WordPress Theme

In this Free Download Real Estate WordPress Themes, As Free furniture WordPress Theme is basically a clean, sophisticated, and modern theme that gives a  wonderful design for your furniture store, you can use its layout for establishing real estate websites as well with a little modification. With the necessary elements well stacked into this theme, you will get the perfect option to create a furniture brand website without bothering about initial investments. Once you have designed the website using this theme, there is no looking back as it results in a website that can bring more business to you.

There is a live theme customizer available to make things really easy for you as you can make the color changes, background changes as well as typography modifications in a few clicks. This theme also supports plugins that can be free or premium equally well. For the user’s convenience, all the details have been mentioned in the theme documentation.

Free Painter WordPress Theme


In this Free Download Real Estate WordPress Themes With Free Painter WordPress theme, there is always a chance to bring something creative and different to the floor. For your work as a painter or painting service provider, you will find the layout bang on. It has a cool and awesome design which you seldom find in a free theme. To add to its USP, it comes with a responsive design with a display of retina-ready pictures that are enough to catch attention. The plugins and elements that this theme includes have immense usefulness when it comes to expanding your website’s functionality in the future.

As this theme has a design that puts forward the best side of your business and displays your services through images, you can always use it for creating a real estate site as well as you will be able to showcase and display the properties along with their prices.  So if you are looking to free download real estate WordPress themes, this can be an option to consider.

Free Local Business WordPress Theme

No matter which business you are running or how small or big it is; you can always get your business online with this Free Local Business WordPress Theme. This also suits a local property dealer, broker, or any established or budding infrastructure firm. All sorts of different elements and useful components are added to this theme that will result in a simple working and efficiently loading website. This website works in the direction to keep the visitor’s interest alive by loading at a lightning-fast speed.

Apart from all the basic features that include retina-readiness as well as responsiveness, there is a translation-ready feature too. This ensures that you have your content available in many different languages making it great for an international audience as well. The inbuilt social media icons of this theme are going to do the needful for you since they help to promote your business and services on popular platforms.

Service on the Ground All you need for your local help websites are Local Service WordPress themes. With all of the features and plugin compatibility, these Finest WordPress Themes are the finest value for you. You can boost your business and start generating money from the local market by creating a beautiful and useful website.

As the name suggests, this is a Free Free Download Real Estate WordPress Themes. With this, you can catch the attention and set your audience waiting well in advance even before your website is actually launched. You can use this theme for any business including real estate websites also. With a translation-ready design, you get a few customization options that include putting in the desired fonts and using the typography options.

With a lot of color choices given by the color palette, you will never feel short of options. There is plenty of scopes to introduce more features to the design by using plugins and add-ons. You can also create a buzz on social media about your business through your under-construction page.


With VWThemes, you always get the best set of themes for diverse business requirements. So whether it is a construction, real estate, or property trading business; you can be sure to get the best-desired web presence. We have designed all our free as well as premium WordPress themes with great dedication and focus toward bringing the best part of your business or profession in front of your target audience.

In this list, we have included some of our best free themes that will suit any real estate business. So if you are willing to freely download real estate WordPress themes and use them for constructing a real estate business website, you can surely try these themes.

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